The Result of a Change

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Part 2

Sense shook his head,

His throat sore from

The useless calls for Truth,

And after the fall,

Comes the rise,

And so it did,

And he called twice,

Harder and fiercer this time.

Turned around and stopped, she did.

Amazed at how his voice made her still.

And so, she flew to him,

Questioning the reason of his violent yell.

With hurtful eyes, he said,

“I thought you’d never lose me in your head”

She fell on her knees,

And let her emotions spill.

“I had to, it costed my freedom.” She said.

Pointed to the fire beneath, he stood closer and whispered, “Put me back in, or your guilt will take it away again.”

She looked back and forth,

Between him and the scorching flames,

Then sucked him in a single take,

Smiled and knew,

It’s almost done,

But it’s time for a plan first.

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