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A Fathers Love may never be enough to save him from the evils​ of his own darkness. Looking around the large now soundless Tomb of his childhood home, turning off all the lights, Robin walked into the shed pulling out two to four gallons of Gasoline; dumping them all round the base of the house, Robin open his car door turning the engine over, pulling out a cigarette lighting it, taking in a few drugs​ to relax his nerves, closing his eyes; Robin flicked the lit cigarette into the Gasoline soaked yard. Driving down the long driveway Robin watched the house explode into a hellish inferno never returning to this nightmare again.

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Chapter One

Leave Flyaway, Flyaway Butterfly, Come To Me.

“Nightshade, Nightshade answer now please!” His father yelled in a firm voice, Nightshade’s laughter rang out.

“Look out below, I’m heading your way Dad.” Nightshade cried happily as he flew over his head on a skateboard, Nightshade flew down the wall onto his half pipe, from the top of the half pipe Nightshade did a backflip that landed right in front of his father, he smiled reaching out to hug his Dad but stop when he saw the look of disappointment on his face.

“Hey, Dad whats up?” “Did the micro bio stuff you have been working on finally come together; or did they just have a big bang, then returning back into some big lump of gooey purple stuff” Nightshade said smiling at him

“Hahah, very funny Nightshade, I received an email today from you’re teachers telling me your grades have come up, From all of the F’s you have been supporting in all your classes to a wonderful D, “Now, if you keep this up, you might pass you’re freshmen year with, Oh I don’t know a C, I don’t want to put pressure on you son, if I don’t see a B in all your classes by the next progress report, whats up is going to be your rear end over my knees, you get me wise guy?” His father said as he try to demo his punishment; Nightshade was running and jumping away from his fathers punishing hand.

“Okay, Okay Ohh, I understand” Nightshade yelled, diving under his bed to keep from getting hit again. His father kneeled down on the floor looking under the bed at his son.

“Good, you remember that, Oh yes to make sure you do, your grounded until the next progress reports comes out” pulling him out by the neck; Nightshade tried to tug away, His father slapped him in the face hard, with one quick motion Nightshade was lifted off the floor then placed over his fathers lap.

“But Dad, thats eight weeks from now, can’t I just promise you I’ll do better in the next eight weeks?” Nightshade asked rubbing his jaw bone that was starting to Sting from the blow, trying to pull away from him; his father place his arm around his waste, Robin gave him a warning shot in the back of the head to keep still or it’s going to be worst for him.

“Oh, I know you will, this will indefinitely be fresh in your mind each time you sit yourself down in the coming weeks, now brace yourself son this is going to hurt you more then me.” His father says as he raised his right hand; Nightshade grit his teeth as he felt the first of many blows to his now bare buttocks, his father scourge him hard and vigorously.

His father left the room rubbing his sore hand, Nightshades whimpers were heard behind the closed door; Robin Miles was his name, Nightshade Miles was his fifteen year old son who was starting his first year in High School, Nightshade was a smart kid like Robin himself, once Nightshade puts his mind to do something he will do it; most of the time that brain of his will work, when it’s not filled with girls and skateboarding or late night parties at Amber Marks house.

Robin shook his head, Nightshade was half way through his freshmen year, already he was on the road to flunking out. Robin walked into the living room were his wife Missy was reading the evening paper.

Robin went over to the wet bar they had it set up to entertain their friends on weekends, during the week they used it for after dinner coffee. Robin opened the cabinet doors taking down two coffee mugs for them, pouring some creamer into one of the cups; added some cinnamon spice to the creamer, Robin drinks his coffee black with a pinch of sugar.

“Hello Dear, how was your day?” Missy asked him, Robin handed her some coffee; taking a seat next to her, Robin reached his handover to pull her chin close to him, caressing her with the tip of his nose, Robin kiss her long and deep, pulling her closer to him as he did so. Missy returned the passionate gesture, Missy stroked her thumb over his lips, Robin kissed her finger tips, she moved closer to him, applying a longer deep kiss she felt her heart began to beat faster, she bit down softly on his lower lip, they continued to make out on the sofa, Missy had to pull away to catch her breath.

“Hello lover, all the travel papers are all in the works, we leave for the exhibition in eight weeks, Do you have all your appointments moved up six weeks from today?” Missy asked him running her fingers over his mouth, she kiss him lightly on those wet pouting lips she loves so much, she could sit here for hours just making out with him.

Robins head was swimming in passion for her as his heart began to beat faster, smiling at her again, Robin moved up her neck and under her chin, he came up to her ears whispering low to her. She could here him panting as he wrapped his arms around her pulling her even closer to him.

“How is your coffee lover, to much cinnamon?” Robin asked her as he bit down tenderly on her ear lobe

“Oh, lover its just fine thank you.” Missy pulled away from him, picking up her coffee cup sipping it, she laughs and wiggles as he tries to undo her blouse, she swats his hand away playfully,

“Oh he is feeling his oats tonight” she thought. Robin put down their coffee cups on the side table, taking her into his lap he removed her blouse, her bra was black lace, kissing her deeply he made his way under her to pull up her skirt, Missy never wore pantyhose, she loved to feel the cool air on her legs, this gave Robin more time to have her ride him before she had to go back to work. Robin moved up to unhook her bra, she could feel him getting hard, reaching under himself he started to unzip is jeans, Missy stopped him before she felt him inside her.

“Dear not in the living room, Nightshade might see” she pulled herself off his lap and put her blouse back on. Robin was kissing and biting her neck, he knew this was her weak spot.

“Okay, down boy, now tell me more about your day, If your good, then later I will submit to your desires.” Robin ran his fingers through her hair, as he did so, her mind wonder back to their college days.

Robin Miles and Missy Green were college sweethearts, she would tell Nightshade how they met. “One day I was walking down the hall when I bumped into this tall thin man, who look more annoyed at me for spilling his coffee onto his Science notebook, I have known his name for some time, well he took his glasses off, looking me over.” before Missy would finish her story Nightshade would just make a face and walk off saying, “Ugh, gross I don’t want to know”

Missy Green was fair skinned with a medium build she stood five eight in hight, she had long flowing brown hair, she loved to go to the beach, when she didn’t she would create the look of beach waves in her hair, a simple solution of two tablespoons of salt into her spray bottle, then she would fill the bottle with distill water, giving it a good shake to mix all the salt together, giving her hair a flip she sprayed the solution on her hair crunching as she worked her magic.

Missy Green was from Key west Florida, even being fair skinned she love to be in the sun. She wasn’t into all the fashion trends like many of her friends were, she came from a middle class family, her mother was a home maker, her father own a few restaurants along with a feat of fishing boats. Missy skateboarded every were she went, she surfed after school and all day on weekends.

When she came to school she was lightly Tan, as the months past buy she lost her Tan, She loved to where high caller shirts, this was what she had on when she saw Robin walking down the stairs to his classes.

Missy had Dark Green eyes, her makeup was very simple, Missy never had to apply a lot of foundation or eye makeup her beauty was natural, to keep from looking so pale she will add a light tinted moisturizer, she wore a light dusty rose lipstick, her green eyes was showcased with smokey gray eye shadow, her long lashes were butterfly shaped she would fan them out with a mascara wand, this gave her a darker line around her eyes.

Robin Miles had Deep Sea Blue eyes, along with short sandy blonde hair his long bangs fell over his eyes, Robin was taken aback by her shyness her beauty overwhelmed him. Robin steps back looking down at his notebook, he saw his coffee was running down his dark wash jeans, smiling at her he pulled her over to the side.

“Oh, dear I’m sorry sir, I didn’t see you, are you okay.” Missy lied, she has been watching Robin for weeks, his tall frame was always hanging around the Library, piles of book standing high on tables with empty coffee cups next to him. Robins top caller button was always undone showing off his tan skin; she will see his shirt sleeves were always rolled up, his round wire framed glasses were hanging out of his mouth, his strong masculine jaw line turned from side to side as he was working on his studies.

Missy was so shy she wanted to meet this quiet giant, her friends told her, Thats Robin Miles he was very sweet, he is very shy and extremely meek as well, he never razed his voice at any of the students he tutored, That man was a lover of books not women, don’t waste your time on him. Missy tried to learn as much as she could about him. She found out he was from a wealthy family. He was from Main, he worked at his fathers software company as a junior CO at the age of fifteen. He was home schooled most of his life; he when into a privet public school at ninth grade, Graduated top of his class, he was now a Junior Teachers aid to the Dean of Students.

When she found out all she could she wanted to get to know this man more on a personal level, when Missy saw Robin coming down the stairs reading and sipping his coffee,

“ Okay its now or never she said.” Missy ran right into Robin, she held on to him so he wouldn’t fall.

“ Thats all right, Missy Green is it?” Robin asked her, Missys heart began to race; He knew my name she felt her face grow hotter.

“Yes, Your Robin Miles, the Deans aid right sir?” Sir, oh why did she say sir, oh how dumb of her, he’s going to think she some little girl. Robin laughs at her shyness from under his breath.

“Call me Robin please, may I buy you a cup of Coffee, this one has gone cold, I seam to have gotten lost in my reading and forgotten all about it” Robin smiled at her.

“Yes, I would love some.” Missy said as she helped him down off the stairs. Robin held out his arm for her to take it, she blushed and looked down, never in her life has a man offered her his arm.

“Thank you Robin.” Missy and Robin were inseparable throughout college. Once graduated they married, Robin was NASAs top scientist, they have been married for 12 years with a son who is a mirror image of his father. Nightshade, was Missy’s favorite flower, although poisonous she loved to look at it, her Nightshade was seated in his room dreaming of girls and skateboard parties.

“ Oh Yes they are, my day when upside down, I’m sorry dear but Nightshades grades came in, his teachers are not happy with his school work this period, he has a D in all his classes, therefore he is grounded until they come up by the next report.” Robin said blowing on his coffee as he took a sip. Robins voice snapped her back into the present.

“Oh Thats eight weeks away, we will be gone for about three of them, thats to bad he would have love the exhibition, they must come up, no university will except him with a C average “ Missy said looking over at him.

“ Was that why I heard him yelling tonight, did you punish him for it?” Missy said Robin gave her a fresh cup of hot coffee, they were so engross with each other they forgot all about them.

“Yes, it was just a little preview of what he will get if I don’t see a B in all his classes.”

“Do you know what his new classes are? “Missy asked him blowing on her coffee.

“Black and white photography, Science, Math, history and two study halls.”

“ I asked the HR officer to put him in the two study halls, so he can spend two hours doing his homework”. Robin sipped on his coffee; picking up the New York Times he thumb through it not thinking to much about it; Robins eyes spotted a Photo of a woman named Violets; she was a photographer hosting a popup show for the next eight weeks. Tickets will be going on sale in a few days; Robin looked at the fireplace he was standing up now, walking over to the fire he threw the paper into the pit.

“I was not done reading the paper yet Robin.” Missy said as she was now looking up at him questionably. “Whats the matter Robin?”

“I felt you didn’t need to read this paper any more, It’s getting late, I’m turning in for the night, will you be in soon?” Robin stretched his arms yawing.

“I’m going to look in on Nightshade first, then I will be in Dear.” Missy walked over to Robin Kissing him deep and long, she felt him move his hands under her blouse again, she patted his upper thigh.

“ I’ll be in soon my Love, then you can have your way with me” Missy pulled away before Robin over took her. Missy walked down to the hall to Nightshades room; opening the door she walked in. The room was dark, Nightshade was asleep, Missy walked over to the side of the bed, looking down at him she ran her hands threw his hair, his face was damp from the tears, Missy wiped them away; pulling the cover over him she kissed him on the neck, whispered low into his ear saying.

“ I know you can bring your grades up, all you have to do is study a little bit more then you do, we love you Nightshade” Nightshade moved away from her sinking deeper under the blankets.

In the morning Nightshade dressed quickly, grabbing a quick protein bar from the kitchen along with a cup of strong coffee. Missy was in the kitchen watching him down the coffee.

“Nightshade, slowdown you’er going to make yourself get sick if you drink it that fast”. Missy said as she took the cup away from him.

“Oh, sorry mom I’m in a rush, Lexie, Amber and I are taking a Black and White Photo class this term, Amber has an old stash of cameras her Dad is letting us use; some you have to load the 35 millimeter film into it; others or all Digital base no film needed, very cool stuff, Tim said we can play around and fine the right one we need for the class; this will save me from buying one, I have to run mom Love you.” Nightshade says kissing her on the cheek grabbing a Second cup of coffee. He ran pass his father Robin yelling goodbye to him; Robin walked into the kitchen holding the morning paper.

“Good morning Dear, were is Nightshade running off to in such a hurry?” Robin asked her seating himself down at the Island opening the New York Times.

“He’s rushing over to Ambers place,” “Tim is letting them use his cameras for their new class on Monday”. Missy made him a stack of ricotta pancakes lightly dusted with powder sugar; maple candy bacon; Missy used the french press to brew the coffee for him. Missy sat down his breakfast in front of him.

“Okay but,” “Ohh, that smells good dear,” Robin felt the aroma of the candy bacon and pancakes hit him, diving into them he sighed as his eyes widen in enjoyment. Robin forgot all about Nightshade, seating herself down across from him Missy watched him enjoy his breakfast smiling at him from over the rim of her coffee cup.

Missy remembers the first time she made him Ricotta Pancakes, it was the first time they spent the night together. They were walking along side the lake holding hands, Robin was talking about one of his students who’s mind was on football and not the lesson his professor wanted him to learn.

“ Now I know why they call them Dumb Jocks, they are all ways getting hit in the head.” Robin said as he pulled Missy closer to him, wrapping his arm around her waist.

Robin kissed Missy’s neck then bit it, she jumped at this but was not mad, she enjoyed it, she pulled him closer, running her hands up his back, kissing him deeply, it started to rain has they made-out under a cherry tree, as the rain came down harder, they were soaked to the bone, Missy’s white T-shirt showed off her pink lace bra, her jeans were skinned tight around her legs.

Robin wore a black dress shirt, gray trousers and black boots. His face was dripping wet, he pulled her closer to him under the tree, pressing her into the trunk. He lifted her so her legs wrapped around his waist, Biting and kissing her neck his panting match with hers, breathing in Robin pulled back to gather his thoughts. He lived in his own apartment no Dorms like Missy, he didn’t have to worry about a roommate walking in on them. Robin carried her in his arms to his apartment.

Robin lived in a high end posh condo his father bought for him after his high school graduation, he had his own entrance to the condo, dripping wet as he continued to kiss Missy long and deep she started to chew on his lower lip, Robin pushed the elevator button with his elbow, the doors opened wide Robin walked in, pulling back from her he typed in a pin number on the keypad, the doors closed Missy was still in his arms her weight was not a strain for him, the elevator hummed as it moved up to the hundred and fifteenth floor.

The Doors open to a long marble hall way, Missy was enjoying his hands move around in her blouse as she sucked and chewed on his lips. Robin took her into his bedroom, the bed was made with white silk sheets, silver mirrored side tables, plush cream rugs covered his dark wood floors, a long tufted gray sofa was placed under his floor to ceiling window.

Robin put her down on his bed, helping her stripped down out of her wet jeans as she leaned back, Robin leaned over her kissing her deeply. Missy pushed his long bangs out of his eyes, his deep sea blue eyes framed his tan skin handsomely.

Missys heart began to beat faster as he made his way down her body then back up to her trembling lips, Robin saw she was shaking.

“ Are you cold lover” he asked pulling her up into his arms

“ Cold and Hot at the same time, if that makes sense lover “ Missy was feeling his body grow hot as he started to shake as well.

“ Yes, lover I have just the thing to cure that.” Robin lifted her up into his arms he applied a soft tender kiss on her lips. Carrying her to the bathroom his free standing shower took up the right side of the room.

Robin carried Missy into the shower gently putting her down, Robin kissed her softly and lovingly on her lips and neck. His shower was fitted with six large rainfall shower heads, turning on the warm water, the warmth of the water gave off aromatics of eucalyptus, he uses aromatics to heal a long day of studying. This was the first time Robin has had any college school mates inside his condo. Robin is well known as being a bookworm then a ladies man.

Robin and Missy danced under it’s soothing scent, moving ever so slowly Robin begin to bite her neck, lifting her up as he inserted himself inside her. Missy’s head went back moaned in enjoyment and pulled him in closer,

They made love in the shower, her cries of passion was drowned out by the thunder storm that was hitting the condo with grate force. Once done they dried off; Robin wrapped her in a plush terrycloth robe, Robin stayed in the nude as he walked her back into his bedroom, his tan skin shined brightly from the shower.

Robin pulled her over to the bed, sitting himself down she stood in front of him. The eucalyptus sent was over taken them both, Robin removed her robe, Missy took hold of his manhood then mounted him, she was moaning in his ears as she started to ride him. Robin lifted her body that was still wrapped around him, laying her on the down pillows, kissing her deeply as well as biting and sucking her lower lips, he made love to her.

They made love all night until both of them were satisfied. The next morning Robin awoke to the smell of fresh brewed Coffee, Bacon and Ricotta Pancakes. From then on Missy would make him this dish after a long heavy night of love making.

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