OmniWar: Horsemen

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***Millions of years ago, what was left of the Xurigan fleet had taken its population and was fleeing in space.

“What do you suggest?” ZEE-4747 asked, or thought. He was a Reticulan, a gray alien being who stood four feet tall, with a large head and appeared humanoid. They had no sex organs and walked around naked. Their eyes were large, black, and possessed no iris or pupil. They also had no hair or ears and nose; only small slits where those should be, and a small mouth. Possessing a small chest and showing no visible muscular definition or skeletal structure, their arms, and legs were proportional to each other. The reason for all this is because instead of being born, they were built (genetically grown) by the Ikashians.

“There must be a way to stop the Anunnaki.” Mímir, an Ikashian, thought back to answer. Ikashians were humanoids who stood seven feet tall with tan colored skin, blond hair and bright blue eyes. Unlike the Reticulans, Ikashians were in great physical shape and wore various skintight clothes. Both communicated by telepathy with each other and other alien life. They both had mouths, but the Reticulans only used theirs if they had to talk. The Ikashians used their mouth for speaking and eating. Together they were known as the Xurigans.

Both were sitting at a table thinking about the Anunnaki; a humanoid race that stood around six feet tall, had opaque white skin, blue and purple hair, and liked to wear black clothing. They didn’t possess telepathy, but they and their technology were immune to most forms of energy, and they and their ships could project a form of energy that was deadly to others.

“Even if we develop new weapons,” ZEE-4747 said, “It’ll still be dangerous to confront the Anunnaki.”

“The bigger problem,” Mímir said, “Is what can we possibly create, and who’s crazy enough to try it? The Anunnaki have been impervious to everything we throw at them.”

An alarm at a console went off; ZEE-4747 got up to check it out. Mímir waited anxiously to hear what it was.

“Proximity alarm,” ZEE-4747 said, as he checked the console, “It’s the Anunnaki.”

Mímir jumped from his seat and ran to the console, “How did they find us?” he asked.

“It’s not from behind us,” ZEE-4747 said, “It’s only one ship, ahead of us.”

“Tell all ships to use evasive maneuvers and continue,” Mímir said, “We need to get out of here.”

“As you wish, sir.” ZEE-4747 said as he entered the commands.

The saucer / triangular shaped Xurigan ships broke formation as the smooth, streamlined, pod-shaped Anunnaki ship closed in. The Xurigan ships moved like a school of fish trying to avoid a much larger predator when the Anunnaki ship opened fired, hitting several ships; its beams and blasts easily tore through them.

ZEE-4747 and Mímir’s ship was one of the ones hit and shaken from the impact.

Mímir had steadied himself against a post, “Damage report!” he said

“Hull breach,” ZEE-4747 said, as he studied the console, and regained control of the ship, “Twenty-two dead. Gestation chamber compromised. Initializing force fields. Sir, the Kurzon, she’s hanging back. Incoming message, it’s the Kurzon, audio only.”

“Let’s hear it.” Mímir said.

ZEE-4747 patched the audio in.

“This is the Kurzon,” they said, “We’re going to try and buy you time to get out of here. Wish us luck. Kurzon, out.”

The Kurzon was the biggest ship the Xurigans currently had. It circled back around and fired. Its weapons had little effect on the Anunnaki ship; which returned fire and devastated the Kurzon.

Heavily damaged and unable to fire, the Kurzon didn’t slow down or stop its approach. The Anunnaki ship kept firing, but it wasn’t enough. When both ships collided there was a huge explosion that left the smallest of debris.

“They did it,” ZEE-4747 said, “No sign of the Anunnaki.”

Mímir sighed in relief, “We can’t afford to keep doing that,” he said, “That was too great a loss. What was damaged, gestation? Get down there and see if they need help.”

“Right away, sir.” ZEE-4747 said, grabbing some tools and leaving. When he arrived at the gestation chamber, he saw some Reticulans pushing some of the gestation pods containing more Reticulans away. There was a hole that went at an angle straight through the gestation chamber. Some of the pods were missing, destroyed in the attack, “You need any help?”

“We need to move these pods,” A Reticulan said, “What happened?”

“We were attacked by the Anunnaki,” ZEE-4747 replied, as he went into the room and grabbed two pods to push with each hand, “Don’t worry they’ve been dealt with, but we lost a ship.”

“First they take our homeworld,” the Reticulan said, “Now this. What are we to do? We’re all that’s left. I wish we could grow weapons that would work inside these pods as easily as we grow ourselves. Then maybe we could turn the tide.”

ZEE-4747 suddenly had an idea, “I need to go to the star lab right away,” he said, handing off his pods to others. “We may have just turned this war around.”

In the star lab, ZEE-4747 stepped into a large dark room and began working a console. The entire room was suddenly lit up by a small-scale 3D map of interstellar space. ZEE-4747 worked the console again, and an area of the map zoomed in, showing a solar system.

“Got it.” ZEE-4747 said.

Mímir was at bridge sitting, alone, and resting his head in one hand while watching the stars go by on the viewer. ZEE-4747 came in and hurried to Mímir’s side.

“Sir,” ZEE-4747 said, “I have a crazy idea. Please hear me out.”

Mímir stood and walked to a console, “Considering we’re on the endangered species list I’m open to suggestions.”

“Let’s grow our very own Anunnaki?” ZEE-4747 suggested.

Mímir kept a straight face, “You’re right,” he said, “You are crazy.”

“I know how it sounds,” ZEE-4747 said, “Growing the race that’s wiping us out, but it may be our only chance.”

Mímir looked at ZEE-4747 angrily, “This is insane,” he said, “I can’t believe you would come up with this. If they get out of control, how are we supposed to stop them?”

“They won’t be a threat,” ZEE-4747 assured, “We just input the DNA we have on file, grow a few, teach them, let them procreate, and then get them when they are ready.”

“‘Procreate’?” Mímir asked, “You want to give them the ability to self-replicate?”

“It will save us the trouble of gestating a lot and finding room for them. We just hide them on a planet; in this case, I found two habitable ones next to each other, and let them do the work.”

Mímir calmed down and thought a moment, “What’s to stop the Anunnaki from killing them if they find them?” he asked.

“They’re immune to each other,” ZEE-4747 said, “We’ve seen it. The ones we create will have the same DNA, they should also be immune.”

Mímir thought for a long time, “You realize if this doesn’t work,” he said, “We could be sailing through space forever, without a home.”

“But if it does work,” ZEE-4747 said, “We can get our home back.”

“Go ahead and make one,” Mímir said, “I want to see it before we wake it up.”

“As you say, sir.” ZEE-4747 said, leaving to continue work.

It took several days, but ZEE-4747 succeeded in his endeavor. He called to Mímir with his telepathy, “Sir, the project is complete. Come down when you’re ready.”

Mímir came to the lab and moved the pod near an airlock and looked at ZEE-4747, “Just in case we have to blow it out into space,” he said, placing his hand on the eject button, “You can never be too safe.”

“Right,” ZEE-4747 said, “Let me introduce to you the Anunnakx, our answer to the Anunnaki.”

The Anunnakx looked similar to the Anunnaki, except it had light brown translucent skin and black hair.

Mímir looked, “Why is its skin and hair different?” he asked.

“DNA,” ZEE-4747 said, “We also had to allow for some minor genetic variations. Otherwise, we’d end up with unsustainable clones. I think the process has negated their use of bioenergy, but they should still be immune. I also believe they are much easier to kill.”

Mímir slowly took his hand away from the button, “We can kill it with our own weapons?” he asked.

“Not by design,” ZEE-4747 said, “The genetic variations made them that way. This is based on his DNA so I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m right.”

“You want to put these on a planet,” Mímir asked, “Leave them there and get them later, right?”

“Sorta,” ZEE-4747 said, “We have to create a partner and a few more. Give them basic survival training, and populate the planets with them. Wait about a thousand years and then come get them.”

“‘A thousand years’,” Mímir said in disbelief, “Why so long?”

“It’s not really that long,” ZEE-4747 said, “We need to give them time to procreate. I don’t have a lifespan and you have a very long one. In the meantime, we can explore alternatives.”

“You’re right I suppose,” Mímir said, “What planet did you have in mind?’

“Planets,” ZEE-4747 said, “I found two habitable ones in an isolated solar system. The third and fourth ones will do nicely. The fourth one is a little bit farther and smaller. The third one is home to an indigenous species of large lizards. I believe these lizards can be domesticated.”

Mímir was lost in his thoughts for a moment, “Go forward with the Anunnakx program,” he said, “Let’s hope this works.”

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