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She would feel someone watching her so she wrote letters until the day she went missing the last day she went to her friend and gave him the letters and said "don't open these till you get home tonight at about 8 o`clock tonight" and he did the opposite he opened them as soon as 3 pm hit and little did he know him reading those letters and not listening to her instructions would get him taken too.

Thriller / Mystery
ML Williams
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I'm walking through the halls already done with school and it's only two months after the break. On top of all of that, something has been off and I think it's starting I'm not sure but I started writing letters every day counting down and would give them to someone on the last day so they know what happened. I will know when the last day is when comes right now I am watching my every move because I don't know when it will happen, I have been becoming pretty close with Justin Weinstein recently but I guess we were friends before but not extremely close.

We have hung out a lot recently which slightly makes me happy because I have liked him for a year or two now and I just did not say anything because I didn't want to mess up our friendship. "Hey em what's up?" I turned around to see Justin walking into class and I smiled "nothing what about you how has your day been?" He laughed and leaned back in his chair and smirked.

"Well since you asked boy do I have something to tell you so you remember my ex right?" I nodded

"Okay, so she texted me and said, "so you are going out with whores now?" I was confused so I responded, "what no, and how would you even know that?"

He started giggling "and get this she has been having a friend follow me around and she saw me with my cousin who is lowkey a homie hopper but still, she thought I was with her."

We laughed hysterically but inside I knew I was gonna miss it when I was gone.

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