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This is the story of Luna mortana, a fifteen years old teenager that was dumped in the orphanage by her parents when she was just a month old. Her parents later came to adopt her and took her home. She was furious with her parents and kept a distance between them. They made lame excuses why she was dumped in the orphanage. Her life changed when she moved into her parents mansion and met her elder sister Bruno. She entered a school for the richest kid in the country. She looked small and harmlessly cute but don't trust looks. Luna decided to live her life helping people and being herself. She followed her dreams with her family's support and care. She enjoyed high school but still hated it all the same. " This is your life and it's now or never to live it right." Bruno said.

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Luna rested her head on the glass window of the car. Her eyes were closed but she was wide awake. Her mind was a mess right now. She tried clearing her mind of her thoughts but it multiplied all the same.

" I got adopted by my real parents?" Luna kept asking herself. She still could not believe that she was adopted and that by her biological parents. No one could blame her after all.

Luna was dumped in the orphanage since she was just a month old. She had lived her life there alone. She had only one friend in the orphanage and they did everything together.

Luna always wanted a family. She wished her parents hadn't dumped her in the orphanage or hadn't dumped her at all. She really felt lonely and betrayed but that was a long time ago.

Now Luna didn't care about having anyone around her. She didn't care what people saw about her. Infact she was the most carefree person ever.

Luna was a really unic girl. She was special and different in her own way. She had dark blue sparkling virgin hair that reached her ankle level. Her eye colour was sea blue which is the rearest of all eye colours. She had little pointed nose and baby lips that was glossy and harsh pink without any makeup. She was short but she was like a skinny model. Her skin was flawless and she had the body structure of a model. She hated wearing dress or skirts to school. She was exceptionally brilliant when she was in the orphanage school. She never smiled and has this 'dont care' attitude and looks that made her look awesome and somewhat cool.

She loved dressing shagily and tough. She looked like a little gangster because of her height and looks. She loved herself just the way she was.

Even when she had lived a tough life in the orphanage, she still had a nice heart. She loved to help people in need and had vowed to help the orphanage children when she became rich.

Now that she had been adopted by her rich parents, she would visit the orphanage and give them gifts every week.

" Miss we're here" the driver said to Luna. She looked out the window and saw a huge mansion before her. She wasn't shocked or happy neither was she excited and smiling. The 'dont care' look hung on her face and that amazed the driver greatly.

" Luna you're here" her mum said happily. Luna turned and saw a gorgeous lady walking towards her. No wonder she looked pretty. Her mother was stunning.

" Baby how was the trip? Was it stressful? You need to rest." Her mum said.

" I'm fine Mrs" Luna said nonchalantly. She moved aside and stared at the building she would now be calling home?

" Sweetheart we already said sorry. We didn't mean to take you to the orphanage. It was circumstances that led us to do so." Her mum said sadly.

" Yeah don't care. Where's my room." Luna asked without care.

" Daisy take her to her room." Her mum said.

" Yes mi lady." The maid named daisy said while bowing her head.

" Daisy would be your personal maid. If you need anything or need to go around, use this to call her." Her mum said and handed her a little remote with six little buttons. Luna took it without saying anything and followed daisy away.

Luna mind drifted back to her parents. Her parents were Mr Steve and Mrs Florence. Mr Steve was the youngest but the most successful son in the Algread family. Mr Algread was Luna's grandfather has chains of companies around the world. Mr Steve was the among the top three richest men in the country. Her mother was the most famous fashion designer in the country. All the models in the world wanted her to make their dresses. She had thousand of clothing mall around the country.

Luna could not believe that her family was this rich but they dumped her all the same. She was furious.

" Young miss this is your room." Daisy said, bringing Luna back to reality.

Luna entered the room that was now hers. She looked at the room that was bigger than the room the orphanage children slept in. She frowned immediately.

This room was coloured pink and she hated pink. She hated light colours. Her bed had a roof on it? Her dressing room was huge and filled with all kinds of beautiful dresses. Her frown deepened. There was a dressing table with all kinds of makeup on it.

" Can I have another room?" Luna asked trying to control herself.

" Is something wrong with the room young miss?" Daisy asked confused. She was shocked beyond measure. All the girls would have been thrilled to have this room but this girl was turning it down.

" Everything is wrong with this room. I want another room with less of all this." Luna said.

" Em.... I'll go tell madame." Daisy said and left.

Luna stood there untill daisy cane along with her mother.

" Baby is something wrong?" Mrs Florence asked concerned.

" I hate this room. It disgusts me. I want a room with less of all these." Luna said. Mrs Florence easily guessed that Luna was someone that says things without beating around or coating her words.

" Don't worry sweetheart. Manage this room for today. You'll go shopping tomorrow and get whatever you want and decorate your room yourself." Mrs Florence smiled at her.

" Ah.....fine" Luna said grumpily. She sat on the surprisingly soft and fluffy bed. She took of her worn out shoe and lay in the bed.

" Get her something to eat." Mrs Florence said to daisy.

" I'm not hungry. Thanks anyway ma" Luna spoke out.

" Please call me mum" Mrs Florence smiled.

" That won't be happening anytime soon ma" Luna said plainly. She was still mad at her parents and would make them earn their title as her parents in her life.

" I understand. Take care of her needs" Mrs Florence said to daisy and left sadly.

" Yes madame" daisy bowed her head.

" How old are you?" Luna asked curiously.

" Oh, I'm twenty young miss." Daisy smiled.

" You're older than me. Call me Luna. I hate formality." Luna said.

" Oh... Okay mis.... Luna" daisy smiled awkwardly. She had never seen anyone like Luna before. She had just arrived but she already liked her. She could tell that Luna was serious with what she said.

" Do you need anything Luna?" Daisy asked.

" Nah. You can go. I don't think I'll need your help soon. I need to rest." Luna said. She turned more comfortably,her face right and her body down.

" Okay mi...Luna. you can call me if you need something." Daisy said and left. She liked her miss already.

" This is my life now. The daughter of a rich business tycoon." Luna shook her head and dozed off.

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