Winds of Aerathiea

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Leaning against the railing, Liam turned and looked back into the observation deck slash mess hall where they had all accumulated so many times over the last few weeks. Carol and Megan were stacking chairs and Aaron was learning to be more useful with the vacuum cleaner. Life would go on.

He thought back to their earlier decision to scuttle their only way home to save the crew and perhaps both worlds. It had been a mutual decision, but it had been his idea and he would carry the weight of that forever. He hardly thought he would be remembered for that, though. He could see Rebekah walking through the lounge, carrying a couple of mugs. She turned and pushed open the door to outside where he was standing and presented one of the mugs to him. He silently accepted. She pushed up to the railing and leaned next to him.

She broke the silence. “No one blames you, you know.”

Liam stared at his coffee. “Yeah, I know.” He took a sip. When did I start liking coffee? He thought to himself.

“We could have done a lot worse you know. Grumm was going to give this ship to the first organization we found. Now I know he had his illness on his mind the whole time. At least here, every day will be something new.”

“You think we will see Artemis again?”

“I’m pretty sure we can count on it. We most certainly have not seen the last of Artemis Grumm.”

They were interrupted by another person hurriedly pushing through the doors with some kind of machine tucked under his shoulder.

Jonathan said, “I hope I’m not interrupting you two love birds?”

Liam grinned. Yeah, he had a girlfriend. “We were just planning our day. What’s up?”

Jonathan excitedly pushed a button on the box and it started emitting a shrill sound. He grimaced and turned down the volume. Jonathan grinned.

Liam said, “Okay, you have a box that beeps...”

“No son, I have a box that was broken that now works. It’s the only thing I’ve been working on since we got stuck here.”

“Ok, I’ll ask. What does it do?” said Rebekah.

“It’s a locator tied to only one object in the whole world.”

“Ok, and I’m guessing it found this object?”

“Precisely!” Jonathan was grinning from ear to ear.

“Oh my God, Liam. Don’t you get it?” cried Rebekah. “I think he’s found your mother!”

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