OmniWar: Horsemen

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On Zera IV, going up on a grassy hill, the Horsemen fell to the ground to take cover.

Anthony nudged Jenny and phased off his helmet, “Hey Jenny, something I never asked you before - you became a lethal Myrmidon and a medic of all things. Explain that.” he said.

Jenny phased her helmet off, “Only choice,” she answered, “My family was poor. Growing up I always wanted to be a medical dr. Joining the UEC and becoming a Myrmidon was my ticket out of my previous situation, or life if that’s what you want to call it. I’ve been trained to help all life, but I can get down and dirty if I have to.”

Peyton crawled with Samantha to see over the hill.

“How about you?” Jenny asked Anthony.

“Easy,” Anthony said, “Kill people and blow crap up. I ain’t gonna lie; I had it ok growing up.”

Peyton and Samantha peeked over; right on the other side of the hill the troop transports were landing, many soldiers were busy with the makeshift constructions of buildings and rounding up civilians.

“What’s going on here?” Samantha asked.

Peyton replied, “Seems as if they’re putting up some sort of prison camp. They take them from places, like the town behind us, and bring them here.”

“We can easily bypass this place,” Samantha said, “The signal is just due North of here. Besides, Maj. said not to engage anyone.”

“Unless absolutely necessary,” Peyton said, “I’m not leaving prisoners down there. We’re going to take this place out, call the others.”

Samantha hissed at Jenny and Anthony, “You two,” she quietly said, “Get your helmets on and get up here.”

Jenny and Anthony did as they were instructed.

Peyton nodded towards the camp, “Take a look,” he said, “We’re going to take it out. Anthony, we’ll go forward, disposing of anyone in our way. It’s mostly Rho’s and a few other races. Anthony, we’ll make a ‘U’ shaped pattern, doubling back here. Set two different charges, some to level this place, some undetonated.”

“Undetonated, you sure?” Anthony asked.

“Yes,” Peyton answered, “Hopefully it’ll keep them busy for a while. Sam, you and Jenny go for the prisoners and free them. Everyone, remember this is the rendezvous point. Ready, let’s move out.”

In the dark and from behind the buildings, the Horsemen snuck up on the camp easily. Their helmets’ had night vision. The AFU soldiers had them as well, but they were either complacent or some of the races that already had it as a natural ability weren’t looking for anything suspicious.

Peyton and Anthony came across a guard patrolling a small building. Their scanners revealed it to be empty of people, but full of equipment. Samantha and Jenny followed closely, inspecting the other structures.

“Ammo you think?” Anthony whispered.

Anthony’s voice came in normal sounding and crystal clear in Peyton’s helmet, “Maybe,” Peyton answered, “It’s important enough to guard.”

When the guard came around again Peyton grabbed him from behind, snapped his neck and dragged the body into the shadows.

Anthony was a little surprised by Peyton’s brutality and efficiency. He wasn’t about to stop and ask questions, he did as Peyton had instructed and placed the charges.

“I can see the next one has the prisoners.” Samantha said.

There was a sizable gap between the buildings. The Horsemen carefully moved between them, one by one to avoid being seen.

At the next building, all of them could see the heat signatures inside. Jenny could tell where a small hole needed to be cut. Peyton took down another guard and moved on with Anthony after he set the bombs. Jenny phased out her star lance and quickly slashed a hole in the wall big enough to crawl through and went in.

The star lance was a melee energy weapon that hung on by the forearm with an energy blade that extended one foot from the wrist and could cut through just about anything.

“Humans!” a prisoner said.

“We’re here to get everyone out.” Jenny said.

Another prisoner, a female, approached, “Did the Dr. send you?” she asked.

“Sayyad?” Jenny asked, “Sorry, we haven’t talked to her yet. Do you know where she’s at?”

“Yes,” the prisoner said, “She should be hiding at the temple North of here.”

“Why is the AFU rounding you guys up?” Jenny asked.

Another prisoner replied, “They’re getting anyone they think is a human sympathizer. Without me, my business is finished.”

“Human sympathizer,” Jenny curiously said, “Crawl through this hole. There’s another human on the other side. Follow her; we’ll get you out of here.”

As the prisoners went through the hole there was a sound at the door. The prisoners quickly turned and formed a line to hide the hole and Jenny. A soldier stepped in.

“What’s going on here?” the soldier asked, walking towards the prisoners.

With no prisoners coming out, Samantha looked at the signatures in the building to get an idea of what was going on, “Jenny, if you can hear me, it’s only one soldier, a Rho,” she said, “Wait till he’s close. Then, take him out.”

The soldier stood next to the group and asked, “Come on. What are you doing? Let’s break it up.”

No one said or moved. They were too scared.

With no one doing anything, the soldier asked, “What are you hiding back there?” forcing his way through with his hands. When he uncovered Jenny, he was caught completely by surprise.

Jenny quickly phased out her star lance while leaping towards the soldier and not giving him time to react before plunging the blade into his chest and covering his mouth.

The Rho only struggled for a few seconds before passing away.

Jenny stood and had the others exit through the hole. She phased out a cauterizing surgical tool for its quietness and shot the door panel to cause a jam.

“Are you ok?” Samantha asked as Jenny exited.

“Good as can be I suppose,” Jenny answered, “That was close.”

“Let’s get these people out of here,” Samantha said, “Cover the rear. I’ll take point.”

“You got it.” Jenny said.

Peyton and Anthony were a little further ahead taking out patrols and setting explosives.

“Two ahead,” Peyton said, “Ready?”

Anthony nodded. Both of them moved into positions to hide. When the soldiers came around they no idea of what lay in the shadows. At the same time, Peyton and Anthony phased out their star lances and took them out.

Anthony placed more charges.

“Let’s get out of here.” Peyton said. He and Anthony made their way back to the rendezvous point where they met up with Samantha and Jenny.

“Hey you human sympathizers,” Peyton jokingly said to the women, “How are the prisoners?”

“We got them out,” Samantha said, “They’re scattering and going home as we speak.”

“How are you holding up?” Peyton asked Jenny.

“Huh,” Jenny curiously said, then remembering that he and Anthony heard everything through their helmets, “Oh, I’m fine, sir. Thanks for asking.”

“Anthony,” Peyton called, “Ready?”

“Ready,” Anthony said, phasing out the detonator and holding it out to Peyton, “Care to do the honor?”

“Why thank you.” Peyton said, grabbing the detonator and setting off the charges.

The camp erupted with explosions. Soldiers tried running and troop transports could do nothing but hover and watch. Debris flew everywhere, but the Horsemen were at a safe distance where they witnessed the camp go up in a spectacular show of flames.

Satisfied the camp had been dealt with, Peyton asked, “North right?”

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