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A girl walks home from a football game with a couple of friends little did she know she was being watched. The guy she was wasn't with close but they became close after that night because they were all they had. When found out the reason she was being hunted by these people made her furious and when she gets back she isn't the same sweet, sarcastic fun-loving girl everyone knew and they were confused. Strangers become friends to lovers, enemies become friends, old friends become enemies, and old memories become the start of it all.

Thriller / Romance
ML Williams
Age Rating:


"Hey, can I walk home from the game? I'm cold and tired."

My dad sighed "Yes as long as someone is with you so your not alone because it's dark."

I rolled my eyes "Okay" I hung up the phone and looked around I didn't have a whole lot of friends because I was new but I have seen this guy I had talked to a couple of times but we weren't best friends.

"Hey, you leaving?" He looked at me he was two other people a guy and a girl they were together and they were all leaving the game together. "Yeah, why?"

"Can I walk with ya'll? My dad said I have to walk with someone home" They said yes and started walking me and Justin walked down an alley to get to where we were going and Lila and Paxton walked off. Justin stopped me and pulled me behind a wall where we couldn't be seen I tried to talk but he covered my mouth and put a finger to his mouth symbolling to be quiet.

I was confused and then heard voices "Where is she you said she was gonna walk down this way tonight" "Calm down Maria will be here then we can grab her okay let's go down to the sidewalk to see if we could cut her off closer." The men ran toward the school and Maria and Justin didn't realize they were holding their breath till the men got to the sidewalk. "Do you know them?" He asked as he looked over at me he realized I had started to cry and hugged me.

I pulled back and wiped my face "No but thank you I could have been killed for all we know I'm gonna walk home now and try and sleep." He pulled my arm so I turned around "Um no we are going to walk you home because obviously, two grown men are trying to kidnap you let's not let that happen okay?" I rolled my eyes and started walking we got to my house and he waited till I got to my door "you didn't have to walk all the way to the steps of my house you know that right?" He shrugged "oh well I'm going to head to Carter's" he started to walk away "wait, look I know we aren't close but text me when you get there you never know they could have seen you with me and used you for leverage or something."

He smiled and laughed then nodded and started off towards Carter's but little did he know Maria was right about one thing they saw him and he might be the thing they used to get their target.

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