OmniWar: Horsemen

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Major Tom

In 2996.

“Of course there is a margin of error,” Amy said, “It cannot be one hundred percent accurate. We may never know exactly what was said, but as they say, history belongs to the victors. I am sure it all happened over a longer period of time too, but you get the gist of it.”

David didn’t mind the story much, “Isn’t there a way off this hunk-o-junk,” he asked, “There has to be a way home.”

Amy processed some information, “There is a way, but you may not like it.” she said.

“We have to try something.” David said.

Amy walked towards the gaping hole in the ship, “It is better if we go through this one step at a time,” she said, “You remember Anthony?”

“PFC. Anthony Azande,” David replied, “Sure, what about him?”

“He collects suits,” Amy said, “There is a Phase type I / EXO suit in his locker nearby. You need to get to it and phase it on.”

David got up and held out his hand, “Lead the way.” he said.

Amy stepped out and walked down the corridor like nothing. David was more careful and suspicious of his surroundings. His boots worked wonderfully, but it was still nerve-wracking to think they might suddenly give out and he’d go floating.

“Tell me,” David began, “Are you the same Amy as on the Unity?”

“We all look the same,” Amy said, “However, our experiences will differ. It is hard to explain. On a ship like the Unity, we’re all the same.”

“So you were the same Amy on the Unity until we left? David asked.

“Yes,” Amy answered, “We all shared our combined knowledge until we separated, and I retained that knowledge, but right now there’s another Amy on Unity and other ships with their own experiences.”

“Will you lose that experience if you reconnect with the Unity?” David asked.

“No,” Amy replied, “We incorporate our experiences and learn from each other.”

“Will you be the same, though?” David asked.

“Not necessarily,” Amy answered, “I will be an updated model with all the experiences of the others and new knowledge.”

“I couldn’t do it,” David said, “I know it’s a good thing, sharing your knowledge and experience, but not at the cost of being me.”

“Maybe it’s because I’m a simulation,” Amy said, “I am sure I would feel differently if I were human.”

They came to another long corridor that was dotted with hull breaches.

“This should be no sweat,” Amy said, “You just float through and the locker room is in the next compartment.”

The corridor suddenly looked a lot longer to David, “There has to be some other way around this.” he said.

“Sorry,” Amy said, “The only way is through. Just exhale or hyperventilate and close your eyes before you pass a breach. None of them are long enough to cause any permanent damage as long as you pass through.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” David said, “You’re a simulation. You don’t need air.”

“You are a Myrmidon,” Amy said, “You will be ok.”

David approached the first breach.

“Remember to deactivate your boots,” Amy said, “Do not breathe. I will be waiting on each side. You will hear me when it is safe.”

David watched as Amy dematerialized and rematerialize in a safe, different location. It was at that moment he wished he were a simulation. He deactivated his boots, closed his eyes, and exhaled deeply before stepping through. He used the thrusters on his boots to propel himself. It was scary at first; not being able to see or breathe.

Amy stopped David from moving on the other side and said, “You are ok now. You made it through the first one.”

David opened his eyes and breathed.

“That was easy,” Amy said, “That was only a two-second one. The next is eight seconds across; the longest, but now you know what to expect. Just keep using your thrusters and you will cross, no sweat.”

David nodded, he was already floating. He inched himself closer and began to purposely hyperventilate to expel excess air. He carefully aimed himself, closed his eyes, and went.

Amy dematerialized and rematerialized where she needed to be. When David arrived, she caught him, “That was not so bad,” she said, “Was it?”

David looked at Amy, “Said the computer.” he chuckled.

“The rest are not as long,” Amy said, “If you can do this one you can do the rest. We will do them just like we did this one.”

David crossed the breaches and Amy was there every time. He finally got to the other end of the corridor.

“Done,” Amy said, “You crossed the last one.”

David continued on, “Must be nice,” he said, “Being a computer. You don’t breathe, eat, or sleep.”

“Or suffer injury like you.” Amy added.

“Rub it in why don’t cha?” David jokingly asked.

“I try not to think about it.” Amy replied, entering the next room with David, “Here we are. This one.” She pointed.

David opened the locker and there it was; Anthony’s suit.

“Even if he’s alive,” Amy said, “I am sure he won’t mind.”

David phased in the suit and phased it on.

“Best way back,” Amy began, “Is up one deck and across an enormous breach into another breach and down one deck.”

David was a little shocked, “Wha…”

“It is ok,” Amy said, “You’ve got the suit. Every suit has CBRN defenses.”

CBRN stood for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear.

“This particular suit was made to go in space,” Amy said, “It will provide air and I can upload to the suit’s mainframe and show you the way. You only see my projection on the HUD and you’ll be able to hear me.”

David moved on, “This just keeps getting better.” he said. He went up the stairs like he was supposed to and followed Amy.

When the door opened, the breach was already there. With the suit on, breathing was a seamless transition. Amy dematerialized as she uploaded herself to the suit.

“Now go straight.” Amy said.

“I hear you.” David assured as he went off. It was neat to be outside breathing. The view of the moon was incredible.

Amy could tell where the helmet was looking, “Stay focused if you want to get out of here.” she said.

David continued on as Amy appeared on his HUD and pointed the way.

“It is just a little further.” Amy said.

David kept going until Amy said otherwise.

“This breach,” Amy pointed, “Enter it and go down the stairs to the communication center.”

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