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In 1920, ambitious students of the Kühn-Schule academy class concoct a potion intended to grant them sufficient power to rebuild Germany following the aftermath of World War I. However, unchecked contamination and misguided chemistry send the youth faction tumbling into another century and in a spatially-confined existence. Challenged with adjusting to the unfamiliar environment, regrouping, and navigating their new form of being, the youth convert their post-war ire into a fervent determination to build an empire in the future of the 21st century.

Scifi / Adventure
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The test tube bubbled with excitement as the last droplet of the thick, green essence trickled into the glass. The fluid slushed around in multiple dimensions of purple, blue, and lime. A tangy aroma arose from the bottle along with wisps of a sickly green. Without the slightest hint of depletion, the bubbles grew in size, exploding in an assortment of colors. Struggling against the pressure the chemicals emitted, the tubes shuddered in quick, harsh jerks, threatening to throw the essence onto the table in which it was placed.

A fairly short girl with striking blonde hair quivered violently as adrenaline pulsed feverishly throughout her body. She teetered without much balance on her toes as her companions shivered in delight.

This was it, the final touch. The experiment was nearly completed, only moments away from their ambition.

The tube began to glow a vibrant lavender, increasing the intensity within the constricted room. The walls, previously white, were splashed with waves of reflected shades of purple. The air grew thin as the liquid surged in size, quickly diminishing the remaining space within the test tube. With profound agility, the girl grasped the tube within her thick, white glove, and set it upon a large complex container, composing of various equivalent sized pits. Beneath the pits, long, flexible tubes lead down into white, strange structures that somewhat resembled the shape of a cup.

As if the liquid had the knowledge, it exceeded the height of the rim of the tube, and seeped down in perfect rivers that filled each and every pit. With sustained velocity, the liquid poured down into the tubes that jostled with each moment that passed. As the remaining bits of the fluid emptied into the strange structures, the assembly of children, led by the blonde girl, sprinted over in a hustle.

The girl, whom seemed to be the head of the faction, stepped forth to be seen by each and every member of the group of children. Others fidgeted with anxiety, nearly unable to withstand the patience to give their undivided attention to the girl.

“After years and generations of our blood and sweat put to work, vee have finally reached our ambition.” A strong German accent impersonated the girl’s background, however many of the others were oblivious to this.

The girl continued in a professional manner, despite her young age.“Now, so close to zee power vee crafe, vee all fow to never let each ozer down, or forget our purpose.”

Without the need for further lecturing of what was to occur, the crowd became restless. Anxious herself, the girl decided to cut to the point, and cleared her trembling voice once more.

“Um die Vorherrschaft!”

The crowd cheered in loud, growing chants as the odd cups were grabbed aggressively, and the liquid was chugged down by all of the hundreds of students. With sudden sparks, there was a shocking green light, and the room went dark.

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