OmniWar: Horsemen

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Enki and Ninti were sitting next to each other on construction parts in a large metallic room with other Anunnakx around as confused as them. ZEE-4747 approached, “Welcome to the shelter area on the ship,” he said, “We managed to save hundreds of thousands from both planets, and even got some of your giant lizards too.”

“Can you please explain what is happening?” Enki asked.

“We have awhile,” ZEE-4747 said, “So I’ll tell you. A long time ago, we created you to help us against the Anunnaki. My master, Mímir, said to make you, but sadly, he passed away several years ago due to some alien disease and will not be with us to reclaim our home, Xuriga.”

“How can we possibly help?” Enki asked.

“We made you like the Anunnaki,” ZEE-4747 said, “You should be immune to their energy projections.”

Enki remembered when Enlil fired one and it passed right through hitting the wall.

“That’s it,” ZEE-4747 said, reading Enki’s thoughts, “I knew it would work.”

“Z,” Enki called, “If your master is dead, who do you work for?

“The Ikashians,” ZEE-4747 replied, “I was created to serve one, but now that he’s dead, I serve all. The Ikashians have a rank system, so we Reticulans use that. Together we are known as the Xurigans.”

“You were created like us,” Enki asked, “How?”

“Genetically grown,” ZEE-4747 answered, “Reticulans have to be grown. You can be born.”

“Back on the planet, you said you were watching us.” Enki said.

“Sorta,” ZEE-4747 responded, “I checked on you from time to time. I only got there a few days before the Anunnaki, but once they showed up, I knew it was time to get you out of there.”

“What are you going to do with us?” Ninti asked.

“If everything goes according to plan,” ZEE-4747 said, “I guess we’ll just put you back on your planet and let you grow there.”

“What exactly do you need from us,” Enki asked, “We might be immune to their energy, but they’re still more advanced.”

“Don’t worry about that,” ZEE-4747 said, “Any technology you need, we’ll provide. I highly doubt you’ll need any of it, though, aside from some melee weapons so you don’t have to use your bare hands. We can do little against them or their ships. They rely solely on their energy, which is useless against you, harmful to everyone else. The only way to harm them is with a physical object or an enormous amount of energy. No one can get close and our weapons don’t generate nearly enough energy. We’ll drop you on Xuriga and you liberate it for us.”

“Sounds easy.” Enki said.

“If it wasn’t our homeworld,” ZEE-4747 said, “I’d almost feel bad feel bad for the Anunnaki. Almost.”

In his ship, Enlil sat at a viewer and called Tana.

“Extermination underway,” Enlil said, “It’s tough to root out the Anunnakx. I have to warn you that we detected several Xurigan ships leaving the area.”

“They’re still around,” Tana sighed, “I’ll deal with them. You make sure to get rid of any Anunnakx on both planets.”

Enlil thought for a moment and snickered, “There’s only one way to be sure,” he said, “They don’t have a space fleet to stop us, and not even a planetary defense for it.”

“Do what you have to,” Tana said, “Just get it done.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Enlil said, before turning off the viewer.”

As the Anunnaki ships bombarded the planets from orbit, two of them broke off and headed out. It only took them a few moments to reach a nearby asteroid belt. The ships then fired a small cone shaped beams at large asteroids and began to tow them along.

“Do you need anything?” ZEE-4747 asked.

“We just need to know the plan of attack,” Enki answered, “It’s not like we have much of a choice anyway.”

“Speed is of the essence,” ZEE-4747 said, “Although you can wait around for Anunnaki to find a way to kill you, I wouldn’t recommend it.

“Like I said,” Enki replied, “We don’t have much choice. You’re asking us to kill another person, even though I’ve never even heard of one killing our own.”

“Make no mistake,” ZEE-4747 said, “The Anunnaki have killed billions, perhaps trillions, in their universal conquest. Besides, once you do it, I’m sure you’ll get used to it. It’s like killing any other creature. Killing has to be in your nature, you were copied from the Anunnaki.”

Enki looked at ZEE-4747 angrily, “That doesn’t make us killers,” he said, “You wouldn’t like it if we wiped your race out.”

ZEE-4747 grabbed his head and shook it, “Oh no,” he said, “You have empathy. We didn’t foresee this. Don’t have sympathy for Anunnaki; they’re doing what they can right now to wipe your race out. You must stop them. … Fine, you don’t have to kill, but at least drive them away.”

Enki looked at Ninti and then back at ZEE-4747 to nod.

“We’ll arrive soon,” ZEE-4747 said, “Do what you need to get ready.”

A few minutes passed, the Xurigans flew en masse past any Anunnaki ship; some were hit by energy blasts or destroyed, but the Xurigans flew straight for their homeworld and wasted no time dropping off the Anunnakx in various places with swords, axes, and clubs amidst a hail of energy blasts.

Enki and Ninti landed with several others near a big building and stormed it. Enki wielded a sword and a small dagger that was sheathed. Ninti had a battle axe. Several Anunnaki tried firing energy blasts to hold them back but were quickly overrun.

Inside, they hid behind large statues to shield themselves from the incoming blasts.

“Z was right,” Enki said, “Their energy doesn’t affect us.”

“Question,” Ninti said, “Why are we hiding?”

“Good point.” Enki replied, stepping out of cover and going after the Anunnaki.

As Enki and the others pressed on, they had to cross a room full of rejuvenators until finally coming face-to-face with Tana herself.

“Impressive,” Tana said, “The Xurigans found a way around our energy.”

“If you leave now,” Enki said, “No harm will come to you.”

Tana smiled, “The Anunnaki always find a way.” she said.

Right then, several Anunnaki jumped out of hiding and physically attacked. Enki wrestled with a big one and couldn’t get the upper hand. The Anunnaki punched Enki flush in the face and knocked him down. Enki, still holding the sword, stood back up and swung wildly. The sword ended up slicing the Anunnaki’s head down the middle killing him instantly. Enki had to use both hands to dislodge the sword.

As Enki retrieved the sword, Tana came up and took his dagger to stab him right under the ribs, only for Ninti to swing her battle axe and lodge it between Tana’s neck and shoulder.

Tana dropped dead instantly, while Ninti caught Enki as he fell to the floor.

Enki was still alive, but just barely.

“Hang in there,” Ninti said, “Time to get out of here.”

The other Anunnakx finished off their opponents and followed.

Ninti carried Enki to the room full of rejuvenators, “Hold up,” she said to the others, then looking at Enki, “I wonder.”

Enki pulled the dagger out and tossed it.

With some help, Ninti placed Enki inside a rejuvenator. The rejuvenator started automatically and began its work. It could’ve been the similar DNA, but after a few moments Enki was standing tall with no wound, “Ninti, you’re a genius!” he said.

Ninti smiled in relief, “Now let’s get outta here.” she said.

Back on the ship, ZEE-4747 came running towards Enki and Ninti, “You did it!” he said, “We’re getting reports that the Anunnaki are in full retreat everywhere, even other planets. What would you like to do?”

“Let them retreat.” Enki said.

“Let’s go home.” Ninti added.

All Anunnaki ships in orbits around the Anunnakxs’ homeworlds ceased fire and took off. The two towing asteroids continued on to their destinations. One released its hold of the asteroid in descending orbit around the fourth planet until it crashed. The next one released its asteroid on the third planet with similar results. Both ships then took off to join the rest of the fleet.

“Thank you so much for getting our home back,” ZEE-4747 said, “We will never forget this.”

Enki extended his hand and shook ZEE-4747’s, “Neither will the Anunnaki.” he said.

“Let’s hope so,” ZEE-4747 said, “If you’ll both excuse me, we should be arriving soon.” He then turned around and went to the next room.

Enki sat down with Ninti and held her hand. Both were relieved the battle was over.

“I thought I lost you for a second.” Ninti said.

“You didn’t,” Enki replied, “Thanks to you I’m still alive.”

Ninti began to sob, “I don’t what I’d do without you.” she said.

Enki wrapped his arm around Ninti, “It’s over now,” he said, “Everything will be fine.”

Ninti composed herself, “When we get home,” she began, “Let’s just settle down.”

“Sure,” Enki said, “Anything you say.”

ZEE-4747 then called, “Both of you please meet me in the next room right away.”

Enki and Ninti got up and retraced ZEE-4747’s steps to the next room. They found him looking at an image of two planets.

“What’s wrong?” Enki asked.

“Scouts and long-range sensors confirm,” ZEE-4747 said without taking his eyes off the image, “Your homes have both been rendered uninhabitable.”

Ninti was in disbelief, “What?”

“You can’t live on your planets,” ZEE-4747 explained, “The Anunnaki found a way to hurt you.”

Enki took hold of Ninti’s hand, “What do we do now?” he asked ZEE-4747.

“You can stay with us,” ZEE-4747said, “Your third planet may be habitable one day, but I’m afraid your fourth planet has suffered irreparable damage. We’ll have to let the third planet heal itself. When that happens, your kind may return.” ***

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