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Ryan Meadows wakes up in a laboratory with barely any memory of two months before He manages to escape along with 3 allies, only to find that world is no longer how it once was. It is now a deadly wasteland in 4054 he also finds his wrist has a weird mark on it. Can Ryan manage to renew the world to its once was? or will he succumb to the Zero virus that infiltrates his mind?

Scifi / Fantasy
Sloan J.A
Age Rating:


The buzzing of lights in the distance sound muffled, My eyes open and are Immediately rushed with liquid. Once my eyes adjust to the liquid that just rushed through my eyes, I look around. Where am I? I look to my side, there are hundreds of thousands of people in huge cylindrical tubes, green liquid like in mine, flowing inside. I look around for a way to escape. Suddenly I hear a loud siren and red lights begin to flash, flushing sounds follow the sirens. the liquid begins to empty in mine and the other tubes. I fall to the steel/metal ground of the tube and try to stand but I'm too weak. How long have I been sleeping? I look around, and everything seems extremely advanced. Last I remember I was in my house watching the news when I just blacked out.

I find a window and look out. My stomach drops, I'm in the fucking desert?? my stomach drops, even more, when I hear an automated voice say “WARNING WARNING, CONTAINMENT TUBES 876, 877, 878, AND 879 BREACHED.” Over and over again, I look over at the tube I exited. I read the label on the console, 878, I turn around and look for an exit. Ahead of me other people, presumebaly from 876, 877, and 879, Call out to me "Hey! 878! Over here!" I quickly run over to them.

877 passed a weird suit to me "Put this on, the air is toxic. Like, Extremely, fucking, toxic." I grab the suit and quickly put on.

Once the suit is secure, 876 opens the airlock door. air rushes in and I look behind us to see the guards that are sprinting towards us, begin to burn and melt. what the hell? I feel a tap on my shoulder, I look back and 876 and 879 are ahead of us while 877 strayed to get my attention. "You comming 878?" I sigh, preparing for what might be a long journey. "Yea, Also call me Ryan. thats the name I remember before blacking out." 877 nods "Sure. I go by Troy, Nice to meet you."

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