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Back to the summer of 2016

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Vivian was just the typical shy girl, with only few friends for others. But her close one knew her as a cheerful, happy girl with full of life and a secret crush on the famous hot boy of the school Ashton. But one the last summer of highschool she got the news of him dying, by suicide. That broke Vivian's heart in such a way that she grieves till today even after seven years. But suddenly on the new year's eve she magically gets transported to the starting of the last year of high school 7years back to save Ashton and also gets to know it was never a suicide but a murder. So with the murderer roaming within them, can Vivian identify and punish the murderer and save Ashton, or is she gonna get stuck in the dangerous time game and never return back? And also EVERY GAIN COMES WITH A LOSS!

Scifi / Mystery
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The silver sparkles in the dark sky are shinning more brighter than usual today. The midnight, winter breeze is blowing through Vivian's thick woolen cardigan as her dark brown locks are dancing with the winds.

The shots in Newyork bar helped her body to be warm. Vivian walked by the side of the street looking at the bright lanterns hanging around for the starlight festival celebrated here. How much she loved this festival that the memories are still fresh in her mind when used to celebrate it with him, indirectly with him but sure!

Him! It was him who made her fall in love with these city, otherwise she hated it here. If not for their memories she would have left this place a lot earlier. But as it is said you need something to hold on to live and for her it is their memories.

For the last six years she lived holding those memories the only intact happy memories she had made in her whole life. A sudden ping in her phone made her come out of the thoughts and she looked down at her phone's screen to see her bestfriend and only close person Leila calling her.

“WHERE ARE YOU?” Vivian flinched the phone away from her ear hearing the peircing shout of her bestie. “Leila stop shouting! I am not deaf.” She replied in her now usual calm tone.

“I am not sure if you are not deaf! I have been calling you since the last hour!” Leila again shouted but this time Vivian already kept the speaker away from her ears.

“Lee I'm sorry, I didn't notice the call! I am coming within a few minutes!” She said in an apologetic tone. Its true her phone was in her bag and the loud music in the club also played a evilic role.

“Fine come fast! And yeah please make sure to bring a old vintage wine, I am craving for the princess treatment!” Leila ordered in a royal tone making Vivian chuckle as she cut the call after assuring her she will do as being said.

Vivian walks into the wine shop being kind of hypnotized in the texture and look of the shop. It was made of wooden walls and doors with glass windows and very dim but beautiful lights that were soaking her essence it seemed. The wines kept in the shelves were looking mouthwatering attractive. The were looking quite different she thought.

“What would you like to buy?” Vivian shocked a bit hearing someone's voice suddenly and turned around to see a man in his mid sixties looking at her with a glass of golden rim covering his eyes.

“Uh..umm I would like to buy a bottle of red wine, umm really old!” The old man thought for a second and then nodding his head said “I happen to have a really good old wine. You wait here I will bring it right now!” Vivian nodded her head and saw the old man going inside a door beside the counter as she sat at one of the stools.

After a few seconds the old man came out with a glass of wine and kept it infront of her. “You taste it and tell me hows it, till the time I pack and bring your order! And yeah its on the shop!” Vivian thanked the old man and took a sip before checking it properly.

The taste was really different from any other wine she ever had in her life just like its look which was also very different. The taste was so good the she took bigger sips and started enjoying the drink until she felt her eyes dropping.

She couldn't keep her eyes open anymore and kept her head in the wooden counter. And the last thing she heard was the old man's weird words before a white flashing light hit her eyes.

“You are the chosen one! I know you will be okay, just try your best there. I am there for you whenever you need!”

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