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The Last Power-Master: Universe X70-10

By redman19 All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Fantasy


In a future where humans had to leave our galaxy after destroying Earth, the new breed of humans wind up making the exact same mistakes that led to the destruction of their original home world. Earth might be gone, but Planet Iriana might be saved if two estranged brothers can get help from the protectors of the galaxy, The Power-Masters. But to find them, they'll need assistance from a very xenophobic alien on a war-torn planet of dragon-like people.

Prologue: The Remnants of War

I suppose you could say that every choice we make has a consequence, not just on our lives, but on the very core of our multiverse. The Multiverse Theory proposes that the choices of individuals in one Prime Universe, can birth a slightly different parallel Universe. Furthermore, the choices that said individuals don’t make can have the same effect. For example, let’s say that because of one man’s aspirations, the entire Planet Earth gets destroyed. However, in a different universe, that man’s parents never thought to conceive him, and so the crisis was averted but only in that universe. The Universe where the beast and plants of the Earth have been obliterated, still exists. That being said, by The Multiverse Theory’s rules, two dissimilar prime universes exist. A universe where the Earth is destroyed and a Universe where it thrives to this day.

I had always hoped no other universe could be as miserable as my own, and I would be proven wrong much later. My name? it’s Akyameru Korlosi, current Dragon-Rai of Ison Prime, but perhaps that may have been too much information for you to handle at this time. Let’s take my story back to when I was young and wreckless. However, just to get to that I’d have to give you a short history lesson. Remember that Universe where the one man destroys the Earth? As you could’ve guessed, that universe is my own. The greedy man, his story starts and ends with his ground-breaking innovation; a series of treatments that would allow average humans to live for many more decades, without ever experiencing the pain of old age. The irony is that after the treatments, humans no longer felt the need to reproduce, so the human population started to plummet.

No, the reduction in population didn’t kill them but they did feel a sense of over-whelming loss, which pushed them to accept newer innovations. Alas, another brave man stepped up, and sought to fill the empty lives of humans with robots. Robots to love them, and even robots to launch into space and explore other habitable worlds. Every year, newer, better robots increased in numbers as the human population still decreased. The day soon came when someone successfully merged robotics with human genetics, to replace what humanity had lost. Now there was no peace,as the countries of their world remembered each other’s differences and fears. To stop one another from using the androids as soldiers, a digital-based war took place within the mainframes of their World Wide Web. In the end, the human’s best warriors were unable to stop a seeded virus from corrupting the source codes of all robots and androids everywhere.

One hundred years of war with the machines left Earth uninhabitable and humanity in shambles. Hoping to carry on, the humans gathered what was left of their species and blasted off to an area far beyond the reaches of their star system. Ultimately, entering a dangerous region of their galaxy, littered with breaches in the 4th Dimension (space/time tunnels). Some call it luck, I call it fate that they ended up getting sucked through a breach that led right to my galaxy, Ukorhenon. Still, it took them about a year to scout about and find a suitable host planet (Iriana), or should I say planets (The Irian System). Once they colonized the host worlds, they began calling themselves “Vak-Irians” and began the conquest of all inhabited planets in Ukorhenon. These Vaks ended up evolving into super intelligent and powerful beings, creatures that we could not keep up with. It would take us eighty thousand long years to catch-up, at least in physical form anyway.

To stop the subjugation of peaceful species in the galaxy, mighty heroes from our different worlds teamed up against the VakIrians and actually managed to drive them back to their star system. Still requiring a form of intergalactic police, the heroes remained allied under the name “The United Power Masters of Ukorhenon”. For the first time, powerful beings were on our side, and then they just vanished without a trace. We assumed that any day, the VakIrians would return to destroy us, it was this paranoia that led to civil wars on our planets. What we didn’t know, was Iriana had been dealing with it’s own conflicts for decades after they withdrew from our systems. In the midst of a war between two conflicting races, Pyronite (Red eyed) and Azulnite (Blue eyed) vakIrians, untested battle droids became corrupt with a similar virus that doomed Earth. Fearing again for their future, the VakIrians sent a small team of military officers on a search mission to my world, the most recent planet with sightings of The Last Power- Master.

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