The Result of a Change

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Chapter 3

This is my first day at Campbell High School. I still remember how my days at Polina High School started; the first was awkward. I had no friends at that time. All I did was sit at the corner and read. I remember how Jo came around me and introduced herself, how Edward bumped into me and instead of apologising, he said, “Oh! I see we’ve got a new comer here! I’m Edward.” and stretched out his hand. I acknowledged the handshake, flashing out a smile before going back to my class. My first impression on Peter wasn’t positive, but it wasn’t that negative either. But now, I can’t live without them for they are the only positive change I’ve ever experienced in my life. I wonder what change is waiting for me at CHS, will it be positive, negative or thrilling? I’ve got no choice other than waiting.

As we walk into the school, I realise we don’t even know where are we heading to. I decide to end this awkward situation by, obviously, asking Mr. Frederick. I stride to his office and knock at the door.

“Come in!” he shouts.

“I’m sorry for the disturbance I may have caused, but I just want to ask you about something. May I?”

“That’s okay. Yeah, sure.”

“Where am I supposed to stay, I mean, in which classroom?”

On hearing this, he smiles. “It’s the one exactly opposite to my office.” He says.

“Oh, thank you so much, Sir. I’ve got to go now for I mustn’t be late.”

“No problem, Zoey and by the way...”

“Yes, Sir?”

“Everyone here calls me Freddy, so you can drop the word ‘Sir’ and call me that too.”

“You don’t mind that?”

“No, It’s totally all right with me.”

“Oh... Okay then, thank you.”

That was pretty awkward, I mean how come that everyone here calls their principal by his nickname? If someone dared to do this to - let’s say Ms. Zendaya, the punishment would be severe. Humans are, as I’ve always thought of them, irresponsible helpless creatures. That’s the result of what I observed till now. I shut the door behind me and wave for my friends to come over.

“It’s this one.” I say, pointing at the door opposite to Mr. Frederick’s.

“Cool,” Jo says, “The room is, with no doubt, small.”

“I agree.” Edward says, trying to accept the fact that time’s repeating what happened to him two years ago, his first day at school probably, that’s what I could read through his current thinking activity.

Thank God he didn’t notice I just did that!

Peter laughs and tells us to go inside so we knock at the door, though it’s already opened but for us, we’ve always been taught to ask permission to enter. I am not quite sure about humans’ traditions but I guess they are somehow similar.

The teacher turns towards us questioning our presence. I clear my throat, “May I come in?” I say.

“Oh! Yes, come in.” she says while a big smile that seems like it’s about to reach her ears, covers her entire sharp face. She must’ve been excited to see us.

We enter and she asks us to introduce ourselves. I start, “I’m Zoey Anderson...” I clear my throat then go on, “I am new both in the city and the school. The reason behind me shifting here isn’t that important to be mentioned. I lived in Ireland before coming here, and I hope my presence doesn’t trouble any of you. Thanks.”

“Nice to meet you, Zoey.” She says and after a pause she continues, “I’m Emma Hathaway, your History teacher.” After she said that, I find her staring at Peter while a mischievous smile happened to find its destination on her face through her small lips. I turn to Peter and find him puzzled. I took time to realise their last names are similar. I decide to know what does she mean, but when I’m just about to read her thoughts, she interrupts me by simply asking, “So, you, the one behind. You’re Peter, right?” she says pointing at Peter. What does she mean? How did she know him? There’s something I must find out, but it seems she knows I can’t read her mind if she keeps on talking. I don’t feel good about her.

“Yeah...” Peter says while giving her a confused glare, he continues, “Would you mind me asking you how did you know?”

“No, not at all. Let me explain that to you all. I’ve been told that four new comers are appearing in my class today. I went and asked Freddy about your names, and he told me that Zoey is the one with black hair and crystal blue eyes while Jo is the blonde-haired girl with hazel eyes. I was told that Edward is the sturdy handsome young man with black hair and dark grey eyes. Unfortunately, he didn’t remember exactly how Peter looks like so he just told me he’s tall with brown hair. So yeah, this is how I knew you and by the way, you’re good looking, too.” Says she before winking in a dumb way.

She’s so talkative and notices things teachers should at least not comment on, I mean since when and a teacher tells her student that he’s handsome? Isn’t that creepy? I don’t like her, that’s it. Peter gives her a look that I’ve never seen on his face before. He doesn’t believe her just the way I do. She’s either mentally unstable or deceitful, there is no in between.

“Okay?” He finally says breaking the silence caused after she revealed to us her unnecessary talk. “I don’t think I need to introduce myself for you know me more than Zoey does.” He says sarcastically.

Wait a minute, did he just say ‘more than Zoey does’? Oh my goodness! No one should know I can sneak into others’ thoughts. What a mistake, Peter, what a mistake!

“Why specifically, Zoey?” she inquires, narrowing her eyes.

He finally gets to find out his mistake, so he saves the situation and says calmly, “Because we’re too close. That was just an expression, Mrs. Hathaway.”

“Don’t call me that again!” She snaps, clearly infuriated by him calling her with her family name. That’s weird, why is that?

“Why?” I ask out loud.

“Oh dear! Not particularly important to mention, I like to be called with my first name.” A troubled smile appears on her face after she said that.

“Well, I am Josephine Smith.” Jo finally introduces herself awkwardly, breaking the tensed eye contact Ms. Emma shared with me.

“Nice name, but I’ll call you Jo.”

Jo murmurs, “Fine...”

“And what’s your full name, Edward?”

“Edward Roberts.”

“I’m going to call you Eddy!” She says in an excited yet an idiotic tone, I must admit.

“Well, but I don’t like that.” Edward says, raising one of his eyebrows.

“Fine.” she says, “I’ll call you Edward. You all may have a seat.”

Finally! I can’t believe she stopped talking. Luckily, we find exactly four empty seats in the same row, so we settle down there. She’s staring at Peter all the time while giving her lecture that I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than trying to know her real identity, the identity she’s trying to cover. I reach to a conclusion that she might be somehow related to Peter’s ancestors without Peter knowing it. She finishes her class and leaves. I take a long breath, then look around discovering people. I see him again, the boy who threatened me indirectly yesterday in the school hallway. He’s staring, so I stare back. I try to sneak into his thoughts but my head hurts me and I feel dizzy. How is that possible? That can’t happen when my super power is activated unless the person I am trying to spy on has been vaccinated against my ability. Wait, what did I just conclude?

No human can be vaccinated from my power for only Xoliners have the vaccination serum. That proves he’s a Xoliner but what’s next? We’re indeed in danger with his sharp eyes concentrated on me and I can’t help it. Should I talk to him, ignore or complain against his behaviour to Mr. Frederick? But I can’t complain for two reasons. The first is that it’s stupid, and the second is I don’t have a solid proof against him. And if I do cause him trouble, we may get caught under the accusation of ‘Aliens invading Earth’ while we are quite the opposite. I give a glance at Peter and find him confused, troubled and nervous just the way I am. I don’t know what to do anymore. For the first time, I can’t even decide how to take a simple step forward. The situation is risky, but Edward and Jo seem to have already found a new person to accompany. His name is just as nerdy as he looks like. Jimmy is what they call him.

I don’t even care about meeting him for I am left out to choose between two difficult risky options. Talk to him and this might get me in trouble for I know how will I react to a creepy Xoliner threatening stalker, or ignore him and let him spy on us sending information to his leaders. There’s a third option; befriending him and gaining his trust, but I don’t think I can fake how I feel towards him. But then again I’ve to figure out who Ms. Emma Hathaway is and what’s her relation with Peter. He doesn’t even know. I am about to explode for I’ve never been thinking this hard about something, I never had to actually, my powers did help me quite a lot but for now... I admit I am lost in a never ending maze that leads to infinity. I don’t know how will this very first day at school end, it indeed seems to take- I don’t know that either, maybe forever.

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