The Result of a Change

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Chapter 16

Mrs. Emma

"You get in, find her, come back and I’ll fight until you come, okay?” I say stopping right in front of the Xoliners’ headquarters.

“Okay.” Edward says softly.

I nod slightly and give a smile, so small for them to notice then turn around facing the breeze that brushes my hair. I close my eyes and take a deep breath before running into the battle, the battle where I should fight, not only for my safety but for the right, to prevent destruction and violation, to protect, to save lives and this is when I come to know I made the right choice when I betrayed Marcilus.

I stand firm holding up my gun. I shoot a bullet that rushes into the air and makes its way into my opponent’s heart, causing him to fall over. I smile hopefully and keep shooting, ending the lives of the cowards.

I feel someone’s shoulder brush against mine. I try to recognize who it is from the corner of my eyes but I, unfortunately, don’t get to see much of the features so I finally tilt my head.

I sigh when I see her.

“What do you want, Jennie?”

“Nothing.. I just wanted to inform you about something urgent.”

“What is it?”

She takes a breath, “We’re over numbered and the chances of winning are low.”

I frown at this.

“What do you mean? Where are the other rebels? ”

She shrugs, “I haven’t seen any of them but Charles and Andrew.” she says.

“Fine, don’t give up and the chances will get higher. Now, get back to your position!”

She nods and runs to the other side while I run to the centre.

Everyone is fighting and the soldiers can’t be more distracted than they are. I take the opportunity and sneak into their spaceship. I have to get to their weapons store, we need guns. Walking on my tiptoes, I make my way to the bottom of the ship.

I sit on my knees by the box and open it. I grab two guns and a cannon before shutting it again and standing up

I feel something hitting my neck, something warm and breezy.


I gulp and stay fixed in my position, scared to turn and check who is it.

“What are you doing here?” says the person behind me.

Closing my eyes, I turn around.

“Emma? Is that you?” I hear the voice soften. It’s familiar.

I open my eyes and look at him, amazed. This is unbelievable!

“Gerald?” I ask looking straight into his eyes.

“Yes, the one and only.” he says smirking.

“But how? I saw them kill you!”

“Don’t you remember I can change how I look?”

“Yes but you died in your original form, I mean I saw you die.”

He smiles.

“That wasn’t me, I exchanged my looks with a neighbour who died in his home at that time so your parents burnt an already dead man. Didn’t they tell you that they already found me dead?”

I suddenly feel a twitch of happiness running through my nerves and hug him tightly.

“I’m here again, my dear lady.”

He’s back, to me and to Peter.


“By they way Gerald, Peter is here.”

He crosses his eyebrows, “Where?”

“Here on Earth, saving it from Xoliners.”

His expression grows intense.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“I’m his opponent, Emma, he’s going to hate me!”

“What? What do you mean?” I say stepping back.

“Yes, it’s what you just thought of...” he says in a voice full of shame and sorrow.

Think, Emma, think. If he’s ashamed of being with them, so, I guess he won’t have any problem to turn into a rebel and join me.

“I have a solution.”

“State it. ”

“Join me.”

“Aren’t you with them too?” he says raising an eyebrow.

I sigh.

“No, I’m a rebel, many of them are rebels. We’re a group of 30 Xoliners.”

“Wow... But 30 isn’t a great number of people.”

“As compared to a total of 60,000 on our planet, I would say you’ve got that right but don’t go off the topic. Do you want to join me?”


I smirk, “I knew it. Now, help me get out unnoticed.”

He nods and walks in front of me.

We find no soldiers in our way so we pass smoothly.

“You go first.”

I nod and step in front of him. As I reach the door, I find it closed. I wonder who closed it for I left it open. I turn the knob and this is when the feared comes in our way. We’re busted.


I remove the steel mask off my face and tighten the screws that hold the structure of the gun. I’m done with 21 copies now.

I startle as I hear something crashing upstairs. I stand still, fixed in my position and hearing the knocks on the ceiling. Footsteps.

They’re coming, I have to hide somewhere, fast and quick.

I tiptoe to my desk and place myself beneath it sitting on my knees and bending my neck, letting it face the ground. The door squeaks open and they come closer and closer, vibrating the floor beneath me. My heart pounds faster than it ever did.

“No Poliners detected. No Poliners detected.” I hear a robotic voice announce. I sigh in relief.

“Humans detected. Humans detected.”

My eyes widen with fear as the desk gets lifted off me and two horrifying figures face me. I know it’s not the time but I wonder why are they of different colours although they are of the same kind? I never thought they exist in different races the way we do but I’m sure of the fact that they are standing right in front of me, piercing their fierce red eyes into mine and that is freaking me out.

“Hey.” I say in an attempt to be peaceful.

The red one lets out a chuckle but turns serious again.

“B23.” the green one calls.

“Yes, my master. ” the robot replies.

“Take him to the basement with the others until Harold takes their responsibility.”

“As if you’ve got a sense of responsibility in the first place.” I mutter more to myself than to them.

The robot nods and in no time, my hands are tied at the back with the metal strap.

I see the green one smirking from the corner of my eye.

“Stupid humans, your end has come. Won’t you welcome it?” he says.

I look at him, “We will but after we give you to it as a present.” I reply in a cold sarcastic tone.

His expression changes and rage fills him but he says no more and waves to the robot. I get dragged out of my lab, through the apartment and then out of it.

I look around at the horrid sight. Towers, hotels, bookstores, coffee shops, everything even our school, has burnt out. Something so different fills the city, something I’ve always wished I would die before I witness it, ... Destruction, it indeed is.

I get dragged through screams, blood, gunshots and fire. Seeing people I once knew, laughed with, talked with, interacted with, trip over as their eyes roll over the city and inhale their last breath. I never felt what I feel now ever before. I feel something heavy lying on chest not allowing my heart to beat without pain. My cheeks burn as they heat up with anger. I can’t believe what’s happening.

Why is everybody so greedy and hungry for power? How can they kill these innocent people? The idea that they could and still do, shoot and blow fire at living souls with so much ease makes my heart break.

I force my eyes closed but pain rushes through my bones as I hit the ground. I open them and look around.

I’m in a small room with a lot of people whose eyes are bulging out of fear.

To my side lies Mrs. Emma unconscious. Next to her is a man with black hair and dressed in an army uniform while the whole room is filled up with the innocent citizens of London. Worry invades the eyes of the parents while tears flood down the children’s cheeks. I can’t believe this is happening. Where is Zoey and the others? I can’t see them here. I hope they’re doing well.

“B22, Open the door of Prison number 33.” says a voice so sharp and near.

The door opens revealing a tall and sturdy green creature whom I assume must be Harold. He waves to the robot and it goes away.

He looks around the room as if he’s looking for someone then clears up his throat.

“Humans, listen carefully to what I say for I won’t repeat.” He speaks up, we pay attention.

“We don’t leave anyone who harms us and by us, I mean our kind. Revenge is a life principle to us.” He pauses, “And now, it’s time for you to pay for what you’ve done.”

“What do you mean?” I ask furrowing my eyebrows in confusion.

“Did I permit you to speak?” he replies coldly.

I shake my head.

“Then keep your mouth shut! Listen you all, Earth is no more yours now, it belongs to us so you better behave well!”

“Or? What will you do if we didn’t behave well?” I ask raising an eyebrow.

He smirks knowingly.

“Want to try?”

I don’t give an answer to that.

“Well, you get sent to an exile to Xolina and what you’ll meet is the best of a punishment.”

He smiles then turns the knob and leaves, slamming the door behind him.

I don’t really know what am I supposed to do when the only place I once called home is destroyed and invaded by these heartless creatures.

“It’s the end!” someone yells.

My heart drops at the realization of how true that may be.

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