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Chapter 1

I parked in the garage, noting that my husband Sean was home as I smiled. He worked so much lately for his Architecture firm that it felt like we never saw one another, but I kept telling myself that it helped us to live in this beautiful house in the best part of Boston and let it go. I checked my face in the mirror and refreshed my lip gloss after ruffling my black curls with one hand. Jumping out, I walked into the spacious kitchen and called out his name. “Sean?” There was no answer, and I looked around for a moment, wondering if he was in his office. I worked at a nursery in a hospital, providing care for the staff there and was let go early today as I thank you for working extra hours. I didn’t have kids yet, so I tried to help those that did while loving every moment of it. I was eager to start trying for a baby at twenty-three, but Sean seemed to want to wait.

I dropped my purse on the counter and walked towards the stairs that led to my room. I’d try to find Sean, and if he was busy, there was always the massive bathtub in the en-suite to the master bedroom to relax in for a little while. I was just at the top of the stairs and heading towards my room when I heard something coming from the office at the opposite end of the hallway.

I licked the gloss off my full lips nervously as I turned left to walk towards the intimidating, closed door. I turned the knob slowly, pushing it open to see Sean on the bed as he fucked a blonde woman that looked at least five years younger than I was on the futon that he requested in there. At the time, it was to take a break from sitting at his desk while he worked, though now I knew the truth. “I suppose that I should be happy that you’re not in our bed.” My voice was oddly monotone even though I felt my life crumbling apart in front of me.

Sean jerked, moving off the girl as he looked at me with shocked eyes, revealing that this girl was indeed a young one. Not jailbait young, but perhaps in the early years of college.

Sean was thirty-five, an age where you’d think that he’d be well beyond this stage of his life. We’d been married for two years now, and I believed that we were happy. I was so wrong, and I felt the rage inside of my veins as I turned to leave the room. I knew that Sean and I were over since there was no way that I could ever forgive him for this, much less act like a wife to him.

My mind swam as I wondered what I was going to do. Sean provided well for me, and the nursery was merely a volunteer job for me, being that he told me that he didn’t want me to work when we got married. I didn’t quite finish college since I was young and foolish, choosing instead to get into a tumultuous relationship with a bad boy because he was hot and exciting. It was a shame that interesting often meant criminal and abusive, making me happy that I got out of the relationship alive and without getting arrested for anything that Brad did. I was seventeen then, and I held back until I met Sean, who was settled and stable. I considered him boring in some ways, but nevertheless, Sean treated me well and promised me a good future.

We got married when I was just turning twenty-one. I was happy and so hopeful for my future that would be different from what I’d lived with Brad. My parents were thrilled and came all the way from Mendocino to attend the wedding, confident that I’d found the perfect man for me. How wrong we all were.

I walked into the kitchen and took the wine out of the fridge, looking at the vice that I used to relax at night when I was decompressing before bed. Right now, I opened it and took a large swallow just to try and calm my mind to sort through my racing emotions.

Asshole. Sean was with that bitch these late nights when I thought that he was working, making me drink another large sip. “Celia. I didn’t believe that you’d be home,” Sean said as I took a slow, controlled breath.

“Obviously. How long has this been going on?” I asked as I turned to face him, taking in his dark brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes. They looked remorseful right now, and I narrowed my own brown ones.

“Six months. I met her at a hotel when I was meeting with a client for a new project, and things just happened,” Sean said as he looked at the floor. “She moved here about three months ago,”

“Moved here? Wow…when were you planning on telling me about this new part of your life?” I asked as he stared at me for a moment.

“Soon. I’m in love with her, Celia. We want to be together.” I had drunk more wine before I set the bottle down on the granite counter. “I want the house.”

“You can live anywhere, Sean. You have the job. Remember when you told me that you didn’t expect me to work?” I asked as angry tears slid down my cheeks.

“Brittany loves the house,” he told me as I picked up the wine and threw it towards him, finding some joy as it crashed against the mustard wall beside him. “Jesus, Celia.”

“You’re paying for a hotel for me until I figure something else out,” I told him as I walked past him to go to the bedroom to pack some stuff. I refused to look at the office as I walked into the huge room and pulled out a duffel bag. It was once my peace, and now I looked around before I walked over to the dresser. I packed all the clothes that I could into the bag before grabbing another. Nearly all the stuff in this house belonged to Sean. Everything here was his idea, and I allowed myself to fall into the picture, losing myself in the process as I looked back in my head.

I grabbed my bags and left the house, not looking around as I got into my Tahoe and backed out of the garage. Driving to the hotel that was closest and had a five-star rating, I booked a room using our joint debit card, starting with a weeklong stay. Sean owed me this. He needed to give me time to settle my life, and I looked around the room with a sigh. Great place but it just didn’t feel like home to me.

I sat down on the bed and called my mom, breaking the news to her even though we’d just lost Dad two months ago. She cried for me, thinking that Sean was such a good guy, asking me what I was going to do as I started to cry with her. I told her that I was going to try and stay in Massachusetts. I had friends here and a life apart from Sean that might be worth holding onto. She still had my aunts there with her.

I promised her that I’d come home if it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. I promised that I would do what I needed to be happy. I was a strong person that just got caught up in a lie for a while.

When I hung up with Mom, I dropped back onto the big bed and closed my eyes. Emotions were exhausting.

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