The Result of a Change

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Chapter 15


I feel a warm breeze hitting the back of my neck as blue fingers touch Peter’s shoulder. I turn around to find two of them standing before me, equal to us in number but clearly not in strength. The one standing right in front of me opens his mouth and blows fire as I fly into the air, running away from his flames. I never knew Xoliners could do that. I glance at Peter and find him collecting water over them but as he opens his clenched fist to let the water fall over, it stops in the air just above their heads as if there were an invisible floating shelf acting as a boundary and the water gets reflected upward approaching me. I dodge away and rush down in rage the way a damaged rocket might fall from space and press my body onto one of them causing most of his energy to fade away.

The other approaches to defend his partner but Peter holds his neck from the back and turns it around. I close my eyes involuntarily at the creaking sound of his neck and when I open them, I see Peter’s chest heaving from his fast breaths as the Xoliner lays dead on the ground.

I remove my body away from the creature I’m laying on and get on my feet. I hug Peter and return to fight.

Shooting a bullet in the air, I look around searching for Zoey but find her no where.

My eyebrows furrow as I watch Ms. Emma running to us. I turn to face Peter and see a wide smile plastered on his face. Isn’t she an enemy? Why is he smiling?

I let my gun face the direction she’s coming from but Peter turns it down, shaking his head ‘no’ as she finally gets to us.

“There’s a problem.” she says resting her hands on her knees.

“What is it?” I ask in confusion.

She looks up at me then quickly turns her gaze to Peter as she straightens up.

“I saw her - getting - captured by one of th - them.” she says trembling as she gasps for breath.

“Who?” Peter asks.


I turn to Peter, exchanging worried looks before asking her at the same time, “Where did they take her?”

She nods then walks away and we follow her.

Through the chaos, bullets rushing into the air, fire blazing, we pass watching how a city, once was marvelous, is turning to black buildings and burnt down houses. Its joyful citizens are now mourning helpless humans, creatures we were and still are obliged to protect, to keep safe.

My heart drops at the sight. Why do wars have to occur? Will I witness victory or die humiliated? Will we go back or stay here? Will, will, will, questions I might never get answers to. It’s sad how people can’t live peacefully in this world. I wonder if everything can change back to normal? Will I see my parents again? I feel the warmth of a water droplet on my cheek rolling downward, a tear of bitterness and sorrow. I have to end this, no matter what may cost me.

We get into narrow paths between burnt black buildings that were once sophisticated hotels as Ms. Emma leads us to a nearby tall and shining building, one of the very rare left undamaged.

“This is it.” She says breaking off the silence.

We nod.

“You get in, find her, come back and I’ll fight until you come, okay?”

“Okay.” I say softly.

She nods and walks away. I push the door open as a stubborn glowing white light welcomes us.

“Let’s get this done.” Peter says behind gritted teeth.

I nod and make my first step inside, standing on the shining tiles as I turn back looking around as Peter gets in, then shuts the door behind, hearing the sound of its collision with the frame echoing around.


"How could you?” I hear Max’s voice echoing in the darkness. My eyes turn around searching for him as tears roll down over my cheeks.

“I - I’m sorry...” I say in a hushed tone more in a whisper not even heard by me.

Then the darkness lights up and Jo stands in front of me, wearing the same shirt and jeans she died in, smiling pathetically.

“You can do it.” She says softly before fading away.

“Wait!” I shout in a tone full of desperation.

My legs tremble and I break down, hearing my own sobbing as I fall onto the ground, wrapping my arms around my chest.

As I lay there crying helplessly, my eyes notice something glowing in the darkness. I get closer and it gets brighter and then I fall into the hole.

I scream at the top of my voice but as my eyes get into focus, I find myself in a completely different place.

White walls with cupboards leaning on them and filled with papers and small glass bottles, face me.

As I turn my gaze upward, a light bulb as bright as the sun, causing me to close my eyes, hangs above me.

I shift my eyes to the side and find something pierced into my hand.

I stare at it, turning my eyes to where the it leads only to find a transparent plastic bag full of a dark red liquid attached to it.


I look around at the room, the shining tiled floor, the scissors and metal little objects laying beside me and this is when I come to realize it all.

It was just a dream, more as a nightmare but where am I? I don’t remember anything. Is this a hospital room? I think so, it apparently is but who put me here?

I look down at the sheets I’m covered with when a strange feeling hits me. These look familiar with their grey square designs and white background and the soft cotton sensation that rushes into my skin.

I pull them off, throwing my thoughts at the back of my mind and sit on the side of the bed as I pull the needle off my hand.

I flinch as the pain hits my nerves. I get on my bare feet, stepping forward on the cold floor. Looking around at the room, I spot a door. I run up to it, turn the door knob and tilt my head outside checking the corridor. It’s empty, at least for now, so I decide to let myself out.

I walk out, my eyes searching for a guide as a floating object approaches. A robot.

It comes up to me and flashes a blue light, letting it scan me top to bottom, then goes around the place announcing something I’m not sure of.

I hear a sentence echoing from every corner around me. “The Prisoner is awake. The Prisoner is awake.” is what I could make out of the far sound.

Am I the prisoner? I probably am for I’m the one whom that thing just scanned. I rush back into the room I woke up in and shut the door behind as I get seated back on the bed.

I feel the floor vibrating below my feet. Footsteps.

I take a deep breath as it vibrates louder. Then the door opens, revealing a horrid person whom I’ve never wished to meet. My eyes widen as he approaches close enough for me to see how glowing his light green eyes are with his slimy shiny skin and face filled up with cuts.

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