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Playing Pretend

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17-year-old Jasmine Santos has lived her entire life by the rules of her remorseless parents on what it means to be a dutiful and humble teenager. Serve your seniors, do not talk back unless given permission, and never attempt to prevent a hand from striking you. Seemingly on the borderline of desensitization to the daily psychological and physical abuse, Jasmine initiates a last-ditch effort to obtain a normal life. However, after finally leaving her parents' house, her approach becomes deviant when she deceives, blackmails, and kidnaps her way into a perfect family.

Omar Villal
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17-year-old Jasmine Santos is between a conflict of wanting to believe her parents can change and wanting to ditch their house to start her own life. Although, she was hardly prepared to buy an apartment, pay bills, and cook her own meals. Yet, at 17 years old, she’s nearly run out of patience to live by her parent’s rules they’ve made her follow since the day she could comprehend direct commands. To her parents, her reason for being born was to serve them. Anything beyond that is nothing that would interest them.

A servant was her title, which dictated that she was never to talk back unless permitted. 17 years in, and not once was that ever granted. But a silver lining appeared within her dream this night that told her that her parents could be that paragon of parenthood she was dreaming of. The solace that one day, she could wake up to parents who have condemned their past sins and act upon their benevolent intentions each day. Only these parents are not ones that she recognizes.

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