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Reapers is a game that has just come out recently. Kiyoto, his siblings, and friends all play the game. What if Kiyoto finds out that he's actually a real Reaper?

Scifi / Fantasy
Usagi Kitsune
Age Rating:

Monsters and Beasts

{Fox: I'll add more as I write the book. Many of them have some sort of power or another. I just have to figure out what for each one. If they don't I'll either put Tamable or Not Tamable after giving the description of what it looks like and where they are from.}

Shoma (Show-muh) - A bear like person. They are usually docile unless someone or something aggravates them to which they go on a rampage attracting Netherworld Demons. Not Tamable

Nycra (Nie-cruh) - A grey area creature that is hard to describe. They usually don't venture away from the grey area. They are the easiest targets for any Netherworld creature to either possess or attack when out of the Grey area. Not Tamable

Pila (Pee-luh) - a lizard creature that can manipulate it's body to look like a person. They are quick except when cold. They don't normally bother others but some do go out of their way to hurt each other or people. They like the Nycra come from the Grey area as well. Not Tamable

Harnish Dragons - Two Headed Stone Ridge Back Dragon; Dragons that lives in the Red Veil, if you can manage to capture one don't chain them down they will hate you forever. They can be leveled up with training or fighting other beasts or monsters. Tamable

Diamond Wolves - Wolves that live in the Gems Hollow. Once these are tamed they are trained to look for Black Diamonds; the most valuable gem anyone can find. They level up through training and protecting their tamer. Tamable

Shadow Ravens - Ravens that live on the Shadow Mountain Range. Capturing one is hard and most of the time fruitless. A Shadow Raven is even harder to tame but it is manageable. Shadow Ravens are like regular Ravens, they remember people's faces after many years. If a Shadow Raven trusts you, you will be able to tame it. They are able to manipulate the shadows so that they they can make an easy way out. Tamable

Lava Dogs - Dogs that can withstand the extreme temperatures of the lava in the Lava Fields at the base of Mt. Pyronie where they live in and around. The dogs will walk in or on the molten lava that flows from the mountain above to get to where they want to go without getting burned or dying. Capturing them isn't hard and taming them can be a little hard. If you are harsh with them they will harm you. Tamable

Silver Moon Foxes - They only come out at nigh when the moon is especially bright. Their coat is a silvery white and when the moon hits them they look like they are shining. Foxes are sneaky and will do everything they can to evade from being captured. If you manage to capture one make sure to be careful with it. These foxes are extremely rare and live at Moon Bay. They are able to heal with the light of the moon. Tamable

Landis (Lon-dis) Wolves - They are wolves that live in the Epinph Mountains. They camouflage themselves in the surrounding brush to ambush their prey or get away from. Capturing one is nonexistent so taming one has never been done. Tamable

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