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Over a century mankind has waged war against each other. But war has left only destruction in its wake. With the lunar outpost gone and the martial colony at the brink of extinction. Its time to go home. With the hope of returning to earth and to restore her to her former glory. Humanity is preparing to leave mars. But upon arrival earth is not what they thought. And Certainly they got more than they bargained for.

Scifi / Action
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Bomb shells. The sound alone is frightening enough, but to witness one dropping IN front of you. That’s a scene etched into one’s memory and this was common to the people born before 2400. An entire generation suffering from PTSD and mental instability. You may ask what’s the reason. Well being human the wretched creatures we are, its in our nature to take everything for granted or so one thinks. World War 3. The war which changed the course of mankind the war humanity tried to avoid for nearly 3 centuries after 1945. Now how should to start. As humans grew their technology there were major 3 accomplishments.

The advancement in nanotech. Its application was so grand that we almost forgot to synthesize anything else. The successful synthesis of graphene sheets in the 2050s led to this major breakthrough around 2075. One of its widely used application was self-healing. With the property to conduct electricity nanites could multiply at an exponential rate as long as it had sufficient matter to convert from and an energy source. With this military expenditure came significantly down as there was rarely a need to repair old machinery. A suitcase worth of nanite was enough to build a 10 storied building.

Second was Anti-gravity or u could say more like manipulation of it. It helped revolutionized transportation. Although we couldn’t go light speed. It made interplanetary transit a piece of cake. This was a primary factor in the establishment of lunar and Martian colonies.

Last but not the least and probably the most important of them all was fusion. For almost a century humanity fought against time as fossil fuels were getting exhausted by the mid-2100s. with only a few decades worth of reserves left. We managed to harnessed the power of the stars. It powered everything from a roadside car to an imperial class battleship. Combine it with nanotech and we were one step closer in bringing our own annihilation but this was the final stretch before war was inevitable.

We used nanites for every damn thing and the worst of all we used soil as matter. As a result, we peeled the earths crust by 10km within 50 years. The consequences were devastating. Rising ocean level. Habitat destruction. Exponential speeding up of global warming. We destroyed earths ability for heat convection. The planet became hotter and hotter and as UN predicted. By mid-2450 earth could no longer support life. So, what came next was the was inevitable. Humanity decided its time to leave earth. And look for a new home. But due to our inability for interstellar travel. There were only few places to go. The moon, the Mars. But at last the war broke out.

Each nation trying to reach either of the 2 celestial bodies was faced by severe aggression from other nation and vice versa. One of the main reasons was that first one to land could theoretically seize the entirety of the planet. But here was the catch China or that’s what they called it then sent an unmanned crew in 2201. In search to find a home out of this chaos. It never returned except for an audio message.

Destination: Reached

Planet Designation: EUROPA

Planet Information: Unmatched parameters

Possible habitability: Zero

Terraforming possibility: Zero

Outpost Establishment rate: 0.003%

Recommend Transition: Code RED

Factors: Immense radiation

Warning Death inevitable

Warning Death inevitable

Warning Death inevitable.

This information was leaked. By who knows who but after this the war got worse. Knowing that china would do a secret mission upon that there was only mars and moon to go to. The world got divided into three faction.

UAW [United alliance of the west]

RF [ the resistance federation]

PU [the pacific union]

each with their own agenda. The PU was all about poking its nose and adding fuel to the fire as they were ones with the most advanced tech and constantly sold their designs for both UAW and RF, RF was in favor of healing the planet while UAW was in favor of leaving it. For a century we fought each other like fools. Without caring for the fact that we are killing our own mother or whatever was left of her. This period of time was the worst of what human nature could be but it also brought forth the brightest inventions’ humanity could come up with. Which would later aid us on establishing distant colonies on mars and moon. The ORION scientific division was responsible for this. Working under RF it consisted the brightest scientists, engineers, doctors. The greatest invention was the Pantheons. A series of areal, orbital and sub orbital spaceships. There were five classes

Ares class ships: Known for their High firepower and carbon nanite frame. The were like a flying machine gun. Outfitted with their special weapon “Blue ION” an energy cannon. Any kind of shield were rendered useless. Mostly used as aerial infantry there were probably the cheapest and widely common among the military. It was relatively of small size.

Hermes class ship: Known for their retro reflectors and super sonic speeds. There were used for coveted, stealth and recon missions. It didn’t have much fire power but on the other hand hitting it was nearly impossible thanks to its S1 class fusion thrusters and invisibility. It had Jammers to block any form of signal and one of its most iconic features was it could go underwater. But that did limit its potential for space. Rather it was a small ship compared to its siblings.

Zeus class ship: These were sub orbitals ships and were literal tanks. Fitted with anti-gravity thrusters and energy shields, upon that it’s had projectile deflectors in short it could absorb the energy of an incoming projectile at the moment of its contact, so damaging it was like trying to cut a diamond with a toothpick. Mostly used for backups and reinforcements. Rather a medium to partially large ship it was

Titan class: these ships served as haulers for ORION Mark 1s a industrial space mining unit responsible for mining minerals in space. The ORION mark ships were the number one factor in bringing more materials from space as earth has only so much. It was big like real big. Probably about the size of a large island.

Imperial class ships/Dreadnaughts: Also known as the destroyer. It was a sub automated ship with immense firing capabilities. Mostly used as a last resort even initiating a dreadnaught needed special permission and its was strictly prohibited from launching any kind of attack on earth. Think of it a bigger, meaner, stronger version of Aries but only in space. It possessed the greatest weapon made by humanity until DAWN was invented. The B61 missile. Stories have that those went around the world for 9 years searching for its target and decimating it. thanks to its fusion powered thrusters and full nanite body.

Dreadnaughts were big as the state of Washington.

ARK: These were motherships specifically designed to sustain life for long periods of time. Only 3 were ever built. There were as big as a continent. They had entire ecosystems. But they were unbelievable slow. Although finding a new home in another system seem plausible. They were too damn slow. In theory We would lose the ships integrity before we reach another star system. Although full nanite body made sense for self-repair the entire ORION division was annihilated before they could create any prototype.

The war fully broke at 2301 1st May, 12:00 hour when a UAW dreadnaught fired the infamous B61 missile against RF’s headquarters against regulation. And what followed can only be defined as a nightmare. At 23:00 RF launched a counter attack of an unprecedented scale. It was so grand that the entire sky on the norther hemisphere was colored white by the plasma discharge of fusion thrusters. With each missile blasting, the air got thicker with nanites. On 2310 B61 destroyed RFs old HQ in Siberia. A decade went by doing attacks and counter attacks. And PU shifted its entire population out of earth in ARK2 just outside of lunar orbit. This is when the first generation of exoskeleton for soldiers were created. They became faster, stronger, more capable to fight over longer periods of time powered by graphene cells. Not only the exoskeletons were tough but extremely flexible. We called them X1s. But even one is aided with machinery one is still human. And humans are fragile by biology. X1 suits could no longer provide the protection against advanced missiles from Zeus and Aries. Death tolls increased. From thousands to now millions. Each day hundreds if not thousands lose their lives and a few hundred thousand critically wounded. Years went by fighting this meaning less war, at some point the war become a cause for dominance of power instead of any relation to the planet. Global economy began to sink. Over 1/3 of the planet now covered by nanites living area was getting smaller year by year. With only RF and UAW on earth PU’s economy got a boom from military profits. By 2350 death toll rose to a billion. But neither side was ready to surrender. With only a century for earth to become inhabitable both factions started evacuation to their respective ARKs. This is when PU showed its true colors. On 2351 at 9:00 hours its shot down both ORION MARK2 civilian vehicles. Carrying citizens from UAW and RF from first slot evacuation Around 750 innocent lives were lost.

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