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Samuel hastings, a soon to be 18 year old who drops out of school, isolates himself in his room most the time stumbles upon a life changing experience, one day after declining to go on a family road trip, he gets the news his parents had been caught up in a car accident, since then, left with only bits of money besides the fact his parents were extremely successful and famous to that point. he had to venture deep to find himself a new home to stay at, finally settling at green home apartments in room 217, although. not even a day in or two, he finds something suspicous about this apartment building.. people here arent acting normally, are guards even being treated properly?, his parents death, was it all a setup?, this isnt right, why did they die?. it was a car crash, yet they never let him see their body before?. his ventures further to the weirdness starting from his parents unknown death stops him from suiciding, although gets him stuck in an even worse case

Thriller / Romance
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to the reader;
" this suspense it terrible,
i hope it'll last" - oscar wilde

My heart slamming against my rib cage, my fingertips moist as i held the rucksack firmly which dangled behind my back. How should i have felt?, knowing i lost my family, my home.

I was slouching down on my chair, spinning it in a slow pace with a book gripped firmly in my cold , bony hands, as my fingers turned the pages from one to another. " the antagonist is clearly revealing their role with a set up trap.. " i thought, like anyone would i wished i could just do something to prevent the protagonist from walking into that trap, but i couldent, i was helpless.

And even at those very last moments, i lay on my bed with my phone held upto my ear, my mothers call id, but not my mothers voice, paitents in the back, the line was loud.
and the only words i heard were " is this samuel hastings?, im sorry to say, your parents have been caught up in an accident" .

surprisingly enough this happened just a day before i dropped out of school at my own will, i never attended school nor took it seriously, maybe thats the reason why im stuck in this position?, these intriguing thoughts wont ever leave me alone, and that annoys me. Even my last day of school went by as i just slept on the stiff wood of my desk, having to deal with people coming upto me every five seconds to fake their feelings and mourn over the death of two adults who they dont even know the names of, care to think of it now, not a single person was there who didnt accuse me of my parents death. Was it really my fault for not wanting to go to some family road trip?, if i was there i'd be laying dead with them too.
funny enough, i couldent even think of ONE good thing to say about them at the funeral, i remained silent the entire time, leaving as i made a huge fuss over the little amount of money they had left me.
Am i gonna change, being alone in this world, living far from home?.

tell me, mama.

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