OmniWar: Horsemen

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Samantha, with her shotgun, moved slowly through the narrow corridor, and into a big room with a large statue in the middle.

“Believe it or not,” Anjum said, “This chamber opens up to a second floor. It’s hard to notice because the glyphs blend in so well, but there is a narrow pathway with a low wall circling this entire room.”

“You’re right about the glyphs blending in so well,” Jenny said, “You can’t even notice the floor above us.”

Peyton looked to the dr., “Very nice, but which way out?” he asked.

“Shortest way is that way,” Anjum pointed.

“Sam, go,” Peyton said, “Anthony, cover us.”

Samantha entered the pathway and went slowly with everyone else behind, following in line. She came to a corner and rounded it, literally bumping face-to-face with an AFU soldier doing the same thing.

The AFU soldier was with a large group of others.

Samantha reacted faster and shot the AFU soldier while backpedaling. Everyone scrambled to go back and get out the corridor.

Samantha fired over and over as she got out of the corridor. Peyton and Jenny provided cover.

Anthony noticed more AFU soldiers coming through another passage, “We got company.” he said, firing on them.

Peyton looked, “Dr., we need another way out.” he urgently said.

“This way.” Anjum said, leading them to safety. The Horsemen followed the dr. into another passage. They kept the AFU at bay with their weapons.

“Anthony,” Peyton called, “Seal this way up.”

“You got it, sir.” Anthony replied, phasing out and arming several grenades. He dropped them as he went, causing enough damage to the structure that the passage collapsed with debris and rubble blocking the way.

Inside another room, Peyton looked around to see if everyone was there, “Now, where do we go?” he asked.

“There’s a stairway going up,” Anjum said, “We have to take it and double back.”

“That room is flooded with AFU soldiers by now.” Peyton said.

“We’ll be safe on the second floor,” Anjum said, “We just stick close to the low wall and they’ll never see us sneaking by.”

“It could work,” Samantha said, “My radar didn’t pick up that AFU soldier.”

“Doesn’t mean their radar won’t detect us.” Peyton said.

“Are you kidding,” Samantha asked, “That soldier I bumped into was just as surprised as me. I’m pretty sure their radars don’t work either.”

“Good point,” Peyton said, “Then we better hurry before they find some solution and trap us.”

Anjum immediately found the staircase going up, “Over here,” she said, “Come on.”

The Horsemen followed the Dr. after Anthony laid some explosives set to go off should the AFU get through.

On the second floor, the Horsemen could see the low wall was thick and about hip high. Upon entering the room, each ducked and shuffled as fast as they could.

Peyton turned to Samantha as she passed, “The Dr. may need a weapon.” he said.

Samantha phased out an SMG and handed it to Anjum, “Here, just squeeze the trigger.” she said.

Peyton looked to Anjum, “Wait by the door,” he said, “Horsemen, take a corner.”

“What are you doing?” Anjum asked.

“Hopefully,” Peyton said, as he shuffled away, “Buy us some time and maybe deter them from following us.”

Each of the Horsemen took a corner and waited for further instruction.

Peyton peeked over and saw what he expected; a bunch of AFU soldiers gathering around. Thankfully, their attention was focused on the blocked passage and no one saw him. He ducked back down and adjusted the HUDs viewing mode to see the soldiers without peeking over the wall.

“Ok everyone switch to aura view,” Peyton said, “You can’t make out details, but you’ll get an idea of where their standing. On my mark, we each drop a grenade and fire down on the soldiers below. Jenny, you and I will drop smoke grenades. Sam, you and Anthony drop standard grenades.”

“Yes, sir.” they each replied.

Peyton phased a grenade out and readied it, “Mark.” he said.

The Horsemen turned around and looked over the wall, dropping their grenades and firing on the soldiers below. They each adjusted their view to easily see through the smoke. It was mayhem as the AFU soldiers were caught by surprise and didn’t know exactly how to retaliate. Most just fired upward and hoped they hit something.

The AFU soldiers missed and some hit the low wall. One tossed a grenade up that landed by Anthony, who didn’t see it until it was too late. All he could do was duck down in the fetal position. The grenade exploded, badly damaging one side of Anthony’s suit and injuring him.

“Anthony,” Peyton called, as ducked back down, “Come in. Do you read me, Anthony?”

“A grenade hit me,” Anthony said, leaning back and phasing his weapon in, “S…suits damaged. Can’t shoot or walk.”

“Maybe I can help him,” Jenny said, taking cover, “Not here, though.”

“Dr., take Sam and Jenny where we need to go,” Peyton said, going over to Anthony, “I’ll be right behind you.”

Anjum led Samantha and Jenny to another room and she waited by the door. Peyton lifted Anthony from behind the shoulders and dragged him. Peyton went until he spotted Anjum and followed her to safety. Anthony phased out several explosives and used them to seal up the pathway as he went.

Jenny hurried to Anthony and inspected his injury. Being a medic, she could phase off part or all of any suit to do her job, “I can’t do anything about the suit, but I can patch him up,” she said, going to work, “I just need a little time.”

“Dr., can we get out through here?” Peyton asked.

“Sure,” Anjum said, “It’s a little more scenic, but we can get out.”

Anthony looked at Jenny worriedly and grabbed her, “I’m not gonna die, am I?”

“Not if I can help it,” Jenny said, “The suits pretty damaged, but I you’ll be walking and shooting in no time.”

Anthony was somewhat relieved but he couldn’t imagine that he was injured. He was almost mad at himself and felt like he was slowing the group down.

“Anthony,” Jenny said, “I need to inject you with a sedative. You’re not dying, just going to sleep.”

Anthony nodded in agreement and Jenny applied the sedative. He slowly dozed off thinking of his wound and had a dream about a mission he had one year earlier.

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