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F-Gene Book 1

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Meet Marcus in the world where people are born with a certain thing called a F-Gene. All except for his sister Roxy. So naturally everything else in life where powers dictate what you're going to do with your life she has to do everything by the book while Marcus tries his best to protect her. That is until a being awakes and offers them something they thought they never knew they would ever get. F-Gene is the spin-off series that takes place after the events of the Munchies Series. Toby and every one of the gang are old or dead at this point. F-Gene is going to be more focused on the very world and what this new F-Gene is doing to affect the majority of people.

Scifi / Romance
Grant Ayers
4.6 5 reviews
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Chapter 1 Distress

The world being nothing but futuristic buildings and a few selected and protected forests a family sits down in their house all comfy. There is a man in his thirties with red hair that is combed in a quiff. The very tip being white as the man is getting old. He wears a white trench coat and a black tank top underneath. This man is known as Toby. He once saved this world from a demon called Vrun. Now he is the Top Chef and is sitting down at the table with his wife Freya. A woman with nice flowing blue hair and sexy curves.

She just got done making the cake the shape of a table. To celebrate Toby’s birthday today. Toby sits awkwardly across from his two kids. Marcus is the older one of the two who sits at the table as a twenty-year-old. And the other one is Roxy. A twelve-year-old that did not require the F-Gene from either one of her parents.

“Hey dad what are your plans next Sunday?” Marcus asks as he stands up and lights the blue wax candles on the cake. Marcus is a scrawny lad on the outside of his brown leather jacket and a skin-tight white t-shirt. But all together would have to be the best detective that his city ever had.

“Why son? What’s happening next Sunday?” Toby asks as he reaches over the table and pats his little girl on the head. Roxy looks up and gives her dad a nice heartwarming smile. Showing off her straight little teeth.

“Oh it’s just that I have a date. And thought that maybe you and mom would like to join us. I know that sounds weird but,.. yeah would you like to come?” Markus says this lighting the last candle and handing it over to his mother.

“A date? I and Freya haven’t done that since we had Roxy. But I don’t know. I would have to call your uncle George and see if he could babysit.” Toby says as Freya places the cake in front of Toby and begins singing the happy birthday song. Roxy tags in and makes Toby blush as he shakes his head playfully. Taking in a deep breath Toby blows the candles out.

“Oh, that’s not necessary dad. Sorry that I asked in the first place.” Marcus says standing up from the table and making his way out of the kitchen. Taking a seat on the brown couch in the living room. Toby looks behind his shoulder up at Freya.

“Did I do something wrong?” Toby mouths out at Freya. But she just shrugs her shoulders and turns around and heads back inside the kitchen.

“Dad I failed my history test today.” Roxy says in a slightly ashamed tone of voice.

“Oh baby girl how come?” Toby asks as he plates a piece of cake and hands it over to Roxy.

“Because they were on about all these different facts and saying things like you being the most powerful man to be known. But when I said that you’re scared of mommy the whole class laugthed and Mr. Kingsling just shook his head and told me that I was wrong.” Roxy says taking a fork to her cake. Toby chuckles to himself as memories of school infiltrate his mind.

“Roxy you don’t have to be upset over one test. Just make sure that you’re able to pass the next one.” Toby says taking a sit by his daughter. Freya is in the back washing dishes until Marcus walks in.

“Hey mom why does dad always not give a straight answer? Like I asked him if he wanted to go out and he doesn’t say no, yes, or even a maybe.” Marcus says as he keeps staring down at his phone.

“Marcus you’re a grown man. You’re father just turned thirty seven. Be patient with him. Or you’re going to regret it.” Freya says as she turns her attention back to the dishes.

“But mom. I have this hot date about to happen and the doc said that-” Freya slams a plate into the dishwasher and turns to face her son. She has an expression of anger and sadness all curled up in one face.

“Dont say things like that Marcus. You’re father is doing great. So how about you just show some patience. And go out there and hang out with your father.” Freya says taking in a deep breath.

“He’s going to die in three years mom! He doesn’t have long to go! Yet he rather play around and play hero then sit down and hang out with us! He’s a piece of shit!” Marcus shouts out as he walks out of the kitchen. Toby hearing his son’s distress stands up from the table, pats Roxy on the head, and then heads off to follow his son out of the door.

“Hey Marcus! Where you going?” Toby asks as Markus speeds up to try to run away from his father.

“Just leave me, alone dad. I’m going to my place.” Markus says just as a metal pillar rises from the ground in front of him. Obstructing his way from his house.

“There is no reason to yell at your mother.” Toby says walking closer to his son.

“No! You’re both cowards! You’re about to face certain death yet you play games! Stop fighting for a city that is going downhill.” Marcus says angrily as he walks over to Toby. Lift his shirt to reveal a nasty scar that hasn’t healed. “It hasn’t gotten any better since I could remember. The doctor says that you have three years at best. Why are you playing around as Top Chef?” Marcus asks as tears find their way out of his eyes.

“Because,.. Because I am the Top Chef. Tellissa gave me this title to-” Marcus pushes his father’s shoulder and turns around.

“I don’t care to listen.” Marcus says raising the pillar out of the ground and walking away, lowering the pillar down behind him.

“Because sooner or later son I’ll have to give my life not just for this city but for you.” Toby says as his tone softens and his eyes become teary.

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