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Thriller / Children
Aliza Anwar
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One day Arabella and Camilla went to Ann’s (Arabella’s cousin) home. Arabella had only one friend she was a sort of a tattle tale she followed Camilla everywhere she had no other friends so she stuck to Camilla even though Camila wasn’t an ideal friend here are a few pointers to show you what she was like:

1. she made sure that the people around her would obey her orders

2. she was the school bully

3. she bullied her siblings (if you are a sibling of Camila and went to her school then your life would be miserable)

4. she was cold-hearted, rude, and careless of others’ feelings like the worst child ever.

so Arabella knew if she were to betray her friendship with her then she would be targeted more than others if she wasn’t bullied enough you see Arabella was the silent timid type she couldn’t stand up for herself so she was targeted by all the school bullies. before going to Ana’s house the 2 not so great friends went to the fair and in a fortune-teller booth stood an ancient woman awaiting their arrival. the tent was misty, musky, dark, damp, and had a weird chilly temperature even though there was a heat wave outside.

“What shall I help you with young lady? , shall I interest you in your fortune? Camila” said Marcella the fortune teller intrigued.

“ha…ha….how did you know he….he….her name?” said Arabella trembling .

“she’s a fortune teller silly!!!” said Camila frustrated.

“Oh, how silly of me” replied Arabella suspiciously in a calm tone.

“ahh…. your future is distorted…. I see…. razor-sharp claws….I hear petrifying growls……a person….no a girl……screaming ” foretold Marcella the fortune teller.

that day Camila ran home screaming - yes dear reader Camila BELIEVED in fortune tellers - .she was trembling that night she couldn’t go to bed. finally, she went to sleep but was awakened by a fearsome growl just as the fourteen tellers had foretold as fearsome as the prowl of a lion or so she thought she heard the razor-sharp claws dragging on the floor the figure came closer and closer darkening the doorway Camilla’s heart thumped harder and harder until it stopped just before the distant figure could pounce a head peeked through the door. it was Arabella. Dear readers, I know Arabella. The timid mouse how could she commit MURDER? She didn’t read on….

“WHAT!!! CAMILLA WAKE UP! I need you to wake up. say something!!!” screamed Arabella weeping

“IT’S ALL MY FAULT!!”Said, Arabella.

“Now now it’s not your fault it’s mine ”confessed Anna.

(I know WHAT?!!)

(read on)


“Im fed up with this Camila bosses me around as if I’m her slave! what should I do” said Arabella To Ann.

“why don’t you show her you are not the timid girl anymore?” said Ann.

“how?” questioned Arabella.

“Hmmm……. what about a harmless prank or something” answered Ann.

“prank her? how ?” said Arabella.

“Here I’ll help you plan it out,” said Ann.

so they planned out the whole scenario Arabella also told the fortune teller what to do Arabella thought it was a harmless prank, not a fatal one she felt very guilty but was confused about why Camila died, she dialed the doctors to examine the corpse the doctor said she had died of a heart attack pure shock.

now Arabella felt even more guilty her prank had scared her to death it wasn’t a happy ending for Arabella either her guilt pilled up on itself until it was too much to bare she became sick and died.

the end.

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