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Scifi / Adventure


The gifted child, who went to study in the United States and collaborates with NASA. He returned to Spain at the death of his father; Knows a young woman of whom he falls in love and at the death of this one decides to realize a trip that she had programmed. The ventura ends in the discovery of a culture much superior to ours.The gifted child, who went to study in the United States and collaborates with NASA. He returned to Spain at the death of his father; Knows a young woman of whom he falls in love and at the death of this one decides to realize a trip that she had programmed. The ventura ends in the discovery of a culture much superior to ours.


When I first read the phrase, written by Eluart “there are other worlds but are in this”. I gave no importance, nor will we give to many other phrases written by People Who want us to believe Apparently Everything That They think That Should be the reality. Good words wanting to impose Their thesis or beliefs. Leaving, our free will the conclusions (provided That resemble theirs).

Over time I have eaten to Understand, how easy it is to move the masses, just a good spread, good staging and tell them Everything That They want to hear, for Which do not need to convince them, They are Already convinced.

For years the leaders or priests Have used esta system and fear of the unknown, to Attract the people and justify Their lust for power or misdeeds. For killing can not be justified by religions or never Governments.

How many people died Have in the name of faith?

How many died Have to be free thinkers or defend an ideal? And how many died without Knowing why Have?

Thought can only be harmful when it goes Against others not When You fly free and everyone chooses what I wants from him.

Unfortunately the world is full of free thinkers and martyrs for Their ideas.

Maybe we could use to learn from history, and see it as it really is.

The battles are mass killings, produced by Those Who rule. The pride of victory, is the folly of selfishness and greed to POSSESS Everything That others have, gold, land, livestock, glory, etc ...

At this point I remind Eluart the phrase “there are other worlds but are in this”. The phrase invite me to reveal one of the greatest secrets of mankind, Although I know no one will believe, but for some it can glimmer of hope in the future to Represent.

I must remind the reader That the Earth has many centuries and our civilization is Relatively young.

I just want to bring a ray of light and hope to Those Who decide to read my story. Maybe at first not detect the reader That will work. But as everything has a beginning and an end without the principle can not Understand the end.

Gradually the reader will be Involved in a whirlwind of tranquility Where the spirit and history will take you to worlds unknown and unthinkable Perhaps today.

The reader must be prepared to assimilate That fantasy and reality, They Have Been joined over time melting on many occasions and building history. A story That differs Greatly DEPENDING ON WHO write or relate. The reader choose Necessarily Should Their beliefs and WHO do have to influence them They read everything. Obviously I tried to write leaving the technicalities, with a language That Everyone can understand.

With my story I would leave an image, my descendants as I really am, Because we all have two faces, Real The that are our thoughts and we show or watch and listen to the people, with Which you catalogs, I can Ensure That Far what we say or what we really think or us.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading it as much the story as I to write it.

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