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This is a lovely scifi I began writing when COVID first came into the light of the public eye and I wanted to just make a funny alternate reality of a deadly virus. So this is the point of view of a virologist that walked into a crazy world of illness.

Scifi / Thriller
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Beginning With a Letter


It all started with a random letter, the recipient Olivia Graham was a virologist who studied the works of viruses and how they could harm people. The letter came from Bridgeington science center, this was very important to her because she knew that this center was strictly virus based. This was probably the best news anyone could get. She anxiously opened the letter and unfolded the paper and began reading it.

Dear Olivia Graham,

This is a letter inviting you to join us here in Bridgeington

science center. We need your help to find out the best way for us to find a cure for this virus we have found traveling in the water systems. We have here and it is very important that you try to get here as soon as possible. This has been going on for days and the town seems to be going to extremes to hide themselves from this sickness, but they do not understand where it is coming from.

Ryan Hayes

She began packing right away as she zipped her suitcase. She walked towards the coat rack, where she grabbed her lab coat and laptop case and headed for the door. This was the chance of a lifetime. Yes she would be walking into a town full of sickness but she had to help it was the least she could do. She got into the car and drove through town as fast as the speed limit could take her. She arrived at Bridgeington late in the afternoon the next day the town really did look like a tornado ripped through it. The buildings had crumbled to the ground billowing smoke, and people laid sick on the side of the road. The town really did crash and this town needed to be brought back to health and she was the person invited to do it. She drove to the building of the Bridgeington science center. She climbed out of the car and ran straight for the building door. Ryan greeted her at the door letting her in and bringing her up to date on what was going on in the town.

“So the Virus is causing more of an up rise, with the temperature rising the symptoms seem to have worsened.” she nodded as the man explained the changes, “thepatients have become blistered and their coughs cause their lungs to crash with every hackle that comes from their throats.”

Olivia stopped abruptly, She touched Ryans arm to stop him as well and she looked at her laptop case. “I've heard of this, well not exactly this but in a town that I had researched on the symptoms are almost identical. If I could just have somewhere to test my theory then maybe with the experimental processes you guys have here I could help cure this virus and bring the town back to it’s rightful health.” Olivia seemed to light up with excitement.

“Olivia this is great news. I do believe that we have an open office one of the scientists we had here fell ill and offered their body as one of the test subjects. I do believe that she wouldn't mind that you hold up her office while she is ill. I'm sure her place is in good hands.”

Olivia nodded as Ryan began walking again; he led her to a hall that had many doors; he opened the last one on the left. “This is the office where you can do your work. The test subjects are being held on the fourth floor. It won't be hard to find, just ride the elevator up and that whole floor is open to the test subjects. Though they are ordered to be on bedrest, they have earned the respect to have their own floor.”

She walked in and to the desk where she began to move aside the papers that rested untouched for days aside.

“So where exactly did she get this sickness.”

“She began showing symptoms when everyone had taken time off. The center was closed down. We opened it back up only to care for her. She was one of our best scientists. I'm sure you have heard of her in the news. She goes by Castillo but since she has fallen ill we call her by subject 0781.”

She sat her laptop down and opened it. She logged in and pulled up her research papers and then opened another slide to allow herself to take notes. She began reading into the papers and linked everything back to a bacteria called genus dracunculus. This disease goes through the water system and causes animals to get blisters on the backs of their legs or even feet for that matter. She wrote the bacteria down and began looking farther intothis bacteria. She wrote the origin down which actually made no sense the origin came from snakes, turtles, and other reptiles and mammals. She still wrote it down and wondered how it could possibly carry the bacteria and pass it off into the water. She read farther into the page and found that the only way the bacteria gets passed on is the blister exploding as it touches the water and the larvae bacteria gets passed into the water. She quickly got to her feet and ran from the room, “Dr.Ryan,” she stumbled a little and ran down the hall.

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