Silver Stars in Darkening Skies

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We have to plan this out, we can’t just flee the entire planet! If it gets what it wants, it will come for the rest of us and we will all be doomed! So I have written this one with two other people as well, so it will be better because we have more eyes to look over things. I claim RedBourne and Nereus mainly, but there are a lot of other side characters. If you enjoy it, be sure to leave a review. It would be much appreciated.

Scifi / Fantasy
Ray Whiting
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“We have to plan this out, we can’t just flee the entire planet! If it gets what it wants, it will come for the rest of us and we will all be doomed!”

The Council went into an uproar, fists pounding on tables, chairs sliding back and falling over as others stood up to make their claim. Some people just sat still, their eyes hollow with fear and hopelessness, and others were simply weeping silently.

“Stop this!” A loud voice shouted. They all quieted, looking towards the end of the table where a tall, golden haired woman stood. Her name was Auruma, and was the leader of the Council. She looked more concerned than most of them, with good reason, but still had a calm aura surrounding her. “I know you are all afraid, I know how terrifying this monster can be, but we have to keep our heads.”

“I say we should flee.” The Representative of the Cornibus planet said, stretching his honey colored wings out behind him. “It isn’t like the Virus is coming after our planets.”

Again, voices raised and struck him down.

“ORDER!” Auruma exclaimed, slamming her fist down on the glass table, splitting it down the middle. A hush traveled through the Council once again, all eyes staring at her with surprise. Never before had she expressed such displeasure on herself. After all, the whole planet, every structure, every being, every living or dead organism was her. The only reason she could stand before them was by the power of her precious crystals.

“Counselor Cornibus, would you kindly state your reason for abandoning the Alliance between our worlds?” She asked, glaring. “We knew you were many things, but a coward was never something we thought you would so openly except.”

The man flushed, his wings lowering in shame.

“She is right. If we break the Council, we will all perish. Together we are strong.” Council member Ignis Mortis said, standing head and shoulders above the rest in his dark glory. He was the Representative from the planet Tenebris, a dark place a long ways away from the sun. He locked his fiery eyes with their leader and nodded.

Do not worry, I will never abandon you. He said as their minds connected. Auruma smiled, feeling a little less distressed.

“So what are we going to do about this?” Someone asked, making all concerned faces turn towards the golden haired woman. She stared past them for a moment, squinting at the doors.

“Are you . . . alright?” Ignis asked, noticing the flickering of her elegant form. She was sensing something in a different area, feeling it as it walked upon her surface. “It isn’t here yet is it?”

“No, it is not.” She shook her head and smiled, coming back to them. “I was just making sure to keep an eye on the boy.”

“Oh yes.” The Representative of the Vitae planet said. “He isn’t getting into trouble is he? Sometimes my son gets a little . . . energetic in new places.”

“No, he is fine.” She said. “Now, where were we?”

“Are they going to take a very long time?” The boy asked, sitting beneath the arm of Auruma as they stared at the sunset. “Father didn’t want to take me with him, but mother said that I must learn about new places.”

“It is good to learn about other planets.” She replied. “And it is almost over.”

“Are they going to defend you?”

She shook her head, golden strands bouncing on her shoulders. “I do not think they will reach that conclusion, but even if they did I am doomed anyway. They could not get their forces here in time for me to be saved no matter how hard they tried.”

“So you are going to . . . die?” He gasped, his face draining of color.

She looked down at him, grinning calmly. “Do not fret young one, I will never leave you.” She paused, her form becoming a little more transparent. “Someone just threw a chair at your father.”

“Really?” The boy asked solemnly.

“Yes, he is trying to get them to agree to defend each other, including me.”

“Good.” He laid down, resting his head on her lap as he stared at the sky above. “Do you ever think about your kids?”

“I think about them a lot, actually.”

“Which one was your favorite?”

She laughed, her voice as sweet as a thousand angelic choirs. “None of them are my favorite! They all have different parts of them that make them special. To choose one would be to compare flour to eggs.”

“Oh.” He sighed, closing his eyes as she ran her hand through his hair. “Is Odipus doing alright?”

“Odipus is his own planet by now.” She replied.

“Is he as pretty as you?”

“He is even prettier.” She giggled.

“What about his sister? Is she a planet yet?”

Auruma shook her head, looking a little concerned. “Not yet. She wishes to explore more of the Universe before settling down herself. Some of my other children wished to do that too, some even older than they.”

“How old are you?”

“So old you wouldn’t even be able to comprehend it.” She flickered again, shutting her eyes as she drained of her once lustrous golden color. Her hair was a silvery gray now, and her skin dull instead of it’s once crystal texture. All of her beauty was disappearing, being replaced with a strange emptiness that made the child quite distressed.

“What is happening!” The boy sat up quickly, his eyes locked onto her visage as she steadied herself with an arm.

Auruma smiled, the only shimmer of life left in her eyes. “It is time, little one.”

“Time?” He asked quietly, tears appearing in his wide eyes. “Time for . . . what? Are you dying?”

She said nothing, only extended a gentle hand that touched his chest, placed right above his heart. Her glow returned, if only to flow straight through her and into him, making his body swell with a healing, white light. The ground beneath them was turning a dull color as well, all power entering her before flowing into him. He felt as if an entire world was being placed inside his one body, inside of his heart.

The sky began to change, a strange, gray light shadowing over every glittering structure: making it as dull as the lady’s form. She leaned forward, wrapping her arms around him as she whispered something in his ear. He could hear her, but was not able to make sense of what she was saying; it was like some foreign tongue to him, something that he had never heard before.

He felt a substance begin to surround him, a glassy film like the ground beneath his feet, shimmering like diamonds. He was very tired, and his eyes fluttered closed as his arms relaxed at his sides.

But just before the sleep could take him into dream land, he could feel himself falling. He was entering a dark Abyss, one lined with the stars from the heavens. With a small amount of fear, he realized that he was entering space, leaving his father behind to be taken over by the gray shadowy beast.

But he could not worry about it any longer, for the light from Auruma had clouded his eyes, shielding him from the terrible destruction of herself. The cloud that his father called “The Virus” had overtaken her by then, eating away at her round, glassy planet until it was nothing but a shell.

And he was left alone, shooting through space like a comet.

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