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The Fake Girlfriend

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Joss is looking for a job. She has a large amount of debt and the only solution she could find is Mr. Nessman, the man she hates the most. Beside this, she has her own life problems, her own secrets which she wouldn't even share with her best friend Lizzy.

Thriller / Romance
Hazel Paradise
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I was looking at the ring placed at the center of the table. It was shining brighter than my future. I don’t know why Lizzy said that I was perfect for her client. I thought he wanted me to babysit his 7 years old niece.

“So what do you think?” said the man sitting right across the table.

My eyes shifted to the man. His eyes were dark and black. Well-shaved and his hair .. looked so soft. Not like mine. It’s the result of those cheap shampoos I bought from the local store at a discounted rate. He had a pin on his coat. It has some letters written on it. I tried to concentrate on it but the dim light of this stupid expensive restaurant wouldn’t let me.

The glamour around me is making me nervous.

I think it says - “The Millionaire’s Club.”

“So you want me to bend down on my knees in front of your entire family and say…”

He shook his head. “No, no. I want you to just be my fake girlfriend. No need for any drama.”

Sounds simple, right?

“And what exactly does fake girlfriend mean?”

He narrowed his eyes. I guess he is thinking what kind of stupid girl he is dealing with. Now he is tapping on the desk. Impatient, huh?

“Just be my fake girlfriend. Act like my girlfriend. Talk to everyone like you are my girlfriend.”

“Okay okay. Got it.”

He is so rude.

“But why would you want me to become a fake girlfriend?” I have to ask.

He looked at the bartender whom I didn’t notice at first. But he was looking at us continuously since we walked in. The man raised his right hand and the bartender nodded in his direction.

Regular customer.

I have to spend my entire year’s income to have a decent dinner at this place. The bartender quickly came with two glasses of wine. He smiled at me and handed me one. I wanted to refuse but I stopped. I don’t think I will get chances like this again.

“Because if you don’t then my mom will try to set me up with one of her friend’s daughters which I wouldn’t want.”

“Tell her straight that you don’t want to.”

“You cannot convince a woman who has already dreamed of having many grandchildren.”

Many grandchildren? Sounds like lots of work for his future wife.

“What are you thinking?”

“Nothing… I”

“Just tell me are you able to do this or not.”

“I don’t think so.” I cannot be someone’s girlfriend. I don’t know who the hell he is. All Lizzy told me was he needed some help. And by the way, who the hell is he? I don’t even know his name yet!

“You cannot or you wouldn’t?”

“It’s the same for me.”

I completed the glass. It was good, I have to admit.

“Even if I give you this?” he pushed a check towards me. $10k.


Is that zeroes a mistake?

“That’s the final price I can offer.”

For one day’s work? This man is crazy. His boots and dress screams money. What is his income source? Does he run some kind of nasty online business?

“That will pay off your debt.”

“How do you know about it?”

“I just need the answer. Either do it or live all your life working as a waitress. You won’t be able to save your Nashville house, Josie.”

“That’s Joss.”

I could see him grinding his teeth. I am sure he is some kind of criminal. Lizzy should check her client’s record before working.

“That price, you don’t have to work again. And when the work is done, I’ll pay more. The same price, twice.”

My jaw dropped.

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