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A girl in Hong Kong slept, and never woke up. A team was thereby hired to operate a newly developed apparatus - Loci - in Basel. They would then enter the deepest of Joan Kiu's (the girl) memories: good and bad. At the same time, the academy they were operating in faces challenging changes, involving a potential terrorist attack. This might just be the proof of an overwhelming and cruel world.

Scifi / Mystery
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I, She

“Please help my daughter, please…” She cried.

The lights were dim. The atmosphere was tense. It was not late yet, but the Kius felt like it was long past midnight. They were exhausted, and exhausted they should be. They were miserable, and miserable they should be.

“We’ll be sure they will. We will. They promise they’ll do their best to get her the best treatment, okay?” Mr Kiu sat beside Mrs Kiu, trying to console her.

The smell of alcohol and the beeping of medical equipment certainly didn’t help. They only reminded the Kius again and again that they were inside a hospital. This is where they wish the least to be.

The doctor walked out of the room, as Mr Kiu asked the doctor what happened to their daughter.

“We… honestly don’t know,” The doctor squinted, “all of her vitals are alright, and her body functions perfectly. There is nothing to worry about, it’s probably just a crash down or something.”

“Or something? Excuse me, I’m not a doctor, but no offence, but that sounds very unprofessional.” Mr Kiu frowned and shook his head, “Just tell us what the hell is wrong with our daughter.”

She cried in his arms, as the doctor sighed.

“You might wanna calm down a bit before I tell you about your daughter, Mr and Mrs Kiu.”

“He’s right, Kenn, I should head to the bathroom for now.” She nodded, “Thank you so much, doctor. Don’t hesitate to… to explain this to my husband while I collect myself.”

“Sure, Mrs Kiu,” said the doctor.

“So, what is it?” Mr Kiu asked once his wife turned into the bathroom.

“So this is a picture of your daughter’s brain scan.”

A picture is pulled out from the doctor’s back pocket of his cloak, as he handed it to Mr Kiu.

“And?” Mr Kiu didn’t understand the different colours and the things they represent.

“As it is shown, all parts of her brain are rather active. Especially this part.” He pointed at where it is near the centre of the picture.

“You’ll have to elucidate. I didn’t understand that.”

“It’s fine. Here we have another picture, which is when a person is listening to music. Here, this one is when a person is learning a language. And this here, this one is when a person is dreaming.”

That part was where the Kius’ daughter’s brain was the most active.

“So we say that she’s unconscious, but somehow every part of her suggests that she’s functioning normally.” The doctor explained.

“And do you have any way to treat her? I mean, this is serious, right?”

“We will contact the Private Academy of Basel Human Studies Psychology Department. They have the best treatment and the best psychological technologies and techniques in the whole wide world.” The doctor shrugged, “Of course, you’ll have to sign a sheet of paper for your daughter.”

“Without a doubt we will. We want our daughter to recover.” Mr Kiu said.

“But it also means that she’s gonna get studied by neuroscientists and psychologists. Is that okay too?” The doctor questioned.

“Well…” Mr Kiu hesitated for a few moments, “I made myself clear. We want her to recover so yes, give me that paper and I’ll sign it. Thank you so much about this…” Mr Kiu nodded as he sighed.

“Of course. Helping the patients get what’s best for them is our job.” Doctor said, “I’ll get that permission slip right now.” He waved goodbye, and the doctor walked away.

Mr Kiu didn’t know if he made the right decision or not. But he hoped he did.

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