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The Turn in Love

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Xavier was at school and a new girl is at the school. Xavier’s best friend Tommy found out he could teleport. They fell in love and then he found out she is an alien. She abducts him and he gets trapped in a room. She tells him that she actually loves him but the boss wants people to get tested on. She goes against her boss. What will happen?

Scifi / Romance
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Chapter 1 The sidewalk

Sorry if there is any mistakes.

I walked on the white, rough sidewalk with my new black and white, checkered sneakers. Tommy jumped from the steps on the bus and ran towards me. Tommy yelled, " wait up! I want to tell you something!" "You'll have to catch me first!" I yelled back. I started running as fast as a yellow and black cheetah. I stopped running because I could tell he was about to be flat Stanley. He caught up to me and caught his breath. He said, "I like your new sneakers." His breathing was heavey, "thanks man" I expressed.

I started towards the high school and saw our school mascot, the cougar, on a statue in front of the doors. The cougars eyes were as bright as lightning. The cougars fur is as tan as the sand at the beach. I stood outside next to the red doors and the black bench waiting for it to be time to go in. More people started to crowd around the doors and sit on the benches. Ms. Adolpha opened the door and told everyone to come inside. You could hear all of our shoes screeching on the clean, marble floor.

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