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Book 21 of a proposed 36-book series the Universe with the designation of (x^2-2x-√90214=0) Where x=16.3596, x=-18.3596…or (Aztec) Ghost Universe.

Scifi / Humor
David Estrada?
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That this work may pay homage to the Blessed Trinity and for the benefit of all life…

Someone told me that nothing is impossible because the word impossible says: I’m Possible to which I replied;

‘Equality is Possible’.

…for My Family

“…calling you an asshole David Estrada might be an act of kindness…” La Calavera, Dan Sanzio…spoke to Tlaloc knowing the situation. “You created a weapon to kill…” he paused.

“George Jesus is unwilling to give up the ghost, for lack of better terms.” David Estrada spoke to a Patlani hangar filled with, Mictlan itlakauan, the people of Mictlan, at the underground Mictlan facility in Mexico’s Zona de Silencio. Learning a Mesoamerican language is a secondary process to the primary process of writing a series of illustrated books.

“Mictlan itlakauan…”Tlaloc’s voice boomed and echoed in the underground Patlani hangar…like someone might be sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for Muad’Dib to deliver a speech and a woman’s voice narration saying: “Arrakis…Dune”…and the phonetic similarities of Iraq and Arrakis… But at the end of Space/Time in the Universe with the designation of (x^2-2x-√90214=0) Where x=16.3596, x=-18.3596…David Estrada, Tlaloc, is thrown clear into the universe where Earth becomes Arrakis. The year 7134 CE is nearly the same moment as 1300 years before the Spacing Guild was established. David Estrada still possessed by his Aztec Ghost Tlaloc wakes up in a Tleilaxu cloning tank…to begin his life again in another (literary) universe. Thrown into another universe like Kristi Ruiz who was thrown clear like a microbe on the surface of a soap bubble…of her universe when it exploded due to the misuse of Space/Time travel technology.

That’s in the future for Tlaloc but now the people of Mictlan, Mictlan Itlakauan, were assembled in an empty underground hangar. There wasn’t enough room for everyone. They used the public address system to broadcast their explanation of recent events to the entire Mictlan base. The hangar was filled. The corridors and the Casa Bonita-style mess hall were filled with Zed and Humans. The Aztec Ghosts were joined by Eddie Brock and Kassidy Filles.

The squabbling and bickering among those who served their universe, planet, and nation was part of the process of keeping unity.

And in the end…David’s part as an overbearing, overprotective parent trying to force his son to give up on serving such an important role in Mictlan was the motivation to create…Death’s Cacophony.

“He’s only a teenager…”

“He’s had that ghost for several years now…” Peter Parker…The Spider began to speak. “The ghost chose him, just like many of us.”

Quetzalcoatl stood near the microphone silently.

The Yankee began to speak… “We have confidence in his abilities and honor is sacrifice…but he is one of us and George Jesus, Quetzalcoatl, needs to make their own decisions…something good was made from the creation of the Aztec Ghost Symbiotes…” the Yankee finished.

Someone from the crowd spoke loud enough for Ometecutli to hear…

“This seems like a case of, ‘the cruelty in failing to appreciate the wonder of ordinary children’…I agree,” Chuy said. “Or that all of us Zed, Human and Ghost alike are ordinary people put into extraordinary circumstances. To paraphrase a great leader, greatness was thrust upon us, we were not born into this greatness…and neither was George Jesus Estrada.”

A lot of Mictlan itlakauan or the people of Mictlan were angry about the ‘Death’s Cacophony’ situation that exacerbated the situation with the clones sent by the Sasquatch and Reptilians to throw a wrench in the works of everyday life on Earth in the Ghost Universe. More of Mictlan was angry about the Sasquatch and Reptilians…

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