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Blood Fusion the Rise of the Quinton-squad

By Cheyanne Larson All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Scifi


In 2023 many years ago a planet in the galaxy called the Animalophis galaxy right next to the other planets like Vegeta, Horsetoplais, Beartopia, Tigress, and Liono, and last but not least the planet that I was talking about was planet aurora they all lived together in harmony until the dark times came. I was the king’s first born, I was born in October 3rd, 2010 in the earth year and so is my twin, his name is Leto my grandfather’s name my mom named him and dad named me but our real birth date is wolftoboera, 3rd , 1243. in aurorian years My name is Karbaru namine’ marie aurora I’m seventeen and I’m going to show you a story that is heart pounding and jaw dropping excitement that you’ll never ever forget. Now as I was saying, the second born was my little brother Leeon Lance Fireball Aurora but we just call him lee my twin and me were just seven and my little brother was six when our mother died her name was hertria catimetia polla aurora and now we only looked up at our father king

mongono lance wolfric aurora and there is my friend from the bear planet name solar, Erith, and his little sister polar both same age as me and my brother by the time our mother died

seven and six but except Erith he was 14 now he’s 21 being the royal prince but he might be a royal pain in the ass but I’ll tell you that later in another story man you got me alright I was supposed to get married by my father’s betrothed he wanted me to save our planet from debt by the liono planet but—oops spoiler sorry other story. but then the beartopian king or their father, king quince Fredrick killa beartops the second got mad at the leader of elders of the animal council of course. Because they asked for all of the soldiers from each planet to save each soul on every planet from the bug galaxy gross huh? Yeah thought so. then his father told him to stop arguing with the elders he was one of them then his son said “I will kill myself rather than to be with you father one day I’ll have the greater army than you’ll ever see” then when elder of the beartopians came home he found his son crying on the floor with his oldest in his arms with a aurorian sword in his chest blood was everywhere then he said “what happened?” king quince said then his son said “you weren’t here to see you son get killed by a male aurorian soldier.” the new bear clan’s king said “no son you did it Guards!” his father yelled four guards came and took his own son flesh and even blood to the jail cell so he used his powers to bend the bar and kill his father and then he went off to bed beartopia had a great loss of the favorite king

thanks to the prince now I remember if it was like yesterday when I found out were are at war and the new bear clan’s king is his junior son the king of beartopia then the dark times came when the bear clan king’s father came evil in his spirit form and told his son to use his own soul to make the controller of all people that they called it animal controller that controls human and half beings and he wanted to destroy every planet on every galaxy.

Soon fifteen years later the darkness was born it start controlling my planet some survived without being controlled by it. they were getting my father’s speed of light space ship that was my grandfather’s first space ship ever made by the time he got controlled he gone away from the aurorian family we escaped just in time we headed towards earth to save people from the darkness millions were saved from Japan to England now it up to us to save the united states from the west we started then came the Midwest we ran around all day with our dad saving people from Iowa north and south Dakota then Wisconsin and Minnesota last but not least Illinois we started to start from Chicago then came Dixon, where we saw Nine kids walk home from the high school then when they stopped to talk. A girl named Halie and her boyfriend named Josh saw a black thing in the sky then it went past through them left some of its evil behind them then their eyes turned red and they ran so fast like a vampire and their friends ran after them Josh and Halie looked back and said “soon you’ll be in our control” then they used the wind to blow them back we landed right by them and me and

by brother saved the kids from almost to death then we ran towards dad there he told us to hold them down we hold the first one down it was Josh then my dad used to light spell called the aurorian light then Josh’s eyes turned from red to blue then me and my brother helped the girl named Halie my brother held her down I used the light spell the darkness came out of her eyes and mouth then her eyes turned from red to hazel eyes.

Then she said “ugh my aching head who are you what happened and what are you” then my father said “you got controlled by a thing called the darkness and we are called aurorians half human half wolf” my father said then the girl said “darkness what’s that and what’s and aurorian doing here on this planet” it’s an evil curse that controls you forever until you die and we came to save the earth ” I made new friends that day then we headed from Illinois to the south then the northeast then we stopped at new York when we saw two African American twin boys got out of jail for something they didn’t do they got framed then they saw the same black cloud following them then it went through them so me and my brother went and did the spell but then the darkness rebounded into my brother then he killed My father with the killing spell what the young aurorian’s are not allowed to do.

Then I ran towards my father he gave me something and told me something before he turned to stone and died Then he grabbed me from behind I was trying to get away then he scratched me on the cheek and I was bleeding a little

then he bit Halie in the neck and kick her to the wall of the coffee shop lil smokies she was knocked out cold Abbie and Josh ran over to her trying to wake her up in a dark voice my brother leeon said “I’ll meet you again someday!” me and the rest of the gang ran after him while Jessica and Abbie and Josh took Halie to the hospital. Then my friends and I caught up to him got him by the collar and shove him back right behind us then we started to fight like a street gang. And he lost that battle as we headed to the hospital as we got there the secretary of the hospital said “are you here to see Halie?” then I said “yeah why and where is she?” “she’s in room 24 upstairs 2nd floor” said the secretary “good thanks.” I said then we ran to the 2nd floor and got to room 24 we saw Abbie and Josh Jessica waiting for us while Halie a innocent girl dark dark brown hair and closed eyes with oxygen tubes going up her nostrils on the bed out cold, but her heart was stable steady beats popping into the heart monitor.

Then Abbie ran towards me and said “thank god you’re here this is horrible how can he do this Karbaru what can we do??” she asked “I don’t know Abbie we’ll have just to wait for Halie to wake up” I said “why wait when I’m awake.” Halie said a horsed voice “Halie!” we all said together “sssh everyone here is sick guys” she said as me and my friends waited for the doctor we looked at the posters of the cells on the wall with animal and plants then I said “so this is what animal and human and plants look like on the inside” “you know Karbaru” Deshon said “even though we eat different than you are well what do you eat” as he put his

right hand on my shoulder “well we eat saber tooth tiger, deer, buffalo, and mammoth fruit from trees and vegetables’” I said “wait you eat the prehistoric things that live on this earth like forty-five million years ago how’d they get on your planet?” Jessica asked then the doctor knocked then the doctor came in and said “hi I’m Dr. Hedrick nice to meet you she’ll be fine in two days just let her rest for a while” “thanks doc.” I said after two days Halie got out of the hospital. In 2023 8th of august we were framed by my brother leeon but now we call him Quinton now. Is this the end of my friends and me I don’t think so. This is the story in about to tell you like I said its jaw dropping and heart pounding and exciting. Welcome to the world of blood fusion the rise of the Quinton squad were we become the predators and transform into the wolf let the beast within come out and fight until the end of the world. But I know one thing, saving the world is a difficult job especially when I’m an aurorian and fighting against the darkness that trying to consume everybody right……..?

Two years later……

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