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Age Defiant

By Anthony Case All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Thriller


Prennia Lumis is a globetrotting executive, enjoying her modern life and the travels afforded to her. However, she soon finds out that you don't have to do anything wrong to end up on the wrong side of the law. She calls on her closest friends for help, but her every move seems to drag her further under with the law, and down the rabbit hole.

Chapter 55

Cutyard, true to his word, set the couple up with a modest place to stay. Wistler worked for a few months amongst the inner circles of the CNO to plant truthful rumors about what was really going on in the space elevator. It fell right in line with the church’s ideals and the stories spread quickly.

When the time came, and her water broke, she and Wistler rushed to the CNO hospital where she was in labor for almost sixteen hours. Lanice and Dolan were called, but neither could make it in time.

Prennia pushed and breathed and sweated her soul out for those sixteen hours, Wistler held her hand the entire time. The end result was a perfect baby boy.

When it came time to chip him, Wistler pulled Caesal’s chip out of the silver box and handed it to the nurse. They had transferred the funds from it, and with help from the church, had even found someone who would reprogram it for them once they decided on a name.

After he had been cleaned up and chipped, they put her new baby into Prennia’s arms. She never remembered smiling so much in her life. Now, nothing mattered more than her new family.

“What should we name him?” she asked Wistler.

“He’s got Caesal’s chip. We should name him after him, don’t you think?”

“I do,” she answered. “His middle name was Rumsey.”

“It’s settled then,” Wistler said.

“Welcome to the world, Rumsey Lumis, Prennia said. “I think we just changed it.”

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