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Vivid dreams haunt her sleep, space academy, broody hot men? Rue's life couldn't get any more complicated. The clock is ticking for her to find out the truth, and to figure out whether her family is still alive. With each passing dream she grows more and more certain they are important. Strange things are going on at the academy, will she be able to handle the truth? She awakens in darkness, now her true journey begins. Everything she thought she knew couldn't be farther from the truth. The lies, the secrets, the government. What exactly have they been hiding? Most importantly who? And who is the mysterious man that seems to hate her guts? She went from the girl next door, to tough warrior girl in an instant. As time passes she changes, for better or for worse no one knows. Her time at the academy unveils secrets, lies, and unbelievable truths. The question is will she be able to cope? Along the way she makes the best friends she will ever have. An epic story of space, romance, dystopian rules, and more twists and turns than you can imagine..

Scifi / Fantasy
Age Rating:


Incessant dripping noises echoed next to my ear. The last thing that I remember was binge watching Love & Hip Hop, and then being fussed at by my mother about eating too much KFC. As I come to my senses I realize that I'm no longer on my mother's raggedy, torn, and beat up sofa. It feels damp, wet, and smells earthy. I twitch a finger, still unable to open my eyes, and unable to move any other part of my body.

My kinky curly hair is stuck to my neck, and it feels as if my tongue is glued to the roof of my mouth. The ground feels flat and slick against my back, shortly thereafter I realize I'm wearing nothing but a sports bra and panties. I attempt to move my leg, but it tremors as if some unknown force was holding it there and I relax once again. I focus my hearing searching for clues with sound.

With each drip I can hear a crescendo of echoes in either direction. The air was damp and it was slightly hard to breath. It didn't have it's usual freshness, crispness, or even the smell of laundry detergent and fried chicken like at home. It was musky, with metallic and mossy undertones. It was warmer than usual as if I was basking in a sauna. Finally one of my eyes manage to peel open, although I liked my previous situation better. It was completely and utterly dark.

Managing to get my eyes open completely, I slowly begin to regain full control of my body and senses. I feel around and both of my hands hit what appears to be a wall on either side of me. I attempt to sit up, but my forehead slams into what appears to be another wall right above me. Judging by all of the information I have gathered in the last few seconds I was in a crawl space. That's it, it's really it I'm dead. Hell is a never ending dark tunnel. I should have never promised to go to church Sunday.

I spend and endless amount of time using my senses, dragging my body, and taking power naps. My body is sore, I'm getting weak from exhaustion, and my body screams in agony as I have been scraped by one too many rocks and unknown objects. I hadn't had water in who knows how long, and I was beginning to hear things.

I had no idea how long it had been, but finally I had reached the end. My problem? Something was in the way of my exit. Using whatever energy I had left in me, I press against it with all of my might. It doesn't budge. Finally I rest against it. Suddenly I am falling. With no clue as to what is at the end. It appears to be night, and although I'm free falling I get glimpses here and there. My final destination was a pink body of water.


The last thing that I remembered was seeing the pink body of water as it was silently sparkling beneath me. I remember thinking of how strange it was, and that the color a soothing, yet it was very vibrant. My body was completely exhausted, so whatever fear that I had was shoved deep down into my consciousness, and I was too tired to fully care. As I hit the water, it felt as if a thousand bees were stinging me at once. Then it was ice cold, surprisingly transitioning to warmth.

It wasn't long before I began to black out, I remember floating all the way to the bottom. What appeared to be a garden lay beneath me, and finally dark spots clouded my vision and I had the irresistible urge to rest.


I yawned, waking up to the smell of bleach, linen, scented candles, and antiseptic. I looked around and froze. What is going on? Where am I? The water... Is this what heaven looks like? Maybe hell. It doesn't look so bad, no flames peeling the flesh off of my body.

I was laying in a pod shaped device, beneath me was the most comfortable bed I had ever laid in. I was in a pink gown, something similar to that of a hospital gown, and my feet were immersed in what appeared to be a thick gel. I pulled at my feet expecting to get up, I tried with a little more force but they didn't budge. I began to panic, but just as I was about to start screaming like a mad woman from a soap opera the pod began to open. A woman, too beautiful to be real stood there smiling at me.

"Hi I'm Nora. I'm so glad you're awake. That was quite a fall you took there. In fact you're somewhat of a celebrity around here."

"Fall?" I said.

"There is so much to explain in so little time. Here let me get those for you."

She placed her hand on the gel, for a fraction of a second a small light almost too small to visible began to flash. The gel slowly liquidized, soon it finally reduced to a watery substance, and I removed my feet ane began wiggling my toes.

"Well that would have been great as a spa treatment. Just a permanent and creepy one," I said.

She giggled, "You are very funny. Miss Haori."

"How do you know what my last name is?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at her slightly.

"Yarua Haori. Also know as Ru or Rue. African American as you say. Age seventeen, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Hector and Helena Haori. Five-two, and one hundred and twenty five pounds. Favorite foods include cheese dip, Asian fusion, and a lot of baked goods."

I followed her as a giant glass screen stood on the other side of the room, she moved her fingers across it and in some cases in the air. Other times she made clicking noises. Finally a giant picture of me appeared on the screen. Along with what appeared to be health stats that changed every minute. I was in awe to say the least.

"There is a a nano device implanted into your tissue. It gives us real time stats on your bodies health and equilibrium."

Mental status: Alert

Tissue integrity: 87%

Hunger: 50%

Fluid status: 60%-Moderate dehydration

O2 Level: 98%

Respiratory Function: Normal

Brain capacity: N/A

Muscle contractibility: Average

Other stats continued downwards, it even had my mood listed as tired, agitated, suspicious, and listed at the side was high flight risk. The room was white clean and mostly empty. I eyed the glass doors that stood in the way of me and freedom. As she's scrolling through the screen I began looking around. I had very little to work with, but I had to use what I had. I grabbed a wooden broom from the corner and took it over to the pod and applied pressure until it broke in half.

"Don't move. All I want to do is get out of here. If you do not let me out of here this instant you will regret the day you were born," I say, quoting from one of my favorite movies.

I was such a liar.

"Now calm down Mrs. Haori, everything will be explained in due time."

I watched as her hand pressed against the screen, then flashing red lights appeared. A siren began wailing and I was not prepared for this type of action. As my Dad would always say follow through. I leaped from the table, and grabbed the nurse or whatever she was. I held the stick to her neck just as men in black appeared in the room. Their faces were hidden by masks, and they stood in formation in front of the door. I maneuvered to the side of the room careful not to put myself into a corner.

"Let me out of the room this instant, or I promise you I will do it."

"Miss Haori, put down the weapon or we will be forced to use whatever force or means necessary." One of the men said, in a voice that sounded soothing and almost melodic.

"I won't ask again." I said, pricking the nurses neck where a trickle of very dark blood began to fall.

For a moment I was distracted by the fact that her blood was almost a violet hue, and in one swift motion one of the men was grasping my arm. This made me extremely angry. Here I was being held against my will. Somebody put me in a dark cave, I didn't know where I was or what was happening. I was the sappy girl who sat in and watched movies and didn't get invited to parties. Maybe the they thought I was weak and they could just take advantage of me and they could do whatever they wished. I would show them.

In one swift motion I swung my elbow back, and I heard a sickening crunch as my elbow connected with his nose through the mask. The good girl was no longer there. He let's go of my arm, and I lunge at the nearest guard. I hop on his back, and bite down into his shoulder. He yells out, and I'm flung to the ground. I kick, elbow, and push for what seems like forever until I'm finally at the door, Nora in tow.

"Open the door."

She doesn't budge.

"Open it now!" I say, twisting her arm.

She takes her hand and presses it against the glass. The doors slide open. I look left and right, and I let her go. Sure I could make this a hostage situation, but that would only slow me down if she refused to cooperate. I run towards the right, there was room after room just like mine. Only you couldn't see directly into them unless you made contact with the glass. Almost like a technological version of a curtain. It peeled back momentarily, only to slap back in place once you were no longer making contact.

"No let me go! I want to go home!" I heard a tiny voice say.

I paused, already regretting my decision to do so. But I couldn't just leave some innocent child who likely had no chance of getting out of here. So I did the stupidest thing ever. I knocked on the glass, and made my voice as deep as I could. I balled up my fist.

"We need you in the next room."

The door slid back, and a male version of what I assumed to be a nurse stepped out. I swung with all of my might, and the nurse flew backwards onto the floor clutching his face. I quickly scanned the room, spotting a little girl in the corner. She was now backed into the corner uncertainty written on her face. I waved at her to come on. She hesitated still uncertain about what to do.

"I'm not going to hurt you. Hurry up we have to get out of here. Before the bad people come."

Her light green eyes looked back at me intently. Her long jet black hair swung a little as she peered down at the nurse. Then she quietly stepped over him, grasping onto my gown. I bent down towards her and smiled. She looked at me under her lashes, clearly still afraid.

"I'm going to pick you up now. It will help us go faster. I have to figure out how to get out of here. We need to be fast. Is that okay?"

She nodded, and I picked her up in one swift motion and began sprinting up the hall. The only weapon I had was some kind of grenade I had pulled off of one of the guards. I hoped I wouldn't have to use it, I wasn't the violent type. But clearly strange situations had a way of changing you instantly.

I turned and turned and not a guard was in sight. Which I found strange. Finally after what seemed like hours, my arms were aching, my lungs were burning, and I had clicked and clicked buttons along the way, went in what seemed like circles, and beginning to lose hope when I finally reached a giant metal door. I finally eased her down to the floor. I bent down to talk to her once again.

"Okay this is our exit, I have to get the door open. I'm going to take you back the way I came. I'll put you in a closet and you have to cover your ears can you do that for me?"

She nodded, and I quickly ushered her down the hall and I didn't stop until I felt like it was safe. In reality I knew being that I had to be the one to take the pin out of the grenade I wouldn't make it. But at least all my fighting wouldn't have been for nothing if the little girl had gotten away.

I took the pin out of the grenade, and threw it against the door. I ran as fast I could, seconds seem liked forever and no time at all. I jumped over one of the desks just as I heard the explosion. My ears rang, I was disoriented, I staggered up after the debris began to settle. And I peered at the door.

It was crushed in like a beer can with a small opening. I rejoiced for about five seconds. Until the door was ripped away by an unknown force. I watched as a man in an all black suit stepped through the door. Compared to the other guards he was huge. His muscles rippled in his arms and legs as he confidently glided past the threshold.

I was exhausted. No I was beyond exhausted. I had spent what felt like forever fighting guards, running up halls, and looking for a way out. Now this, and not only that but the little girl was here so I had to get her out as well. Man I had shitty luck.

I once again was starting to get weak. No food, water, or anything had been consumed since I wasn't sure when. Finally I ran at him with all of my speed and slamming into him was like hitting a brick wall. He didn't make a sound. He grasped my arm with inhuman strength, and began to pull them behind my back. I struggled and struggled losing strength with every second that passed.

I gasped in horror as the little girl appeared around the corner.

"Let her go! We haven't done anything!" She screeched.

For a second the man seemed stunned for some odd reason. I took the opportunity to snatch my arms away, and I took the palm of my hand slamming it into his nose. He simply tensed up, and then with inhuman speed he kicked me. I felt one of my ribs break as I flew back into one of the desks. I couldn't breathe, and the world was going dark once again.

Inside I was throwing a fit. And I reached for the little girl who was now leaning over me and crying. I held her hand and realized I was covered in blood. The desk had broken, and part of it had impaled itself into my abdomen. The last thing I remembered was the man bent down towards me. He had removed his mask. Panic covered his face, and I remember thinking how beautiful he was.

Strong and beautiful inhuman features, silky long almost floor-length black hair, full lips, high cheekbones, and the strangest thing was his eyes. They were jet black and slanted upwards. They were larger than normal. Surprisingly this did not scare me at all. I reached out for his face before blacking out.


Hi guys! This chapter was sort of rushed! I just wanted to get it done because I'm busy during the week, and I might not have time to write again until the weekend. I really do need your votes! Please comment as well to tell me your thoughts, and add it to your library as well. Your feedback is important to me. Tell me what your favorite part about chapter one was and let's find out where exactly Rue has ended up in chapter two.

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