OmniWar: Horsemen

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Enki awoke to lights coming into his room. He crawled out of bed without waking his wife, Ninti. Both of them were Anunnakx, born and raised. With some help by the Xurigans in the beginning, they managed to build a civilization.

Outside, Enki witnessed an Anunnaki ship landing. A door opened and Enlil, an Anunnaki escorted by two others, stepped out. Enki wasted no time running to Enlil and bowing at his feet. Enlil and the others stared perplexed. A few others stepped out of their homes to see what was going on.

“I am Enki,” he said, “We’ve been awaiting your arrival.”

“My name is Enlil,” he said “You have been waiting?”

“Please,” Enki said, pointing the way, “Come inside my house.”

Enlil and his followers went inside the house after Enki, and sat.

“May I offer you anything,” Enki asked, “A drink perhaps?”

Enlil, intrigued by the similarities, shot a beam of energy from his hand at Enki. To Enlil’s surprise, Enki wasn’t the least bit affected; the energy beam passed right through him and struck the wall behind him, burning a hole in it and Enki’s shirt, and knocking a few things over.

“Interesting,” Enlil said, “What are your people called?”

Ninti came downstairs to see what the commotion was, “What happened?” she asked.

“Uhh,” Enki said, confused himself. He went over to grab Ninti, “They bumped into something,” He turned to Enlil, “We are the Anunnakx.”

“Is that so,” Enlil said, “We are called Anunnaki. Funny similarity, don’t you think?”

Enki looked at his wife, “Everything’s fine. You can go back to sleep.” he said.

“Are you sure?” Ninti asked.

“Sure sure,” Enki replied, “Everything’s fine.”

“…Ok.” Ninti said, going back upstairs.

“What was that?” Enki asked of the damage.

“A…test.” Enlil lied.

“Can’t have any more of that,” Enki said, “You’ll destroy everything. Would you like me to show you around?”

Enlil and his escorts stood, “Maybe a little later,” he said, “I need to report to my boss.”

“What time should I get you?” Enki asked.

“Don’t!” Enlil said, leaving. “We’ll come back.”

“Sure.” Enki said as the door closed.

Enlil headed back inside his ship and wasted no time sitting at the ship’s viewer to call his boss, “Hello, Tana,” he said, “How is the Xurigan homeworld?”

“I can retire here,” Tana said, “What did you find?

“Interesting race,” Enlil said, “They call themselves Anunnakx. The third and fourth planets in the omega sector are full of them. What’s even more interesting is that they are immune to our energy, and they appear to hold us in high regard. One has said they were awaiting our arrival.”

Tana thought for a moment, “You’re right,” she said, “They do sound interesting. I’ve never heard of them. Study them for a while.”

“I think it’s amazing they call themselves Anunnakx, and they are immune to our energy,” Enlil said, “I haven’t seen them project any energy, and they didn’t seem to know what it was.”

“I don’t believe in that kind of coincidence,” Tana said, “Report anything suspicious.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Enlil said as the viewer turned off.

Daylight was starting to break, and there was a sizable crowd gathered at the ship. Enlil and his escorts stepped out of the ship.

“Ok,” Enki said, separating the crowd and approaching Enlil, “Let’s give these guys some room. What would you like?” he asked Enlil.

“Nothing,” Enlil said, “Just go about your business as usual.”

Enki giggled, “Easier said than done,” he said, turning to the crowd to yell, “You heard the man. Get back to work!”

The crowd slowly dispersed, though senior citizens and children remained.

“How about that tour?” Enlil asked.

At one point during the day, Enki led Enlil to a construction site, “Here we’re building bigger living quarters,” Enki said.

Enlil was impressed with how easily the Anunnakx put large stones into place with such tiny sophisticated tools and surprised by the certain lack of technology because the giant lizards were also being employed to help move the stones.

One of his escorts stepped near an area under construction. No one could stop taking a look at the newcomers. The construction workers’ complacency led to an instability in a wall, and it collapsed, injuring him.

Enlil and his escort quickly ran to their fallen comrade, “Are you ok?” Enlil asked.

“I…I can’t move.” Enlil’s comrade replied.

Ninti came running to Enki, “I have something important to tell you.” she whispered to him.

“Now’s not a good time.” Enki whispered back.

Enlil tapped the communicator on his chest, “I need a med ship down here,” he said, then looking at his remaining escort, “He needs a rejuvenator.”

A few minutes later a ship arrived, floating silently in the sky, and beaming down a seven-foot-long box into the ground in a beam of light. The box had a rough outline cut out to place a person in.

Enlil and his escort picked the injured Anunnaki up and placed him inside the box which then lit up and filled with smoke. The injured Anunnaki remained in the box for a few moments while Enlil and his companion looked over him on their knees, “Good thing you were only injured,” Enlil said, “If that accident had killed you we wouldn’t be able to help you.”

Enki, Ninti, and the rest looked on in amazement as the Anunnaki stood back up with no injuries and went up with the box to the ship in a beam of light.

Enlil approached Enki, “I need one of your tools.” he said.

“Which one?” Enki asked.

“Anything small.” Enlil replied.

Enki grabbed a hand sized one and handed it over.

“I’ll be back with this.” Enlil said, as he turned and left.

“I really need to talk to you,” Ninti said, “I don’t think the Anunnaki are who you think they are.”

Enlil walked back to his ship and called.

“What is it?” Tana asked.

“One of my men was injured in an accident,” Enlil said, “He’s ok now, but these Anunnakx. It’s weird. I don’t know how else to explain it, but their level of technology doesn’t match up with their level of civilization.”

“How so?” Tana asked.

“They can easily cut and move stone,” Enlil said, “However, it’s just stone. I see no complex material being used, and they use the lizards to carry the large stones over vast distances. By all accounts, these people should be traveling in space by now. I brought a piece of their technology for you to look at.”

Tana pushed some buttons, “Place it on the scanner.” she said.

Enlil did so and waited.

Tana was perplexed by the analysis she got, “Hmm, low energy consumption, biodegradable, I see. It matches Xurigan technology,” she said, “You know, Xurigans were also skilled at genetics.”

Enlil thought a moment, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” he asked.

Tana smiled and nodded, “Wipe them out,” she said, “Both planets.”

Back at Enki’s house, he and Ninti were sitting at a computer going over a database. It was raining and thundering outside so they couldn’t tell what was happening.

“According to these records,” Ninti said, “The Anunnaki are the bad guys. We were made in their image to fight them.”

Enki scratched his head, “I also know it says our creator will return from the stars. All I see are the Anunnaki. You say we were made in their image to fight them, but that doesn’t make sense. They’re way ahead of us. What chance would we have?”

Right then, there was a hectic knock at the door. Enki got up to get the door. As he opened it, a small person with a cloak, gloves, and hood came rushing in.

Enki was surprised, “Whoa, hey little fella,” he said, “You lost?”

The small person pulled his hood back to reveal himself as ZEE-4747.

“Fool!” ZEE-4747 said, “Don’t you know when you’re under attack?”

Enki was now bewildered, he had never seen a creature like ZEE-4747, and he could hear him loud and clear, but the alien’s lips were not moving, “Who or what are you, and what are you talking about?” he asked.

“Call me Z,” he said, “A Reticulan. I’ve been watching you. You better take a look outside.”

Enki opened the door and stuck his head out. His mouth fell when he saw laser blasts destroying the town around him. Quickly closing the door, he asked, “What’s going on?”

“The Anunnaki are attacking you,” ZEE-4747 said, “My guess is they’ve figured out what you are. Listen, I’m here to help, but we must act fast. Can you get a message out?”

“We have a computer.” Enki said.

“Good,” ZEE-4747 said, “Send a message to the survivors to meet in a safe spot.”

Enki ran to get Ninti.

“There’s more here about a race called the Xurigan.” Ninti said.

“No time for that. You were right,” Enki said, “We need to send a message telling everyone to meet up at a safe spot.”

“Who’s ‘We’?” Ninti asked.

Just then ZEE-4747 stepped in.

Ninti looked ZEE-4747 wide-eyed and briefly screamed.

“He says his name is ZEE-4747,” Enki said, “He’s a Reticulan. He’s here to help, but we can’t hesitate.”

“Please, for the sake of time just call me Z.” ZEE-47467 said

“A Reticulan he says,” Ninti said, turning to the computer, “We’ll just look that up.”

“Please,” ZEE-4747 said, “We don’t have time.”

“Ninti, please,” Enki begged, “We need you to send out a message.”

Ninti sighed in frustration, “Fine,” she said, “What do you want to send?”

Enki looked at ZEE-4747 for a moment, “Say to fall back to the nearest cave,” he said, “We can ride out the attack there.”

ZEE-4747 nodded, “Thank you,” he said, “My fleet is hiding behind your moon. We know how to find you. They will move in to pick us up in a few hours.”

“Ok,” Ninti said, “Done.” She got up from the computer and ran to Enki.

“Ready,” ZEE-4747 said, “Let’s head out.”

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