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Megacorporations control this world, the elites live in paradise while the rest have to survive in this hell, and everyone wants to get their hands on cyberwares, legit or not. Life is worthless and taking lives is just another day of business. Why would anyone save this world? WARNING: VIOLENCE, GROSS DESCRIPTIONS, ONLY FOR ADULTS AGES 18+

Scifi / Action
Jai Shetty
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It’s forty-five minutes past eight, the once salmon and lavender sky transformed into a vast expanse of jet-black, and the night laid down a blanket of darkness, millions of bright stars are dotted on the black sky night, the thick gloomy clouds shaded over the luminous moon covering its entirety. The moon shall not be missed here, not in Dubai as the buildings piercing through the cloud metastasize bright neon lights all over the night sky creating an illusion of a rainbow when seen from the cold, barren desert which is embracing this corporate utopia.

Among these skyscrapers, megabuildings and army bases stood an abanded building a remnant of old Dubai before UAE turned into a multi-mega-corporations-led nation locked out from the rest of the world. The abandoned building was in a no man's land between Bitont which is under the control of Chinese megacorp Hao-Zhan, a weapon manufacturer and Zion, an area in the control of The Zion group an Indian mega-conglomerate. No man's land is protected by an Intrinsic field dome which is strong enough to vaporize anyone coming in contact with it or living beneath it.
The abandoned building once used to be a shopping mall, one of the largest in the country, after the corporate take-over of the UAE it was under the land that the government sold to Zion tech and for decades it stayed that way as the entire world was fighting a war to save humanity, as the war ended in 2048 in the Treaty of Ottawa in an agreement between humans and ophynx to peacefully cohabit in this planet, humans core nature of greed returned in subsequent years as the danger of alien invasion was now dealt it and ophynx appeared co-operative to humans. A minuscule corporate war broke out between Hao- Zhan and Zion creating this No man's land.
A battalion of soldiers assembles on the edge of Zion, fully equipped, armed and led by a ruthless cyber soldier Code named Zero, behind these men was a shining elusive city and ahead of them was certain death as their orders were to retake the No man's land.

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