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Purple Haze

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After the nurse administered the second dose of the Covid vaccine, I stood up quite disoriented from the black chair behind the CVS pharmacy divider. I stumbled back home during one of the hottest summer afternoons. As I lay paralyzed on my bed, surrounded by only the whirring of the A/C, I fell into a deep sleep. I dreamed of a world that was horrific and dystopian but not dissimilar to the one we live in.

Scifi / Mystery
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The sun hides behind thick, nimbostratus clouds as sounds become far and distant, a stillness swallowing the bustling city. The sky roars with a blasting echo, a solitary drop hitting the pavement. An imminent thunderstorm is to arrive but the people remain in their ignorant bliss.

The iron gates slowly extend themselves out on Stone Street like a dementor's shadowy embrace, the incessant rattle of the chains making her stomach lurch. She swallows hard to push the bile back down, lighting the cigarette glued to her chapped lips. Her body trembles imagining the nasty things people notice about her and will later share with their friends or to a stranger at the bar.

She throws the cigarette down on the concrete, stomping it to pieces. Aware of her awkward gait, the blood rushes up her neck and spreads across her face, the embarrassment on exhibit for everyone to see. Her fucking shame. Once the humiliation reaches its peak, nothing can destroy her. The faltering is replaced with a charismatic swagger as a sweet smile spreads across her beautiful face, one so bright it illuminates the dark sky.

When the train screeches to a halt, she snaps out of her made up game called fuck or kill. An inner voice warns her not to get onto the train but her legs disobey, moving toward the platform edge.

The sweat dripping down her neck falls into the crack of her breasts, making her more resentful of the bimbo holding on to the same pole and negligently touching her hand. The overweight, middle-aged man ogling those almost bare breasts is responsible for the permeating odor - it smells of raw onions and rotting meat throughout the cart. She looks down under his stomach bulge. His crotch is flat as a pancake, indicating he has erectile dysfunction or a pinky dick. Either way, the attention whore has failed to arouse.


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