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The Olympian War.

By Nathanael_Ciervo All Rights Reserved Β©

Scifi / Fantasy


The Moon sat in the middle of the sky, suspended by some invisible force that we would never fully understand, though we sometimes liked to pretend to. She had a long memory, that Moon, of all the things that had happened on earth. From the moment she was formed out of nothingness she looked down upon the earth, admiring it (almost as much as she admired the sun.) and watching every stage of its progress with great intrest. She watched as the earths children rose up from the dust, she watched us advance. The wheel, cars, computers, jets, the atom bomb and beyond, she watched it all; sometimes with love, and sometimes with horror. But if you think that the atom bomb was the worst creation of God's beloved, once peaceful, man that the moon would ever witness, then you are dead wrong. It was only the beginning of the worst thing to see, and what the moon looked upon now was not even close to the climax. The moon looked down at the earth, mourning its once green grass and lush mountains. Even the deserts were beautiful to her; they once teamed with life as well, however little life it may have been is far greater than the life that now moves across the surface of the earth. There is still life to be sure, but the recent attack which quite literally scarred the face of the earth has made sure that there is now less of it.
The Moon, mourning the Earth, will also remember for all of her now seemingly meaningless existence the most horrible thing that man can ever achieve as a race. War. A fleet of carrier ships moves away from the atmosphere, opening their mechanical wombs for the Bombers which have just laid waste to the Earth. As the bombers come in, Space-Fighters pour out and form a defensive mass around the ship. The Earthen military, caught unawares, wastes no time in their retalliation. The Moon watches, silently, as other ships also launch themselves from her surface and make a B-line for the small fleet. This small portion of the Plutonian fleet won't make it out alive, but they didn't expect to.
"We've accomplished our mission," says Captain Shiva Invisus of Charon grimly into his communication's device, hoping to cheer the members of his doomed fleet. "We will be remembered for eons." The Moon then looked on as laser fire erupted in that great expanse, not enjoying the sight of those who had wronged her beloved be doomed to death. She knew this was nowhere near the end, and things would grow far worse than just the crippling of God's good earth.
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