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The story of advanced team called, Ecliptic Force. They're mission, to stop a deadly force known as, The Genosis Virus. Strap in, it's going to be one heck of a ride! The first of the three part trilogy of a well bonded team, vs a foe capable of devouring the entire planet. Filled with action as soon as you step out the gate, this story is one for the ages. Welcome, to the epic saga of NINETY NINE DAYS.

Scifi / Action
Jesse Batson
4.5 2 reviews
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My name is Zero,and I'm the leader of a specialized team called, Ecliptic Force. Our mission, is to exterminate a highly advanced and deadly virus known as The Genosis Virus. A vicious organism that stopped at nothing to consume everything in it's path. What started out as the biggest ceremony, ended in the biggest bloodbath in the history of Man kind. So Many lives, lost to the creatures wake. Nothing could prepare the world for what destruction lay ahead for it. The Genosis Virus had spread like wildfire, turning everything it killed into the virus itself. The virus proved to be a worthy adversary, adapting to every battle strategy pit against it by mankind. Now, the rest of humanity was on the brink of extinction. That's where we come in, me and my team have been given the mission by Mr. President himself. To destroy The Genosis Virus and save the rest of the human race from total extermination. Right now, we're about to take on the biggest Genosis Hive we've ever faced. Before that happens though, let's start from where it all began, The Ceremony Of The Century.
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