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Kira and Kris know the truth of this "world". Can they escape? Do they want to escape? How will you escape? Last but not least, will anybody believe you? Can you solve who is behind all of this, before Kris and Kira can?

Thriller / Fantasy
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Authors Note: This is my first story being submitted, it’s ongoing. I very much appreciate that you are reading this. Please stay till the end! Thank you

TW: Mentions of gore!

Kira is my name. For some reason, I feel like somebody else knows what’s going on. It started with a trauma, but I know there is somebody watching, and they are strong.

“I swear this was red not orange Michelle!” said Kris in a concerned voice.

“Oh really, that’s why its orange? “, yelled Michelle. Of course, nobody would believe me and Kris. We know it’s a simulation, and we are the victims. Sometimes I can feel my real body, it’s in pain, needles in every centimeter, blood on every part. Get me out of this experiment.

“Nobody will believe us Kris; they think this is the real world.” I told him. If this were the real world, my life wouldn’t be this hard. Why else would the air here be too thin, why do I feel enclosed? Why do strange glitches happen? Where did I go that made everything pixelated? And most importantly, why is there blood on my screen?

Questions like this have been circulating me and Kris. Almost like whoever is doing this want us to know we don’t stand a chance. I’ve always hated that feeling. Even my room looks different. Did I always have these shoes? When was I able to do quick math?

Something is definitely wrong in this so called “world” of ours. Never have I ever seen these things. Heck, I haven’t felt pain from when I got a papercut. Somehow, everything is eerily perfect, a bit too perfect.

Me and Kris grew up together, so it was no surprise me and him instantly knew we were followed, we just woke up like this. Walking down the street, then we woke up. Nobody else remembers, nobody else feels it. Nobody else knows.

Kris came to my “house” later on that day. I offered him some soda, and he offered my birds some millets.

“AND ME?!” I scolded at him.

“What do you mean? You are not as cute as Sky here, look at his cute chubby cheeks.” He said, picking up Sky.

“Dear lord you are so attached-” I quickly stopped on my words. “Kris? ” No answer.

“Kris?” a bit more desperate this time. Blood. Kris had blood coming out of his finger, it was glitched. He started to panic. Before we knew it. Black. Kris has glitched out.

I reached to where my eyes are supposed to be. Thats when I felt it.

A strong sharp pain coming from my abdomen. I managed to feel around and felt something on top of my eyes. When I took it off, a strong light reached my eyes. “Ah-” I said in shock. once my eyes adjusted, I noticed I had a mask on my mouth, as well as a microphone. I stood up and I felt it again, the strong sharp pain. I dint dare to look down yet. but when I looked around, I saw vitals, and around 20-30 people, all people around my age, I saw Kris and- “Michelle?” She was covered with sets of VR, earpieces, microphones, and also a mask. When I looked down, her abdomen had 3 tubes, one had some sort of smoothie, the other one appeared to have water, and the last one waste. She had a needle on her arm, and a lot on her body. Painkillers. Thats how we have been living in the simulation. I tried to look for a clock, when I found it, it read “1:21”. I had a good amount of time to find Kris and wake him up.

When i found Kris, he was having a panic attack. I tried to go to him, but I couldn’t. When he saw me, we knew that our hunch was right. We were being followed that day, and we were in a simulation. The last thing we needed was somebody to come in and try to pull the same trick. I felt a trickle down my spine, as a reflex a touched where it was coming from. It was another liquid; it was to numb us. I couldn’t feel my body again. Just like the simulation. I needed to gather intel as fast as I could. I need to get Kris out of here. However, If I do get him out, do I need to go back? although life was still hard in the simulation, this world would be worse. “That is not important” I thought. “I need to get Kris out of here and Michelle. HECK, WE NEED TO GET EVRYONE AND FIND THE CULPRIT!” I realized.

With a sigh, I tried to come up with a plan. If the simulation was daytime right now, then during the night we are active. During the day we are asleep. I need to take action at night. I looked over to Kris and signaled him to put on the VR set. Once we both were back, I used the microphone and told him my plan.

“We need to get out of here, dint you see the blood on everyone, the amount of painkillers we’ve been taking. This is not ok! We need to leave, if we don’t, we are gonna die like this. We need to convince everyone that this is a simulation!” I said admist my panic.

“Kira, we don’t even know who is doing this. Look we are in our senior year of high school; we don’t know how far apart these 2 worlds are” he said admist his panic.

I let him stay over that night. Just like that, everything went black again. Hopefully tomorrow things will turn out better. I still can feel the pain. Make it stop. I felt Kris tears fall on my hair. His grey shirt was also wet that day. Only the sounds of fear and sobbing could be heard. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything has gone black once again.

Do I miss the freedom? Or is this the new freedom?.

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