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Mated to the wrong luna

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I couldn't get my eyes off my window as I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Outside there in the darkness that was gradually going down due to the faint morning light, I continuously stared at a thing no word in the English dictionary can explain. It was a black wolf with red eyes. So big that I could bet that it was two times bigger than Zane in his wolf form. But that wasn't the scary thing. The scary thing was that it had a round substance on its mouth. And since I knew that I could see clearly in darkness, I activated my night gaze and discovered that it was the head of another wolf. Not just another wolf, but the kind of wolf Luca said I was... A WHITE WOLF! * The wolf world has been in a war for leadership, blood sheds so many that one could swim in it. A white wolf was born, his name is Lucian and he's destined to end the war between the two Wolf Delimitation. Lucian goes through a lot of pain and loses the person that guided him through life to the cold hands of death. He found his mate in the most complicated of times and he trusted her so much that he almost couldn't take it when he learnt that she was the thing he hated the most. Will he be able to pass through the thorns of life unscratched? Will he be able to complete his destiny and stop the black wolves from destroying the value of the wolf kingdom? *Dive into this mad thriller book and find out!!

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1:

His whole life, he have been confused about his existence. The fact that he could do things none of my playmates or friends could do was a mystery to me. His name is Lucian. He's an American guy and he is Seventeen years old, according to his foster parents. They adopted him when he had no home, no loved ones, no biological parents or even one blood relative to him. Their names are Mr and Mrs Andrew Smith. When he was fifteen years old and matured enough to carry the burden. His foster parents told me how they found him. "Your mother and I were walking back home on a rainy night, a Sunday which was New Year's day." Mr Andrew said, referring to Lucain's foster Mother who 'till now he still calls his biological Mom. "We saw you inside a white basket with this in the basket." His Mom continued, bringing out from her hand an equally white bead. She gave him the bead after saying that it rightfully belongs to him. Lucain nervously took the bead from her and observed it. It was as white as a newborn baby's teeth, and in the middle there was an equally white wolf's picture drawn on it. He looked at them with confused and unbelievable eyes and said, "So, you're trying to say that you both are not my biological parents?" "Yes," they answered in unison. He made a dis-believing face and laughed. "Ooh ooh," he said. "Today is April first after all, though I'm quite surprised that you haven't told me April fool after the big joke. I'm not…" He was not able to finish the sentence because Andrew cut him off saying, "What is wrong with you, Lucian? We have told you that we're not your biological parents so as not to let you believe that forever. We are not waving you off our responsibilities, but instead telling you the bitter truth instead of the sweet lie. And all you can say is that we're joking about something as serious as this!" "Calm down, Smith, why are you being so hard on him?" His mother said. She looked at Mr Andrew with venomous eyes. Then she continued, "Lucian?" "Yes mom." Lucain replied. "In the white basket we found you in, there was a small wooden piece of paper in it. And there were six letters inscribed on the wooden paper." "The word, "LUCIAN'' was written boldly on the small piece of wooden paper, and from there, we named you Lucian just as it was destined on that piece of art." "And later on, your father and I discovered that Lucian means "MAN OF LIGHT." His mother talked on and on after that, but Lucain wasn't paying attention. He was lost in his own world. His brain was walking towards many negative thoughts. Who are my biological parents? Where are they? Who left me in that basket? He asked himself these questions, but he couldn't seem to get an answer. He believed that everything would come out right before he went to bed that evening. **** He started noticing his abilities the day he clocked seventeen. At first, he thought it was a mistake. He could see clearly at night and also, he could manage to stay underwater for up to twenty minutes. It all started when he was playing football with his friends and some of them started complimenting that he ran so fast; literally even faster than the football captain. He was getting physically stronger everyday, and his skin was so white that you would think he had leprosy. Many girls in high school were really trying to get Lucain's attention, and he could have boasted anywhere that he was the most handsome guy in the school. As he grew older, he realised that nobody in his life noticed that he was not a biological son to Mr and Mrs Andrew. Even when he clearly didn't share any similar family traits with them. Lucain didn't take after his foster father or mother in any way. His eye colour was so grey that many people mistook it for white, even though they are nothing like white eyes. His foster parents both have light brown eyes like some other Americans. One day, he was coming back from school and he heard footsteps of somebody behind his back. He quickly turned around to see who it was but was surprised to see nothing. "Weird," he said. Lucain could bet a thousand dollars that he heard somebody following him. Afterwards, he went home and found his foster dad lying down on the living room chair. He was pale, obviously very sick. Lucain ran to him frantically and held his hand. "Lucian," He said with a weak smile. "I'm glad you're back." Lucain didn't reply to what he said but asked him straightforwardly, "What is wrong dad? Are you alright?" "I would have really loved to say I'm fine, Lucian. But I can't." He said, "I wanted to tell you ever since that I am sick," Mr Andrew said. "I have bladder cancer. And my remaining time on earth is not very long." A teardrop fell down from Lucain's grey eyes. "Does Mom know about this?" He asked. "Yes, she does know. She's probably at the pharmacy trying to get me more sustaining drugs, but there's no need really, I'm going to die before five hours anyways." He lamented. "I just wanted to use this opportunity to tell you to be strong, Lucian. You're a Man of light, so make everywhere you go shine. I know I may not have been the best of Dad's, but God knows I taught you to be strong and to be a good citizen just as I would have taught my own biological son, If I have had one. "Take care of your Mo..." Mr Andrew wasn't able to finish because Lucain suddenly cut his words. "Stop talking like you're going to die. You are going to survive now and even twenty years from now." "I'll really like that to come true Lucian," He replied, obviously half dead. "But it's true that I'm sick. It might take some time for you to believe it, but it's true." Lucain couldn't reply, he just hugged him and started crying like a baby. "Don't go Dad, stay with me and mom, please…" he begged him in-between sobs. Mrs Andrew suddenly opened the living room door from outside, she came inside with a drug bag in her hand and she sat next to Lucain, crying silently; because she knew Mr Andrew must have told Lucain about his illness. Lucain didn't acknowledge her presence, he pratically behaved like she wasn't there. He suddenly noticed that Mr Andrew's body was warm. His heartbeat stopped too, he wanted to clear his doubts so he bent down his ears in the direction of his heart. "He is dead!" Lucain shouted in a loud way and his mother came to pet him. The pain was obviously too much for her so she fainted on the same spot.

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