OmniWar: Horsemen

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Anthony sat on his bed. He shook with some nervousness and excitement. It was an assassination mission. He just had to collect his sniper rifle and pick up his new suit. After that it was off to the docks.

In the shuttle, Kristy was already waiting for him, “Ready,” she said, “This things set to autopilot.”

Anthony sat, “Let’s get started then.” he said.

The shuttle lifted off and headed for its destination.

Anthony and Kristy phased out their assignments and read them, “Looks like we’re going to a swamp.” Anthony said.

“I have a little experience in a swamp environment,” Kristy said, “You?”

“No,” Anthony said, “This isn’t my first mission, though.”

Kristy leaned over with a map of the area, “We can set up here and take our shots.” she said.

Anthony studied the map for a moment, “Ok with me,” he said, “Let’s try to time our shots so we fire simultaneously.”

“Ok,” Kristy replied, “Fine by me. I’m going on vacation after this. What about you? What are you gonna do?”

“Probably just finish up demo school,” Anthony said, “Where you going?”

“Rena IV,” Kristy answered, “The whole planet is like one big paradise. There’s no end to what you can do there.”

“I’ve heard about it,” Anthony said, “Sounds like a beautiful place. I might have to visit someday.”

“How’s demo school?” Kristy asked.

“I like it,” Anthony responded, “It can be tricky at times. You never know if you’re doing the right thing.”

“Sounds stressful,” Kristy said, “I took sniper school. Found myself good at it and just stuck with it. Ever since then, it’s been one assignment after another.”

“I know how it can be,” Anthony said, “Things have slowed down for me since demo school, but I suspect things will get a lot busier when I finish.”

“Do you look forward to it?” Kristy asked.

Anthony chuckled, “I look forward to finishing school,” he said, “A small part of me isn’t looking forward to the amount of work afterwards.”

Kristy giggled a bit, “You’ll be fine,” she said, “Otherwise, they wouldn’t have picked you for this mission.”

The shuttle flew on for a few hours before finally reaching its destination.

“Let’s phase on our disguises and move out.” Kristy said as the shuttle landed.

Anthony and Kristy phased on their suits and activated their disguises. They were optically indistinguishable from other Serpenz.

“Disguises are working,” Anthony said.

Kristy made sure the lips on Anthony’s disguise were moving with accuracy, “How’s my disguise?” she asked.

“It’s ok,” Anthony said, “I don’t see anything wrong.”

“Then follow me.” Kristy said, leading the way.

Outside, Anthony and Kristy covered up their shuttle a bit with branches and leaves. It was swampy with a lot of foliage. Kristy led them to an area with a lot of fallen trees and a canopy, not high overhead. It was well covered and had a perfect view of the meeting area, “This is it,” Kristy said, phasing out her weapon and lying in a prone position, “Hurry, they’re starting to show up.”

Anthony phased out his weapon and lay next to Kristy, waiting for his target.

A Serpenz keeping look out suddenly descended upon them, landing on top of Kristy. Anthony quickly got up to help his partner but was pushed back by the Serpenz.

Kristy couldn’t get up with the Serpenz’s weight on her. She was alright with the suit on until she felt a sharp, searing pain in her arm; the Serpenz had stabbed her with his knife and retracted it. Kristy grunted in pain.

Anthony got back up and tackled the Serpenz. The two wrestled along a tree until Anthony phased out his star lance and killed the Serpenz with a stab to the side. He hurried back to Kristy, “You ok?” he asked.

“My arm,” Kristy said, “I can’t shoot. Quick, take both targets out.”

Anthony got down in the prone position and looked. The Serpenz were still unaware of their presence. The targets soon arrived via shuttle.

Anthony looked for the targets among the Serpenz. He figured they were either bodyguards or soldiers because of the weapons they were brandishing. The general came into view and then the leader. Now he was sure both targets were in the area and waited for a clear shot.

The general would need to be first because of his combat experience. He wasn’t a general for nothing. As he stood in a good spot, Anthony took his shot. The general went down like a sack of potatoes, and Anthony’s area came under fire.

Anthony quickly searched for the leader. He had to use a vision mode called divulgation; it was like x-ray, but this saw through objects instead of tissue. He spotted someone behind a tree. Although he couldn’t be sure it the target, the leader was nowhere else to be seen.

Anthony took aim fired. The power of his rifle easily sent the bullet through the tree and found its target. When the body slumped over, he could see past the tree that it was the leader.

A shuttle came for the remaining Serpenz survivors and left.

Anthony helped Kristy to her feet and stayed by her all the way to their shuttle.

Kristy grunted in pain.

“You’ll be alright,” Anthony said, “Think about Rena IV. I’m gonna get you out of here and we’ll get you patched up.”

Anthony uncovered the shuttle while Kristy entered. Once it was uncovered, he entered and they took off.

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