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Project : EDEN

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Representatives were sent to the SF [space federation]. A space station built in effort to stop this meaningless war. While PU declared it a missile from UAW against RF which they only deflected. Both UAW and RF knew there was politics in it. So to find the truth they sent 9 spies 4 from UAW and 5 from RF as a joint effort to unveil its dirty secrets. And their fears came true. While one spy returned alive. Her name was Lucy West. And her work changed the course of this war.

History came to know that day as “The day of treachery”. For nearly 140 years PU maintained its neutral position. With aiding both UAW and RF both on earth and in space. Why betray now. Turns out PUs main goal was to rob Both UAW and RF of its economy so its could take either one and merge with to colonize both moon and mars under its jurisdiction. The only reason they held out for 14 decades were because unlike the other 2 PU is short on man power and is been focused to find an alternative to its problem of less population. And it did.

The intel Lucy managed to bring in. There was a project called “ASTRAL”. The naming was a bit philosophical but what the project was, was even bizarre. Transferring the human mind temporarily in a combat android was not only unheard but unimaginable. Both UAW and RF realized they are almost out of resources to continue this meaningless war while PU is getting stronger each day. So they joined forces in secret Under the command of Sir.Radolph Henry one of the last surviving members of 3rd gen X1 soldiers. The ROE treaty was passed. Although he never went out on the field again his leadership as the forefront of ROE [ republic of earth] changed the war for better. In 2052 after 2 years of “The day of treacheryROE launched a full-scale attack against PU from earth. July 7th 20:00 the final stretch of war began. And as ROE predicted PU counterattacked with their ASTRALs and to ROEs no surprise PU failed for this time. Astral though immense in strength and was like and endless wave of machines driven by a man’s consciousness. They had one of the greatest flaws that contradicted their own designs. Each time the consciousness was transferred to and from. The driver lost a bit of his mind until his mind crumbled into total madness. Even with this flaw PU was strong enough to push ROE at a knives’ edge. For 20 years Both factions fought with death toll now in the billions, only 2 billion humans are left in this cosmos. Although PU managed to keep ROF at bay but it had suffered immense loss. With a lower population to begin with it had lost over 1.5 billion lives and is on the brink of both societal and population collapses. On the other hand, Earth has reached a point where its too hot to fight during the day and PU is exploiting this advantage at every opportunity.

One month till war was over. Intel arrived that PU has exhausted all of its resources to build a super weapon called “DAWN”. An island sized rail gun capable of throwing plasma balls.

In theory it will melt anything in its close proximity and will vaporize everything and anything upon contact. The ROE knew this was the endgame. And there is no defending against it. So, Under Radolph’s council command a special team was assembled. We call them “The last knights” because of their great sacrifice but officially they were known as the Project: “BLACKHOOD”. Specializing in stealth and destabilization. Their job was to infiltrate PUs ARK and make DAWN go Offline while this would provide and opportunity for ROE to fire “UNITY” at DAWN [ a joint terrestrial canon forged from all of its fallen dreadnaughts]. But oblivious to the fact that PUs had a similar plan for unity.

The plan commenced at 10th December 2389, 22:00 hours As BLACKHOOD sneaked into a automation ship of ARK2 bringing back the wreckage of pervious days battle. A small ship entering the Earths atmosphere was noticed. But it disappeared over the Pacific Ocean. After that no one knows what followed. They say its classified. But what people saw was a tragedy unfold. Suddenly there was a blast at unity. And few moments later they saw ARK2 entering the atmosphere. While 50% of it burned up on reentry. And other 50% crashed somewhere southside of Australia. We lost 2 of our ARKS. ARK1 was destroyed years ago when ORION team was killed in orbit as ROE Dreadnaughts attacked. Parts of it still drifts in Saturn’s rings

Only one ARK remains. ARK3 With now a population of mere 1billion is on the brink of extinction. The war actions of ROE speeded earths doom. With remaining scientist saying we could only survive on earth for a decade or 2. Evacuation began and within the next 10 years. Humanity left earth. There were 2 option a lunar colony or a Martian colony. Majority voted for Mars. And thus, ROM [republic of mars] was established on 2399.

It’s been 5 centuries since we came to mars. And to tell the truth life is getting harder out here. The lunar outposts have died 3 centuries ago. Our ARK is almost falling apart. With merely a century worth of life left in her. Underpopulation, radiation, food shortage, energy crisis. We are on the cusp of extinction. We cannot sustain ourselves on mars. And even with sufficient modification we don’t have enough time, nanites or man power to terraform mars.

The council of mars came to one final conclusion. Restore ARK3 to full functionality. That would give us around 5 centuries worth of time. Use the remaining nanites left after repairing ARK to convert a massive chunk of asteroid belts to multiply nanites. We will use full body frames this time for every new ship. And Restore earth to its former glory. Its do or die time. Thus Project: EDEN was started. Either we die trying to redeem ourselves and live to see beyond our star or we let the fire of consciousness extinguish with the hopes of a miracle.

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