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Raina Holt is a witch werewolf hybrid. She grows up with her best friend, the future Alpha and his Alpha Unit. She is hoping to gett her wolf at her eighteenth birthday. She just wants to fit in as the only non-shifter in her clan. What she fails to realize is that with her wolf will come a mate. Secretly she is in love with her best friend and a mate would take her from him. Weston Williams is the future Alpha and he is in love with Raina Holt. Her birthday is coming and he wants her to get her greatest wish. To get a wolf. Not realizing that means she has a mate out there. Neither of them are aware that she has a great destiny ahead of her. Will she get her wolf? Will they be torn apart by a possessive wolf who would rip her away from everyone and things she loves? What is this destiny and will it tear them apart?

Thriller / Adventure
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Chapter 1


Life is a bitch sometimes. One minute you are a seventeen-year-old hybrid werewolf hoping you get your wolf on your eighteenth birthday. Muy Birthday is tomorrow, by the way. Then the next thing you know, there’s this big destiny you had no idea existed. Let me tell you how this happened.

We live in the Wayne national forest and come from a line of Cherokee Indians who once inhabited this area. The Great Creator sought a clan to use as protectors of the land and its people. The clan was chosen for this purpose. The clan leaders chose the wolf as their spirit animal. They received the Moon Goddess to oversee their work. That was long ago, and werewolves now inhabit the entire earth. And worship the Moon Goddess, our Great Luna.

My name is Raina Holt, and I am a witch and a werewolf. How is that possible, you ask? My mother, Freya, comes from a long line of pureblood witches. Unfortunately, I have never met anyone from my mother’s family or coven. I never met them because my father is a werewolf, and her family disowned her. Heaven forbid my mother to sully the family line by being mated to a werewolf. Such a tragedy, sarcasm noted. My father is Nash, and his family has lived in this area forever.

Tada….now you have me. I am a hybrid. Hybrids are not rare in the supernatural world. However, currently, only my Witch and side have manifested. And boy, was that fun. I had a normal childhood up until I became a teenager. You know, those teenage changes. The mood swings were how I found out about my powers. An argument with my mother resulted in a house fire. My anger manifested a flame from a candle jumping into my hand. I panicked and started flinging my hands around, which resulted in me casting fire around. My mother was able to use her elemental powers to douse the flame. Wooho house saved.

My life changed from that point on. I was taken out of school and homeschooled. Instead of physically training with the rest of the wolves, I have to train with some of the clan hierarchy or ‘Alpha Unit.’ Weston is the Alpha’s son and my best friend. Cash is the Beta’s son and Weston’s second in command. Sage is Delta’s son and Colt is Gamma’s son. Then we have Rueger, a “Theta’ and the second son of Alpha and Luna. Thetas are stronger than Beta’s. There is no school for someone like me. No train to board, no Hogwarts. This is real-life people, not a fantasy.

My friends call me “Rain.” I’m a Gemini, and I am 5" 9". My hair is almost black but has some reddish highlights. I have blue eyes and am fit and healthy due to my training. I also own and train horses.

Our clan runs many businesses in the human world, and our Alpha manages those funds through investments and employs our clan members. One of those businesses is a Sportsman and guide business within the Wayne National Forest. Part of that is an Equine Rescue Group run by the Alpha Unit.

Wes and I organized the Equine Rescue to give back to the “Great Spirit” for all the belling bestowed on our clan. We not only Rescue lost hikers or kids, but we also rescue the horses we use. My social media is full of rescue groups looking for homes for neglected and abused horses. We give them a second chance in life for the remainder of their. The idea to rescue the horses resulted from a dream I had. Although I call it a dream, I didn’t see anything. I just heard, “the name of your next horse will be TinMan.” I’ll talk about this more later.

Alright, back to that wolf. I want to get one on my eighteenth birthday. Most get their wolves at sixteen. I did not. Sometimes wolves can be “late bloomers” and get their wolves at eighteen. Why do I want a wolf? I want to fit in here, finally. As a witch, you aren’t indeed a pack member. You can’t “mind-link” with the other clan members. You are unable to go on clan runs. I want that one chance to belong. Even though our clan treats everyone the same, my family loves me no matter what. I am the odd man out. So I want that inclusion. I should probably see a therapist about my mom’s family’s abandonment of us. Nope, not going to happen.

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