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"I would ask you only once now,

Why the hell did you kill farhan"...

Rancho was in police custody from past 4 days at Munirika police station. He was convicted for murder of his own dear friend Farhan.

Rancho was a first year student from JNU Delhi. He had 2 great friends,Farhan and Raju. Rancho met Farhan and Raju in hostel, they all shared same room. Farhan and Raju thought Rancho was here for preparation of civil services, but the reality was unknown to both. Rancho hail from a middle class family from bhagalpur. He lost his father when he was 3 years old, people claim his father raped a minor and before getting caught by the cops, and hanged himself. Due to poor financial conditions he started earning for his family in Delhi. He was working in a nearby franchise shop of Chai Sutta bar. Once while working there in the night shift he met a middle aged person, he ordered two rose Chai, when rancho delivered it, the man asked Rancho to sit and have one cup, Rancho refused as he was not allowed to take anything during his work time. The man gave some money to the owner and convinced him to let him talk to Rancho for 10 mins. He started asking Rancho about his personal life which Rancho responded but very unwillingly, but when the stranger started talking about something very strange, Rancho stood up from his chair and asked the stranger to leave immediately. The stranger's words were the 'your father was innocent'. The stranger dropped his card and asked Rancho to call him. Rancho was very frustrated, when he returned his hostel. He let all his freinds sleep and called the stranger.

Stranger said "i was sure you were going to call me, that's why I didn't slept till 2 this night". Rancho said don't waste my Time and vomit out what shit you were talking in the bar. The stranger told Rancho that he was the closest friend of his father gopal and know everything what happened those days with his father. Rancho was unaware about everything, so he asked the stranger to speak out whatever he knows, the stranger told him that his father never raped anyone it was all politicised. Son of a BJP MLA raped that minor girl and your father was a generous man but illeterate, people from your own village made a plan to throw your father behind the bars, they helped the party people and made a document of acceptance, accepting that he convited the crime and people got it signed by your father by saying it's a normal routine signature stating that party is doing good work in the village. Later he got to know what all happened and due to shame and fear of society he hanged himself.

Rancho was still not able to accept it, then the stranger called him with his home name and made him believe on himself. The stranger told Rancho that the real documents which congress party made that time to defame BJP and get the culprit caught is still kept in the BJP office, New Delhi. Get the docs anyhow and get your father inncoent, saying all this gopal cut the call.

Now Rancho was in complete tension as how should he go on,he started forming out palns.

He firstly reached to farhan as his father was the spokesperson of BJP, he asked why did Rancho was asking to go to the BJP office, Rancho told him he is wishing to join politics very soon, Farhan was strictly denied by his father never ever to roam around BJP office nor talk about it, as his father want him to be AN IAS and not to indulge in all this politics. Rancho thanked him and started looking for some other people, he met the president of ABVP, student ally group of BJP. He told the president everything was has happened and how he was looking for the files that kept the record of real culprit. You would be thinking now why didn't he also told the same thing to farhan, trust me making your classmate realize about something like this is very henious and symphaty that he would be receiving from all over the college after that, he don't want to go through all that, but he knew being a senior the senior would never reveal out things as easily.

The senior agreed and they went to the bjp office next day, they started making contacts with the guards and fellow known person of that senior. Subsequently they got to know the file is kept in room number 21, B Block, shelf number 06.

Then they were just waiting for the right time, after 24 days there was a party meet so they also went in the meeting and took part in that, in the mid they left the party and headed to the record room. They searched for the file, took it under their T-shirt and got away, they reached the metro, took the magenta line and started reading the papers and suddenly Rancho felt he had no floor beneath his legs.

He was in complete shock after reading the name of the culprit.


Complete sober, eyes not stopping, heartbeat bouncing too fast.

The senior told him to take his decisions very calmly, but calm was nowhere now.

They reached munirika metro and got off, the senior got a party call and asked to leave.

The distance from munirika metro to JNU is 2km but it took Rancho 3 hours to reach there, upon reaching he directly met farhan, shown him the papers and asked him why did he do this???

They started fighting and in the verse Ranho caught a wodden slab and hit him hard, hard enough to bring him to death.

Suddenly blood started all over his hands, he became numb for 2 minutes and then realised what he has done. Listening the sound of fight the guards at downstairs hurried up and saw Rancho sobbing in pain and crying out loud.

They took him into their custody and called the cops.

The cops took Rancho with them to the munirika police Station and sent him behind the bars.

But everything happened very silently because the MLA didn't want the case to uprise.

When the cops statred interrogating Rancho, he started behaving awkwardly, he would sometimes commit that he killed farhan sometimes he would say he don't know anything what happened.

The police torcherd him to their best and sent him to the court...

The hearings went very long, Rancho kept insisting that he don't know anything.

In the final verdict the judge announced him mad and was sent for it's verificatioon to a psychiatrist for on week.

The psychiatrist examined Rancho for one continuous week and presented his report, the report says Rancho was a patient of MPD(Multiple person disorder), conforming there are two personalities in Rancho, one is very polite and calm and the other one is very dangerous and arrogant, the first personality is the natural one where as the dangerous one grew after his father death.

He was sent to the asylum till his treatment and a psychiatrist was appointed for his treatment.

Now things were even worse for Rancho, neither was he free to prove his father innocent,nor he can do anything to escape the jail.

He then started forming out plans again, he started making the guards his friend. Started giving them tip.

But his psychiatrist was not seeing any improvement in his well-being, Rancho was not able to leave his second personality. At sometimes he may beat up the same guard, he was paying tip and making friend.

Sometimes out of blue he would just throw the plate of food, bite his fingers very hard and run behind people as if he wanted to take their life.

Everyone was completely frustrated with his behaviour when they saw no improvement and instead had only chaos in the asylum, the officials decided to shift him to higher authorities for his better treatment and good for the asylum.

He was being shifted to a good asylum, while in the vehicle he asked the cops to give him phone to make a call, he tried calling the stranger, the phone said "it's an invalid number".

He tried calling Raju, but when he heard it's Rancho, he straight way cut the call.

Then he called the senior and assured the cop who was handling him, to give part in politics and in return leave him.

There were two cops accompanying him and a driver, one of the cop agreed but the other refused.

The other cop was trying to convince the other cop but of no use, suddenly the talk grew into fight.... The fight suddenly became violent and in no time one of the cops were dead. The other one was in shock for 2 minutes and when he got his senses back, he realised Rancho was not there. He has flown away.

Rancho called his school friend Anuj and asked to meet him, they met at Mukherjee Nagar and discussed the situation very calmly and then they saw the news, which read "Rancho flew away from the cops by shooting one of them to death".

Now Rancho was under charge of one more murder.

Now it was time to plan something very big, something that was out of everyone's mind.

Several days passed, and he kept working on his plan to make it complete and without any loophole.

After one and a half week, the telephone at police station rang, the compounders cut the call and continued their sleep cycle. The phone rang again... Was cut again... It rang again the compounder picked it up and asked who's there??

The person on the other end said "the person you are looking for, who killed what you say farhan and the police inspector is with me. It took me several days to call you because first of all I cannot believe it was my friend who did this and secondly his name is not rancho. Then I realised it's police, you all may have got the name wrong his name is Gaurav. Firstly I could not believe all this but he was not present with us for the last two months and have started acting awkwardly. "

The compounders were in complete shock, they called their senior inspector and asked to talk with him.

The boy told his name rishav and they were speaking from Rohini.

The very next day two complete force of police went to Rohini for his search. At afternoon everyone left at the police station were in shock, Rancho went to the police station and asked to meet the senior inspector, the inspector came back from Rohini and they started talking, Rancho asked why his poster were all over for killing a cop whereas he had not even killed an ant till date. The cop showed him many photos of Rancho where he killed farhan and the inspector. Rancho refused to know anything about it and told that from past 3 months he has been to home back in bhagalpur and was looking after his mother, shown him to doctors and did other things at his home. He made call to many people at his village and assured the inspector. Simultaneously the telephone of police station rang the inspector picked up, the person on the other end said " good afternoon inspector sir, I am Gaurav one you are looking for. I killed both the people. Catch me if you can"

The voice was same as of Rancho.

Now things were getting clear to everyone, Rancho was not Rancho he was Gaurav a same looking guy from Delhi. Gaurav killed farhan for some reasons and when he got caught played a drama of having MPD later killed the cop also and ran away.

Rancho said he can help if he can see the files of the case as he is completely unaware about the case.

The inspector realised Rancho is completely innocent and asked the compounder to give him access to the files.

Rancho went to look for the files whereas the inspector took his battalion and went to Rohini.

Rancho looked for the files and after realising that nobody was looking him, slowly took the file of his father's rape case under his t-shirt and behaved as someone very important has called and left the police station.

The inspector again got a call from an unknown number. Rishav was speaking, he informed them that Gaurav left now for haldwani, Uttarakhand.

The inspector informed the cops of haldwani police station and asked them to catch him at any situation.

Rancho has got good time, the cops were out of station, he called that senior and asked for a press meeting to be arranged.

He called the stranger and asked him to reach near the DhyanChand Stadium where the press meet will take place. To see how a son did everything for paying justice to his father. After all the arrangements and when most of the branded TV news channels have gathered he started speaking....

"Many of you would be thinking I am the killer who killed farhan my best friend and the cop, you all are No one whom I have to clarify things the police is already clear with all the facts that's why I am here FREELY. The reason why I have called you all here is to share with you all something very important and serious. "

Rancho saw gopal the stranger coming to the meeting.

Rancho continued" these files which are in my hands are the real files which was manipulated by BJP members just to save their son farhan who raped a minor and the blame was put on my father's shoulder by which later he committed suicide.

I may not be able to save my father that time but at least now I am able to keep his name clear and alive" and he started crying.

Suddenly someone from the crowd said " he is not dead yet".

It was gopal who said these, Rancho was shocked he came running to him and asked where his father was??

Gopal hugged him very tight and told " I am your father, I thought you would be able to do it easily but why did you took all these chaos on your head".

Rancho was full of tears, said " you are all clear now papa, held your head high and roam with pride and bless me".

Rishav was also in the meeting or I must say Anuj, his called the inspector and said we are at DhyanChand stadium, Indian Gate.

Now inspector was crying how this all was planned, there was no Gaurav, it was always Rancho, it was Rancho who killed farhan, it was Rancho who was presented in the court, it was Rancho who fooled everyone as a patient of MPD, it was Rancho who was being shifted to higher authorities,it was Rancho who killed the cop and frightened the other one not to move otherwise he will also be killed and ran away, it was Rancho only who made Anuj as rishav to tell the cops about another boy Gaurav, it was Rancho who recorded his own voice and which Anuj played in the ongoing call to prove there is someone called "HUMSHAKAL" of Rancho,it was Rancho who sent the police to haldwani so that he can get bit more time. Overall it was Rancho who was catching the cops nor the cops catching Rancho.

In the end too, he stayed at the stadium till the police came and handed over himself to the cops.

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