Equinox: Timeless

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While the Earth burns and Eve prepares to embrace royalty on Carac, a young engineer, Thomas Wayne, Jason's greatest student, has plans of his own, to master time itself and reach out to the past. Five years have passed since the fall of the United Earth Government. Anarchy and chaos rule supreme, turning Jason's vision of a peaceful, unified Earth, free of oppression and tyranny, into a nightmare of unimaginable proportions. While the Earth burns and Eve prepares to embrace royalty on Carac, a young engineer, Thomas Wayne, Jason's greatest student, has plans of his own, to master time itself and reach out to the past.

Scifi / Adventure
Yusuf R Shaik
4.4 7 reviews
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Chapter 1

The dream lay in tatters now, strewn like shiny little pebbles across a barren sandy beach, battered and shaped by the timeless tides while the Earth burnt hopelessly.

Jason King may have defeated the tyrannical United Earth Government but his dream of returning home to a unified Earth, free from oppression, died along with him, killed by an assassin’s bullet five years ago.

The flames of destruction fanned by warring factions wrestling for control of what was left of a dying planet continued unabated threatening to permanently erase the human race from existence once more.

Fearing the worst and realising the hopelessness of the situation, Jason’s fleet of powerful warships have returned to the safety of Carac in the Alpha Centauri star system along with his grieving parents and close friend, Vince Singer, under the command of the beautiful Eve Lomax.art writing here…

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