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The Third Dimension

By itsnatalie2090 All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Action


I gasp for air instead inhale a musty smell causing me to sneeze hard. I lay on the floor exhausted , I close my eyes tightly and wait for few seconds and then it ends. It was all just a nightmare. I jump out of my bed and head towards the living room. This isn’t something new , not at all , each and every single day I get these and I still don’t understand why people call these nightmares it’s so damn real . It feels real , looks real ,in fact ,is real. I’m Zoey Winscom an insomniac eighth grader who can’t differentiate between reality and imagination.

Chapter 1

I stare at the TV screen like a living corpse. Unaware of my surroundings enslaved by the emptiness of the dimension between sleep and wake. I lay on the couch as an existent of the current dimension an absentee of the sleep dimension and a participant of the dimension between.

I jerk back to reality or at least what seems the closest to it. It sometimes is very strange that I have the ability to exist in three dimensions. The third dimension is unknown to the human race. Nobody in the world has ever experienced the third dimension.

However many religious texts say that one’s body goes under the third dimension right after physical death. It’s like a coma after death.

Somnologists state that there is no logical , scientific evidence supporting this.

I shudder away from my thoughts and head to the kitchen to get myself a cup of coffee. I rip the instant coffee powder and empty the contents to a cup of lukewarm milk. As I take a sip of the coffee I had made my mind races back to gather a set of words to describe the pleasure I experience.

A pure concentrate of caffeine fused with the innocence of milk and the sweetness of sugar to produce a wonderful cup of coffee. A mere liquid with a strength matched to that of an elephant.

I wonder why I honour coffee to such an extent. I nod to myself as I find the answer. Coffee is what saves me from the harsh scenarios of the other dimensions.

I glance at my watch. It’s 12:40 am midnight. This is the time I usually spend outside.

I reach for my black jacket and head outside. As usual the whole town is deserted. I get my bike and go around for a ride. I pedal hard to catch up on my speed. I feel the cool winter air pierce through my thick black jacket. I turn over and return back home.

“Time for the nightmare ” I think to myself.

For some reason I don’t want to avoid visiting the third dimension. I need to figure out what it’s about. Why am I being sent there by myself ?

I will wander till I find my answers come what may!

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