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Just a child

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A short sad story about a child that is taken away from her home.

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Just a child

Frantically I ran down the stairs. I shouldn't have, I truely wish I didn't. The sight stains my soul leaving me terrified. It has destroyed my aim to accomplish new things in life. Deprived of the things I love most. I remember it like it was yesterday. No one should ever see thier lived ones hit the floor uncontrollably with blood gushing down thier face. I remember standing thier face to face with the weapon. They took away my mum and soon me from my home. That was the last time I saw my siblings.

Is it because I'm different. Is it because you don't care. I want to know what made you think this was right. Why would you wreck my childhood? I was seven the day they took me away. Over violent seas I travelled with a hundred other, all very different in thier own way. Yet something of the same brings us all here on this very horrendous day.

Dragged and pulled. No rules to stop them. Forced to follow them no way home. It felt like being held under water not being able to breath. The days were endless. The sun hit my body leaving me burnt. Everyday my body was sacrificed to the beast nothing I could do. If I stepped out of line I would never forget the pain. My heart raced every time my body was strucked by the devil's weapon. Trying not to make a sound. Trying not to give them an excuse for them to hit me again.

My body red, my soul black.

I made friends but not in the ideal way. I wish I was a school learning how to play. One day, one day I will get away.

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