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Moon Light

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Follow Sam as he overcomes various obstacles in his life!

Scifi / Romance
Shadow King
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The Beginning

During the worst winter of 1997, a boy (Sam) was born in Watson family in Rapid City. It brought immerse joy to the family members of Watson. As the child is growing older, the family is getting filled with love, happiness, and emotions but little did they know that the child has a syndrome called Nyctophobia, which is a fear of darkness. The child is not able to sleep peacefully because of the syndrome. His nights are filled with hallucinations, anxiety attacks and fear for his life. Watson’s parents are concerned about their only child’s health and have attempted to get him to therapy. Everyone thought therapy would help the little child, but it did not. The child is undergoing his most stressful moments in his life because of darkness. As soon as he sees the sun going down, he tries to run home and hide in his room under the bright light until next morning. The only time he feels comfortable walking in the dark is when his mom is around with him.

One fine day, the boy attended a family dinner with his parents. Looking out into the darkness, the boy began to feel uneasy, but his only source of courage is the presence of his mother beside him. After a few minutes, the boy’s mother went out to meet the family’s relatives, and the boy began to worry about the darkness because his mother was not beside him. He accidentally walked out of his house while looking for his mother. Later, he realizes he was alone on the road in the dark, and the situation worsened when the wind began to blow. His panic attack returns, and the boy collapses on the ground in pain and fear. At that moment, a girl (Lina) who was walking by noticed Sam faint and came to his assistance. The boy opened his eyes with courage and fear, thinking it was his mother who had come to help him. All he saw was a beautiful girl in the moonlight, surrounded by stars. He had not seen moonlight and stars in a long time, and for a moment, he forgot about his fear of the dark and felt brave looking at the girl under the moonlight before losing consciousness again. Meanwhile, Sam’s parents are worried as he was missing, and they started searching for him in the neighborhood. They soon found him the ground and rushed to the spot to take care of him and took him to the house. Lina who was sitting with him all this time decided to go back to her home as Sam is in safe hands. When Sam awoke from his sleep, all he remembered was a beautiful girl in the moonlight. He had forgotten about his fear of darkness, and his parents were not present beside his bed. He was curious to find out who the little girl who had helped him the night before was. With his curiosity piqued, he set out to find the girl who had assisted him. He could not find any information of the girl and in disappointment he left to home.

Sam went to school as usual the next morning, disappointed because he did not see the girl. Lina notices Sam at school and approaches him to inquire about his current condition. Sam’s face lit up with delight when he saw Lina. He began a lovely conversation with Lina, and Sam later discovers that the girl was in the same class as him. Sam is thinking to himself, “How did I miss such a beautiful girl that is present in my class?” In short period of time, both Sam and Lina became best friends. Because of the Lina, Sam have overcome the fear of darkness. Lina instilled courage in the boy’s heart by removing the darkness that neither therapy nor his parents could remove. As they grew older, Sam began to develop feelings for Lina, even though Lina was already in a relationship with another boy (Adam). Sam was devastated when he looked at Lina and Adam, but he never expressed his feelings to Lina.

Adam and Lina split up during their sophomore year of college due to differences. Lina began to experience difficulties in her life. While Sam never used this opportunity to express his feelings to her, he did assist her in overcoming her struggles. Lina felt Sam would be the best guy she could get after watching him take care of her, but she is also afraid to express her feelings. After a year, Sam mustered the courage to express his feelings to Lina. He described how he felt when he taught her to ride a bike and how happy he was when she helped him learn music and overcome his nyctophobia. He talked about every little thing he did with her. Lina could not bear her happiness after hearing Sam’s story and burst into tears. Sam and Lina began living together.

Sam graduated from a reputable university with a major in criminal justice and began looking for work. Lina went on to become a scientist and began working on a large project in the private sector. After a year, Sam began working for an investigative agency, and Lina settled into her position. Sam asked Lina to marry her, and she said yes. But little there did they know a storm was brewing filled with darkness. Before realizing the storm is onto her, Lina went missing. Sam could not bear the pain and started looking for Lina. With his criminal justice background, he is thinking about multiple scenarios about what could have happened to Lina? Was she abducted? Is she dead? Did she run away? He did not know where to start but all he knows is he needs to find an end to this.

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